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Buy a Variety of Floor Cleaners at and Keep the Germs Away

Every place that we touch and use tends to get dirty, especially the surface floors. Be it at your home, workplace or industry, surface floors get dirty and stained from debris dirt coming from the doors, windows and shoes. Such surfaces not only look shabby but become a home to several disease-causing germs and bacteria. Therefore, timely caring and cleaning the floors is very important.

It is impossible to get rid of germs and bacteria by mere sweeping and vacuuming. You will need a good disinfectant for this work and floor cleaner liquids are perfect for this job. A nice quality surface cleaner cleans and disinfects the floor efficiently.

5 main Types of Floor Cleaner Liquids and their Benefits

Not every surface cleaner liquid is versatile. While many cleaning liquids may work on all surfaces, they may not provide the desired results and cleaning. Go through the below-mentioned types to pick the right floor wash liquids for your home, office or industry.

Wooden floor cleaner - The expensive and lavish wooden surfaces need regular maintenance. You wouldn’t want them to lose their shine and charm due to dirt, scratches and debris. One of the best ways to avoid this is via regular dust-mopping, vacuuming and brooming along with the usage of a hardwood surface cleaner liquid.

Laminate floor cleaner - Replica of wooden flooring, laminate flooring looks exceptional and need special cleaning and care. Keep them streak-free and shiny by regularly cleaning them with a good laminate cleaning liquid.

Vinyl floor cleaner - Most durable, this hard type of flooring can withstand plenty of abuse and dirt. This flooring is used in rooms that tend to get more dirty and stained such as mudrooms, kitchens, laundry and bathrooms. You can clean a dirty vinyl floor with a tough vinyl cleaner and mop for better results.

Tiles cleaner - As the name suggests, the tiles cleaner liquids are used to clean ceramic tiles flooring. Any good tiles cleaner liquid swiftly cleans the flooring restoring its shine and beauty. Just a simple mop with diluted tiles cleaner liquid in water can do wonders to the surface.

Stone floor cleaner - Surfaces made of natural stones such as granite, marbles or top-class slate need their natural shine. This flooring is sensitive to acidic stains, spills and products, which is why they should only be cleaned by a natural stone floor wash liquid. Natural stone floor wash liquids maintain the natural beauty of the flooring.

Buy Surface Cleaner Liquids at Moglix

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Frequently Asked Questions about Floor Cleaner

Which is the best floor cleaner for a house with pets?

It's really important that you use the best quality floor cleaner especially when you have pets around. You should make sure that the products you use are strong enough to clean your pet's mess and also safe to use around them. Make sure that the floor cleaners you use contain Chlorine, ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, formaldehyde, and phenols free.

What types of cleaners work on wooden floors?

Choose a cleaner that maintains and restores your wooden floorboards. Well, it's a myth that wooden floors are fragile and difficult to maintain. Regular cleaning with a good quality floor cleaner that is nonslippery and paraben-free will help you take care of your floors.

Floor Cleaner - Price Range

Floor CleanerMin PriceMax Price
Diversey Floor Cleaner₹799₹3539
Somany Floor Cleaner₹110₹219
PaxClean Floor Cleaner₹563₹813
Orbit Floor Cleaner₹289₹1526
This data was last updated on 11/28/22.