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DIY Engineers 3HP Heavy Duty Marble Granite Floor Polishing Machine
By: Diy Engineers
₹45,00024% OFF
  • Lesser Wear, Tear for Convenient Fixing & Replacement of Abrasives

SPEED Single Disc Scrubber Drier Machine, Aliza 43 Plus
  • WaterTtank: 11 l

  • Brush Speed: 154 rpm

Makage GT 50 B 1100W Semi Automatic Scrubber Dryer
By: Makage
₹330,00051% OFF
  • Unique Design for an Ergonomic Supremacy

  • Robust & Compact Steel Chassis

Makage 1200W Hand Scrubber & Polishing Machine
By: Makage
₹11,00046% OFF
  • Easy Application, Rugged Design & High Strength

Moglix Insights

Top 1 price range of Floor Polishers

100% of users prefer Floor Polishers in price range of ₹27000-₹34000

Makage 1100W Single Disc Floor Renewing Machine, SD1500BD2
  • Wax Removing Low Speed Polishing Floor Crystal Effect Treatment &

  • It Provides a Strong Power Output & Has Multiple Functions

Makage SD 1100 T 1.5HP Metal Floor Scrubber, MAKAGESD1100
  • It is Super High Power Air Cooling Motor & Double

  • Wax Removing Low Speed Polishing Floor Crystal Effect Treatment &

Makage SD 1800 1800W Single Disc Floor Polisher
By: Makage
₹170,00045% OFF
  • Use High Quality Joint Stock Electric Motor & Gearbox

  • The Construction Process is not Deformed & Baking Process

SPEED Three Brush Floor Scarifying, 525
By: Speed
₹140,00021% OFF
  • 3 Brushes

DIY Engineers 3HP Heavy Duty Marble Granite Floor Polishing Machine
DIY Engineers 3HP Blue Heavy Duty Marble Granite Floor Polishing Machine
By: Diy Engineers
Available on Request
  • Lesser Wear, Tear for Convenient Fixing & Replacement of Abrasives

Astol Single Disc Scrubbing Machine, MS 1100P
By: Astol
Available on Request
  • Safety lock-out switch

  • Removable Extra Heavy Weight Support

Makage SD2.5HP48 2.5HP Single Disc Floor Grinding Machine
By: Makage
Available on Request
  • No of Brushes: 1

Astol 1000W Floor Scrubber Driers, AS 455C
By: Astol
Available on Request
Viper LS-160 1300W Single Disc Scrubbing Machine, MAKAGELS160HD
  • Automatically Locked of When the Handle is in 90 Degree

  • Aluminum Base, Triple Planetary Gear Box, Low Noise from Motor

One-Stop-Shop For Floor Polishers!

A floor polisher is a piece of electrical equipment used to clean a hard floor. It has revolving brushes or pads to scrub, polish, or buff the floor. Hard floors, such as hardwood, marble, and tile, are frequently cleaned with floor buffers and polishers. Soil and dust residue is removed from flat surfaces by its revolving brushes. To accommodate a wide range of flooring types and cleaning requirements, many floor polishers and buffing machines are available in the market with various sizes and brush speeds.

Floor buffers and polishers with bigger working surfaces are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings such as schools, retail establishments, warehouses, hospitals, and factories where downtime is at a premium. You can choose the right floor polishing machine according to your business needs.

What is it about Floor Polishers that makes it so unique?

Time-saving: The use of FLOOR BUFFER MACHINES saves time. A simple damp mop is needed to remove debris from a polished floor, and they also withstand staining and damage considerably better than untreated surfaces. Your floor's polished layer makes it more difficult for soil and moisture to penetrate, so you're less likely to observe surface cracks or moisture transfer.

Cost-Effective: The use of FLOOR BUFFER MACHINES REDUCES COSTS. Using a floor polishing machine to maintain a concrete slab on grade or the top layer of a hardwood floor is significantly less expensive than maintaining carpet, tile, or polymer surfaces as these surfaces need re-polishing every few years, the cost of a floor polishing machine hire is comparatively low.

Multi-utility: In addition, they are quite adaptable. Hard floors, concrete, and wood may all be polished using floor polishing equipment and you can use the same machine on various types of flooring across your business. Industrial floor buffers may be used on every floor, from a bustling warehouse to a luxurious hotel lobby and just one piece of equipment is required.

Other Cleaning Techniques: They outperformed other cleaning techniques. To properly use conventional floor polishing procedures a person must be taught and they should know what they're doing with fillers, waxes, and solvents.

Non-slippery technology: With floor polisher equipment, you may target the most worn-out regions of your floors and help build up the floor's resilience to damage. Since modern polishing machines employ non-slippery technology, they may polish floors to a high gloss without risking damage from scuffs and accumulating dirt and dust.

What Should you Look for when Purchasing a Floor Polisher?

Dimensions and Design of the Floor: Consider the flooring you have before investing in the finest floor polisher. Polishing concrete, marble, or hardwood floors requires different machinery and various polishing procedures. Your floor might be damaged by a machine that isn't compatible with it.

Speed of the floor polishing machine: The faster the machine goes, the more quickly it can clean an area. Polishing and scrubbing floors require low-speed buffers with a rotational speed of about 175 RPM. The rotational speed of high-speed buffers commonly referred to as burnishers range from 1500 to 3000 revolutions per minute. High-speed floor machines are often more costly and heavier. They generally require more maintenance than low-speed floor machines.

Horsepower: A polisher's horsepower (hp) measures the equipment's power. The machine's power increases in direct proportion to the engine's horsepower. All except the most powerful floor polishers use a motor of 1 HP-1.5 HP.

The size of the floor: Even though it's more convenient to use the lightest model, huge areas require heavy floor polishers to obtain a high degree of shine. It's much easier to maneuver a low-speed, lighter-weight home polisher around furniture at home. Using high-speed moving pads to stabilize an overly light model requires less effort.

Functions: Mop heads and brushes are common features of the best floor polishers, making them even more useful as cleaning equipment. You must check the function of the floor polishers before buying any of them.

An effective floor polishing machine is based on several parameters like the water tank capacity, the time it takes to travel over the floor, and the ability to perform numerous jobs. Large business spaces often require floor polishers with longer cleaning pathways.

Brands You Can Count On when buying your Floor polishers

Mackage: The Making is a multipurpose machine that can be used to buff hardwood floors and clean wood, vinyl, and tile floors. It is easy to clean huge surfaces with a 13-inch cleaning path and a 50-foot power cord. Make sure you don't get tripped up by the lengthy cable!

Orbit: For a low-cost option, this is an excellent choice. Scrubbing brushes felt pads, and microfibre pads are all included. To remove stains from carpets, use the brushes on the floor buffing machine.

DIY Engineers: What comes to mind when you hear "DIY Engineers"? A powerful, efficient floor cleaner. Despite being developed for industrial floor polishing, the DIY Engineers machine is surprisingly easy and quiet. In terms of floor cleaning, this one provides the best solutions.

Get the right Floor Polishers from Moglix!

If you want to restore the luster of your floor, all you need is a decent polisher. Commercial and industrial buffers are designed for vast areas, while residential ones are designed for smaller areas like basements, Living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Most floor polishers have a speed range of 300 – 450 rpm, making them ideal for polishing and spray cleaning. However, ultra-high-speed machines provide mirror-like polishing when used for high-quality polishing. Floors may last longer and be more durable if properly maintained and cared for. Do you want to purchase a top-notch floor polisher that offers a fine finish? Then Moglix is going to become your favorite website. At Moglix You can enjoy hassle-free shopping with multiple payment options, awesome discounts, and fast deliveries.