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Drive Sockets

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A Better Understanding of the Drive Sockets

A drive socket is a square void that is used to attach the socket to a turning tool such as a wrench or a ratchet. They usually come in 5 sizes: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″. These sockets are always mentioned in the imperial sizes because there is no equivalent metric for these internationally.

The measurement of these sockets is the gap between the flat sides of the square recess. The socket should ideally match the size of the turning tool to fit it properly. Drive sockets and adapters consist of individual products and packed sets of the detachable wrench and changeable bit screwdriver attachments. They are manufactured to accommodate a variety of nut, bolt, and screw sizes, as well as tool-access restrictions.

In addition to product type, bit, and socket style, the material finish, product specifications, features, and application are important to consider while looking for the perfect fit.

Specifications and Variety in Drive Sockets

The number of points in a socket determines the shape and number of starting points available. The revolving action of the socket applies most of the torque at or near the corners of the head; greater torque can be achieved with more points.

4: The socket has four points. Four-point sockets are used for square-shaped bolt heads and nuts.

6: The socket has a hexagon shape and contains six points. Six-point sockets provide better grip than 12 point sockets and therefore have less slippage and rounding off of the fastener points. Six-point sockets are used for hex-shaped bolt heads and nuts and can be used on a thicker, stronger socket.

8: The socket has eight points. Eight point sockets are used for square-shaped bolt heads and nuts but have become less popular.

12: The socket has twelve points. Twelve point sockets are used for hex-shaped bolt heads and nuts and are faster and more versatile.

Impact Socket and its Features

The sides of the Impact sockets are 50% thicker than that of the regular socket to make it suitable for use with pneumatic impact tools, while regular sockets can only be used with handheld tools. These are constructed with chrome molybdenum, a ductile material that adds extra elasticity to the socket resisting it from bending or shattering.

Knowing the Spline Socket

A spline socket is specially designed to tighten and untighten fasteners. These sockets are also ideally used for four-point, six-point or hex, twelve-point, or bi-hex fasteners, making them useful to use with multiple shaped fasteners.

Swivel Socket and its Functions

Swivel sockets are specially designed sockets used to tighten or loosen bolts. The head of such sockets swivels in different directions to allow the user access to different parts and awkward angles. The socket is attached to a driver for the user to turn and apply force for leverage to tighten or loosen a bolt.

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