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B K Jagan & Co 265mm CrV Multi Purpose Fencing Plier
By: B K Jagan & Co
₹9999% OFF
Pye 265mm Hammer Head Fencing Plier, PYE-990 (Pack of 5)
De Neers 250mm Heavy Duty Fencing Plier (Pack of 5)
By: De Neers
Available on Request
  • Hardened & Tempered

Pye 265mm Hammer Head Fencing Plier, PYE-990
By: Pye
Available on Request
Baum 265mm Hammer Head Fencing Pliers, Art-206
3.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Baum
Available on Request
  • Induction Hardened Cutter

  • Double Dip Sleeve

Baum 265mm Hammer Head Fencing Pliers, Art-206 (Pack of 6)
  • Full Body Hardened & Tempered

  • Double Dip Sleeve

De Neers 250mm Heavy Duty Fencing Plier (Pack of 80)
By: De Neers
Available on Request
  • Hardened & Tempered

De Neers 250mm Heavy Duty Fencing Plier
By: De Neers
Available on Request
  • Hardened & Tempered

Fix Up Sturdy Fences With Fencing Pliers

Fencing pliers are more capable than your average pair of pliers. Fence pliers, in reality, have a variety of applications that you may not be aware of. They can be used as a medium-sized hammer, and they have a strong claw on the rear end for prying fence staples or anything else out of the way. They can also cut through anything that fits between their cutting jaws.

Furthermore, they are a large set of pliers for working on anything that needs to be held while being mended. Finally, fence crimping tools or pliers include multi-sized crimp jaws if you’re doing fencing or electrical work. In a survival emergency, all of these uses are extremely beneficial.

Ways to Use the Fence Pliers and Functions

Fencing pliers can be used in a variety of ways because they are multi-purpose instruments. It is unique and quite useful, with the following features:

Drive staples: The first time you use fence pliers, you'll be driving staples. Specifically, you can use the side of the pliers with the flat head and crosshatches to put fence staples into a wooden fence. The hammer-like head of the fencing plier is used to strike the fence staple. As a result, the staples can hold cattle panels, barbed wire, field fences, and other types of fences in place effectively.

Cut wire: You'll be working with wires, whether you're fencing with barbed wire or doing electrical repairs. You'll need a device that can cut, strip, or bend these wires at some point. Fencing pliers, on the other hand, can do all of the above. You won't need to acquire a wire cutter because the fencing plier's pivot has a slot for this reason.

This slot, located deep within the fence pliers' jaws, may cut the wire from either side. This component allows you to cut and remove wire as needed. To utilize the wire-cutting feature on your fence pliers, first, open the gadget and insert the wire into the hole with sharp edges. Simply grasp the handle and apply hard pressure on the wire to cut it once you've reached optimum positioning. Apply less pressure and tug on the wire until it's stripped to your taste if you want to strip it instead.

Hammering: You can use your fencing pliers to hammer nails in addition to driving staples. To accomplish this, hammer the nail with the tool's head side to drive it into most types of wood. When you need to insert nails into softwood posts, fencing pliers are the finest tool to use. On the other hand, hardwood posts may be more difficult to install and may necessitate the use of a nail gun. When it comes to hardwood, the fencing pliers can still be used, but not for hammering. Instead, you can grab the nail with the nailer hole while striking it with a hammer to ensure it goes directly into the wood.

Fasten and grip wires: Fencing pliers are an excellent tool for fixing wire ties if you're creating a fence using some type of wire. Wrap the wire around your fence posts and place each wire tie around the fencing to do this. Then, tightly tighten the wire with the jaws of the fencing pliers to wrap it around the fence in a circular motion.

Then, using the netting clip pliers to grab the wire firmly, twist it clockwise. The wire will be twisted into a loop, which will tighten with each spin in the same direction. Your fence will be more stable as a result of this. Wire fences that have been damaged can also be effectively tightened with the use of fencing pliers.

Pull staples: If you're doing any type of fence, carpentry, or basic house improvement, you may need to remove staples. Fencing pliers, thankfully, can be used for this very reason. It serves as a staple remover by inserting the long-curved point of the fence pliers beneath the middle of the staple and pulling outward. Firm pressure in the other direction should liberate the staple once you've properly positioned the pliers.

Benefits of Chain Link Fence Pliers

  • Cutting and grasping are made easy with this tough, multi-purpose tool.

  • They are designed specifically for use with high-tensile electric fence wire.

  • These pliers manipulate, straighten, and mend wire with the least amount of damage possible.

  • You can, with ease, cut and strip wire.

  • Their parallel jaws grab tightly down their length.

  • In a vice-like grasp, you can hold square and hexagonal fastenings.

  • With a sturdy design and rust-resistant coating, they are built to last.

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