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Humidity & Temperature Sensor

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Buy Humidity and Temperature Sensors Online!

A humidity sensor also known as hygrometer, senses, measures and reports both humidity and air temperature. These kinds of sensors work by identifying changes that alter electrical current or temperature in the air. There are three basic types of humidity sensors and all three types of sensors monitor small changes in the atmosphere in order to analyze the humidity in the air.

Different Types of Heat Sensors Available at Moglix

At Moglix, the most common type of humidity and temperature sensors which we have on offer are mentioned below-

Capacitive - These sensors measures comparative humidity by placing a thin strip of metal oxide between two electrodes. The metal oxide’s electrical capability changes with the atmosphere’s relative humidity. These sensors are linear and can measure humidity from 0% to 100%.

Resistive - These sensors use ions in salts to measure the electrical impedance of atoms. As humidity changes, so do the resistance of the electrodes on any side of the salt medium. These resistive temperature detectors are less sensitive than capacitive sensors.

Thermal - Two thermal sensors conduct electricity based upon the humidity of the nearby air. One sensor is enclosed in dry nitrogen while the other measures ambient air. The difference between the two measures the dampness.

Shop Humidity and Temperature Probe Sensors Online at Affordable Price

Are you looking for the best humidity sensing probes? Moglix being one of the major e-retailer of small electronic components is offering an impressive range of branded digital temperature sensors. Mentioned below are some of the best brands in our range-

Techtonics - It is the best and the perfect tool for monitoring problem areas. Techtronic’s sensors take accurate temperature and humidity readings in no time. They are used by research labs as well as in food production areas.

GE - The GE sensors for temperature and humidity measures with its State-of-the-art technology and large selection of probes allows one to measure temperature, air humidity and dew point – in compressed air as well. GE’s solutions are made on the legacy pan metrics product line.

Humidity & Temperature Sensor - Price Range

Humidity & Temperature SensorMin PriceMax Price
Techtonics Humidity & Temperature Sensor₹127₹1949
Ace Instruments Humidity & Temperature Sensor₹1751₹9687
Sensata Humidity & Temperature Sensor₹278₹278
This data was last updated on 11/30/22.