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Sky Technology PT100 Black Standard Size Stainless Steel Temperature Sensor with Handle, STI-420TP
ACE Instruments PT-1000 RTD Sensor with Thermocouple Head
By: Ace Instruments
₹2,8324% OFF
  • Other Pt100 Sensors with Different Temperature Coefficients

  • Pt100 (385) Temperature Resistance Relationship

Fluke 80BK-A Integrated DMM Temperature Probe
By: Fluke
₹9,3004% OFF
  • Type-K thermocouple with standard shrouded banana jack

  • Convenient one piece construction

ACE Instruments AI-RHTx-D Duct Mounted Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • No Influence of Condensation Using Polymer Capacitive Sensor on Performance

  • Temperature Compensated Efficiency

ACE Instruments AI-RTD-FLP 750mm Flameproof Temperature Sensor
  • Head-Mounted Temperature Transmitters are also Available for 4-20mA, 2 Wire

  • Simplex 3 Wire & Duplex 6 Wire Sensors Available

SENSATA Thermostat 90 deg C SPST-NC TO-220-2 PC Pins, 67L090-0483
Ace Instruments AI-RTD-FLP Flameproof Temperature Sensor
By: Ace Instruments
Available on Request
SENSATA Thermostat 85 deg C SPST-NC TO-220-2 PC Pins, 67L085-0481
  • Switching Cycles: 20 K

ACE Instruments PT-100 RTD Sensor with Thermocouple Head
By: Ace Instruments
Available on Request
  • Make Sure Your Measurement Device Supports Your Pt100 Sensor

  • Temperature Coefficient

ACE Instruments RTD PT-100 Sensor
By: Ace Instruments
Available on Request
  • The Resistance Output of the RTD Pt 100 Sensor is

  • The RTD Pt100 Sensor is a Transition Type Sensor with

Xcluma BE-000006 Sound Sensor/Detection Module Arduino other MCU (Pack of 2)
  • Working Voltage: 4-6 V DC has the signal output Instructions

  • Sound Sensor Module Sound Detection Module Main Chip: Lm393, Electret

ACE Instruments AI-01-F Flameproof Digital Temperature Indicator
By: Ace Instruments
Available on Request
  • 4-20mA Retransmission Corresponding to Input Range

  • Made of Aluminium LM-6 Body with 1 High Super Bright...

SENSATA Thermostat 80deg C 0.5A 48V DC SPST-NO TO-220-2 PC Pins, 67F080P
  • Switching Cycles: 20 K

SENSATA Thermostat 49deg C SPST-NC Cylinder Mounting Flange, O53GAB120A-105Y
  • Switching Cycles: 100 K

Buy the Best-in-Class Humidity & Temperature Sensors Online with the Best Offers and Deals

Since temperature along with humidity is way too related to the physical quantities as well as the lives of real people, a sensor combining the temperature with humidity will take place accordingly. Moreover, a temperature and humidity sensor basically means a tool or a device that is capable of converting the temperature and humidity to electric signals that are easily measurable as well as processed at the same time. In addition, the temperature and humidity sensors available on Moglix’s website usually measure the temperature along with the relative humidity. Furthermore, at Moglix, we offer the best-selling and high-end humidity & temperature sensors from top-notch and renowned brands such as Xcluma, Sensata, and more.



Different Types of Useful and Durable Heat Sensors are Available Online to Buy

Capacitive Humidity & Temperature Sensor: A capacitive humidity sensor helps in measuring the relative humidity through the placement of a thin strip of metal oxide amid 2 electrodes. Furthermore, the electrical capability of the metal oxide varies along with the relative humidity of the atmosphere. In addition, these heat sensors are applicable in various commercial as well as industrial applications.

Resistive Humidity Sensor: The resistive humidity & temperature sensors measure the electrical impedance of the atoms with the help of ions present in the salts. Moreover, as humidity varies, the resistance changes as well, which belongs to the electrodes present on either side of the salt medium. In addition, you can get this type of heat sensor online at Moglix with great offers at the same time.

Thermal Heat Sensor: Thermal heat sensors are also called absolute humidity sensors because they are capable of measuring absolute humidity. Furthermore, these heat sensors measure the thermal conductivity of the air as well as of the air having water vapours. In addition, you can choose from various brands to buy thermal heat sensors online at Moglix’s website.



Some Important & Unavoidable Factors You Should Consider Before Buying a Humidity Sensor

Warranty: Warranty is a major concern and factor when it comes to shopping for electrical or industrial goods as well as products online or offline at the same time. Moreover, a product with a good warranty makes the customer feel protected and safe at the same time. In addition, such good brands are easily available online at Moglix with great warranties on offer.

Brand: A good and reliable brand is also an essential factor that you should always keep in your mind before purchasing any product online or from the offline market at the same time. Furthermore, these good brands provide quality products with an amazing and trustworthy after-sales service.

Accuracy: You should always check the accuracy level of a humidity sensor as there are different types of humidity sensors available online in the market that have different accuracy levels. Therefore, prefer Moglix for buying such humidity sensors online with great levels of accuracy offered at the same time.

Material: The material used for manufacturing the humidity sensors is also an important checkpoint that should be considered before buying one. Moreover, the humidity sensors offered online at Moglix are made with one of the highest-quality materials. These humidity sensors are available on Moglix’s website with great offers and the best prices at the same time.



Some of the Best Brands Offering Humidity and Heat Sensors Online with the Best Quality

Techtonics Humidity & Temperature Sensor: Techtonics is a brand that needs no introduction when it comes to buying the best and most affordable heat sensors online or offline at the same time. This brand has various trusted dealers as well as distributors that work hard for the proper satisfaction of the customer throughout the nation.

Ace Instruments Humidity & Temperature Sensor: Ace Instruments is serving the nation for a long time with its top-notch quality and reliable products that are trusted and loved by a lot of customers in India. Moreover, this brand uses one of the best quality materials to manufacture its products for its customers. In addition, you can order from more than 100 plus quality products from this brand online at Moglix.

Sensata Humidity & Temperature Sensor: Sensata is a well-known and popular brand in the field of humidity & temperature sensors. You can trust the quality and service provided by this brand. Snesata is serving the country for a long time and has a huge number of trusted dealers as well as distributors at the same time.

Xcluma Humidity & Temperature Sensor: Xcluma is a brand that is known for its quality products in the category of humidity & temperature sensors. This brand uses good-quality materials to manufacture its products and then sells its products at affordable and reasonable prices that totally satisfy its customers. Moreover, you can buy products offered by Xcluma online at Moglix with great offers and attractive deals at the same time.



Get the Most Durable and Long-Lasting Room Temperature Sensors Online at Moglix’s Website

Why run here and there? Just open on your mobile phone or computer’s browser and search from multiple top-selling brands offering the best-in-class and durable room temperature sensors online with great offers at the same time. Moreover, you can trust the quality of these products listed on Moglix’s website as these are made with one of the finest raw materials so that they can provide a long life to the products served to the customers. In addition, you also get an extra discount on bulk orders from Moglix.