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Garden Hose Pipes

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Get Premium Quality Garden Hose Pipes at Wholesale Prices

Garden water pipes are made of soft PVC plastic and a mixture of liquid chemicals, making them smooth and soft. These components make garden hoses flexible, and their smooth exterior makes it easier to drag them around obstacles like trees, posts, and other obstructions. Water is frequently transported via garden hoses for landscaping, grass care, and gardening. They are also used to clean things like vehicles, machinery, building exteriors, and animals outside. Water hose pipes are lightweight, flexible, oil-free, extremely robust, upkeep-free, and simple to handle. Numerous attachments, including sprinklers, tap connectors, and hose connectors, can be used with the hose pipe. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical garden hose reels from renowned brands such as Neptune, Zephyr, Kisan Agri India, Perfect and more.

Types of Durable Garden Hoses to Choose From

Light Duty Garden Hoses: Although the prices are lower, these hoses typically feature plastic fittings, are narrower in diameter, and are typically constructed of vinyl, which makes them more likely to kink. A lightweight hose would likely suffice if you're gardening on a tight budget, won't be using it frequently, don't require a lengthy hose, have poor water pressure, or don't use a sprinkler or hose nozzle.

Soaker Garden Hose: Soaker hoses are frequently used for irrigation of gardens. These hoses have permeable walls and are constructed from recycled rubber and plastic. When the hose is turned on, water oozes through the countless numbers of small holes that it has. This enables water to permeate the earth or soil. Hoses for soakers can be buried just below the surface or laid straight on the ground, preferably under a layer of mulch. Large vegetable gardens frequently practise this.

Flat Garden Hose: When filled with water, they are rounded, but when empty, they become flat. Although they are portable and simple to roll up, they may take up more room than standard hoses.

Garden hoses that are flat can be smoothed out since they are bendable and flexible. They have lower vinyl puncture, kink resistance, and burst pressure ratings.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Best Garden Water Pipes

Material: Garden hoses are typically constructed of rubber, vinyl, or polyurethane. Vinyl hoses are the lightest, least expensive, and least long-lasting of these materials, however their quality varies. You can get vinyl hoses if you don't intend to keep your garden for a long time. Vinyl hoses are of lower quality than rubber hoses. As a result, they are more expensive and more durable. Rubber water hoses are more flexible and simple to use in your yard, and they can withstand harsh weather conditions before breaking down.

Toxic-free Water Hoses: Additionally, if you cultivate your own food in your garden, you should use a toxic-free hose. The best approach to guarantee your garden hose is toxic-free is to purchase polyurethane water hoses that have passed FDA and NSF testing and grading. Make sure the water hose's fittings are lead-free as well.

Thickness and Length: The quantity of layers used in a water hose's construction determines its thickness. Layers range from two to six in number. As a result, six-ply hoses are the strongest and less likely to bend or fracture than two-ply hoses, which are also more prone to both of these problems. The length of your garden hose is another thing to take into account.

Water Hose Fittings: Brass or plastic fittings are used to join your flexible garden hose to the water source. Despite being lightweight, plastic fittings have a short lifespan and a propensity to break easily. Although brass fittings are more expensive, they are more robust and rust-resistant. You should choose a water hose with fittings that make working easier and lasting longer possible.

Prominent Brands that Sell High-Quality Garden Hose Reels

Neptune Garden Hose Pipes: Neptune is a well-known company that sells affordable, high-quality hose pipes for your garden and other activities. Their goods are distinctive because they contribute to cost savings, and generate less fatigue. Neptune garden water pipes require minimal maintenance and are simple to operate. 

Zephyr Garden Hose Pipes: Zephyr is a renowned water hose pipe provider that uses premium raw materials for production. The goods' incredible range will enable you to work quickly and effectively. The Zephyr hose pipes are necessary for domestic use. Their goods are cost-effective and excellent for a variety of applications.

Kisan Agri India Garden Hose Pipes: With considerable industry experience, cutting-edge technology, and unique product designs, Kisan Agri India ensures top-notch quality. Their garden water pipes are extremely durable and compact and come at wholesale prices. Kisan Agri India guarantees the highest equipment standards at reasonable pricing.

Perfect Garden Hose Pipes: One of the top garden hose pipe brands in the world, Perfect delivers exceptional performance and long-lasting results. Their creations are user-friendly, secure, and safe. After careful market investigation, their products are obtained from the most trustworthy and authorised providers.

Kiston Garden Hose Pipes: Kiston, a well-known and reliable manufacturer, provides a large selection of high-quality garden hose reels. Customers trust their products because of their ergonomic designs, pocket-friendliness, and remarkable compactness. Their water hose pipes are made of high-quality materials, are long-lasting, and adhere to all current industry standards.

We also offer door stoppers from other renowned brands such as Yuvcon, Weecab, Torofy, Rico Italy and more.

Buy Exclusive Range of Garden Hoses at Best Prices

Your search is done if you're seeking for a dependable, high-performance water hose pipe. One of the best e-commerce businesses in the nation, Moglix, offers garden water pipes from premium manufacturers. Whether it's premium products, special deals, or a seamless online shopping experience, this web gateway offers an all-around pleasing experience. You can easily and comfortably browse our products using Moglix's user-friendly software. Before making a decision, clients may evaluate the features and costs of various brands thanks to the easy navigation. Additionally, Moglix provides unique discounts on orders for bulk purchases at discounted rates. The most affordable garden hose pipes of top brands can be found here.


Frequently Asked Questions about Garden Hose Pipes

How do you seal a pinhole in a garden hose?

To about an eighth-inch depth, push a toothpick into the garden hose. Turn the tap on and let the water run through the hose. Each time you do this, the toothpick absorbs water and expands, completely sealing the pinhole. Using a sharp scissor, remove the excess toothpick.

How do I keep my garden hose from kinking?

When not in use, maintain the hose straight to avoid kinking. Stretch the hose along a walkway or around the edge of the lawn, then loop the business end back to the tap. Instead of being wrapped up and placed on a hose reel, hoses can be stored this manner.

Garden Hose Pipes - Price Range

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Neptune Garden Hose Pipes₹3579₹7569
Zephyr Garden Hose Pipes₹999₹10699
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