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Buy Wide Range of Screwdrivers Online!

Screwdrivers are used by people from all walks of life to handle home, workshop based as well as industrial applications. To ensure the smoothness of work done by users, Moglix has carefully devised a new range of screwdrivers which can be used across a wide range of applications. The sets that form a part of this collection have been procured from eminent brands such as Eastman, Cheston, Stanley, Taparia, Ambitec, Attrico, Bosch, GB Tools etc. They have been created from high-quality raw materials such as chrome vanadium steel, aluminium bronze alloy etc. So, they can withstand the test of time. Experience a high level of convenience with our range of screwdrivers.

Screwdrivers form an indispensable part of any home or workshop. If you feel that your tool kit is incomplete without a high-quality screwdriver, then we at Moglix can help you acquire one. The products that we are offering in this range have been sourced from eminent brands.

Moglix’s Taparia screw drivers collection comes with an inclusive range of products such as neon bulbs, round poker, screwdriver and a square poker. They offer a smooth grip while working on nuts, screws, and bolts. Their non-flammable handle, made from C.A plastic isn’t affected by oil, grease or water.

Augment Your Tool Box with the Latest Range of Nut Drivers

Nut drivers are commonly used for tightening nuts and bolts. This type of devices come with a socket which is attached to a shaft and cylindrical handle. At Moglix, the nut drivers which form a part of our online collection have a chrome plated finish. Equipped with a soft grip handle which makes them convenient and sturdy enough for usage. The insert molded blades of these nut drivers ensure a better grip. They can thus prove to be the versatile hand tools for any tool box.

We also offer screwdrivers which come with a chrome molybdenum material and chrome plated finish. They have a hollow shaft with protruding threaded rods. Equipped with a round blade with a non-roll feature and multi-component, the hollow shaft enables screws to be seized with comparative ease.

Checking Phases with Precision Using Line Testers

Line testers are commonly used to identify or test the phase/live/hot or positive wire/conductor. Our line testers are suitable for usage by electricians while testing telegraph lines. The Jhalani & Citra line testers which form a part of our collection come with high- quality brass parts. They have a long magnetic tip which makes them suitable for usage.

These line testers are equipped with a transparent cellulose acetate handle with a plated metal clip. Their blades are insulated as well. A number of these testers are equipped with neon bulbs and come with handle from C.A plastic. They are non-flammable. They are unaffected by grease, water, oil, petrol etc. These line testers also confirm to existing industrial specifications.

Apply Torque to Screws Flawlessly With Slotted Screw Drivers

The Slotted screw drivers are the type of hand tools which are used for applying torque to screws for usage in a flat tip. These tools are specifically designed to fit into slotted screw heads. They can be powered either manually or through the usage of a motor. They are widely used in woodworking and fine jewelry making. Therefore, they are widely used in industries where a valuable amount of work is done by the use of hands.

Our range of slotted screwdrivers has been selected from well-known brands like Ambika, Ambitec, Eastman, GB Tools, Jhalani, KAP, Multitec, Newman, Stanley, Venus, Proskit and many more. The pocket size of these screw drivers makes them portable for users.

Reversible Screwdrivers - A Versatile Tool for a Wide Range of Applications

Reversible screwdrivers are highly valued by users for their usability in a wide range of applications ranging from DIY projects to automobile, cell phone & watch repairing. They come with interchangeable combination blades. These 2 in 1 screwdrivers have handles which are made from high impact cellulose acetate. These reversible screwdrivers are equipped with selected steel and chrome plated.

The electrician patterned flat head screwdrivers which form a part of this collection come with handles that are made from handled & tempered special spring steel. They have a long lifespan and therefore can prove to be a suitable option for people looking for a convenient screwdriver kit online.

Our new models of electrical screwdrivers do not require the replacement of consumable carbon brushes. They are plugged directly into receptacle and have non-contact type switches. Each of the models has variable speeds and a fully automatic push start which makes them highly convenient for usage.

Acquire Screw Drivers from Leading Brands at Affordable Prices from Moglix

Hand Tools such as screw drivers are highly effective in fastening and removing screws and bolts of a wide range of industrial as well as home based applications. To satisfy the ever-rising needs of our buyers, Moglix has come up with screwdrivers from leading brands such as Taparia, Eastman, Cheston, Stanley, Ambitec, Attrico, Bosch, GB Tools, Ambika, Everest, Jackly, JCB, etc. The Bosch screwdrivers that we have on offer are highly durable and can be used in day to day DIY projects. The presence of a magnetic screwdriver holder ensures quick bit changes to take place. It also offers a dependable screw-hold on the bit.

Avail Special Offers on Best Screwdriver Sets Offered by Moglix

Are you looking for screwdriver sets that fall within a reasonable range? To satisfy the needs of customers like you, Moglix is offering attractive discounts and special offers on screwdriver sets from reputed brands. The products that we are offering as a part of this range comply with the latest existing ISI specifications and are highly durable. Therefore, to acquire the best quality of screwdrivers within a reasonable range, select from the new collection available at Moglix.

Make Shopping a Fun Activity at Moglix

At Moglix, we highly value the time people spend in handling applications that require the usage of screwdrivers. We believe in building a trustworthy relationship with clients by offering high quality, user friendly tools. Therefore, we have incorporated torx screwdrivers, cordless screwdriver sets, laptop screwdriver sets, power screwdrivers and mobile screwdrivers. These products have been listed from some of the leading hand tool manufacturers.

We have segregated all these screwdrivers into different categories to make buying more convenient for buyers. You can also make use of a wide range of filter options on the basis of brand name, price, rating, discounts etc.

What Makes Shopping Convenient at Moglix?

At Moglix, we have an interesting range of products which are available at the best price to meet domestic, workshop and commercial needs. Thus, while going through our website you can explore across an assortment of options. Moreover, we offer timely, secure product deliveries with hassle free return/exchange policies. As a buyer, you can make payments through debit/credit card, cash on delivery, net banking, e-wallets etc. So, what are you waiting for? Choose from our exciting option of B2B and B2C industrial tools & products online.

Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers - Price Range

Screwdrivers & Nut DriversMin PriceMax Price
Slotted Screwdriver₹27₹12363
Torx Head Screwdriver₹42₹1512
Precision Screwdriver₹222₹460
Flat Screwdriver₹13₹6638
Black & Decker Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers₹214₹2577
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