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Real Stf 4 Pcs Multi Hand Tool Kit
By: Real Stf
₹60028% OFF
  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle Absorbs Shock & Vibration Reducing Fatigue...

  • Scientifically Hardened & Tempered to Ensure Best Combination of Hardness

Bosch 12 Pieces Hand Tool Kit, 2607002791
4.0 (8 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹2,50048% OFF
  • Compact Kit

  • Take Accurate Measurement

Wera Bits Assortment with Ratchet & Sockets Set, 5056490001
  • Simple Operation, Also with Just One H&. Ergonomic Ratchet Head...

  • Manual & Power tool Sockets for Almost Every Application.

Durelo 15 Pcs Red Hand Tool Kit, HTK-15
By: Durelo
₹2,10053% OFF
  • Easy to Carry

  • Durable, Anti-Corrosion & Sturdy Storage Case

ATHRZ 32 Pcs Multipurpose Square Jackly Screwdriver Socket Tool Kit, TLSQJK
  • Strong Magnetic Force for Greater Pull & Tight Hold While

  • Handle & Bits Fitted into an Aesthetically Designed PP Plastic

Walkers 26 Pcs Power & Hand Tool Kit, WK0040
By: Walkers
₹2,24966% OFF
  • Long Lasting & Durable

  • Ergonomic Design

Krost Tc-196-5 Hex Star Torx Spline Socket Bit Set Garage Tools For Auto Car Repairing
Black+Decker 108 Pieces Orange & Black Hand Tool Kit, BMT108C
4.8 (6 Reviews)
By: Black & Decker
₹2,73926% OFF
  • Perfect handtool kit for Household Tasks & emergency maintenance

  • Allen keys, precision & screwdriver bits assists your projects on

Bosch 108 Pieces All-in-One Metal Hand Tool Kit, 2607002790
4.1 (10 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹2,98017% OFF
  • Precision bits for mobiles and laptops, screwdriver bit for all

  • Allen Key for all maintenance work, hammer and electrical tester

Walkers 34 Pcs Hand Tool Kit, WK0036
By: Walkers
₹2,24965% OFF
  • There is No Hassle Or Extra Effort Involved While Using

  • High Grade Quality, Ideal for Home & Professional Use

Walkers 9 Pcs Hand Tool Kit, WK0035
By: Walkers
₹1,74965% OFF
  • There is No Hassle or Extra Effort Involved while using

  • Long Lasting & Durable

Foster 8 Pcs Hand Tool Kit
By: Foster
₹1,49946% OFF
  • Portable

  • Made with High Grade CRV

Real Stf 2 Pcs Multi Tool Kit
By: Real Stf
₹60520% OFF
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Construction with Single Piece Forged Jaw...

Hillgrove 12 Pcs 25W Power & Hand Tool Kit, HG0036
  • This Soldering Kit is Long-Lasting & Durable

  • Easy to Use

Real Stf 15 Pcs 8 inch Combination Plier, 8 Pcs Double Open End Spanners with Hanging Tray, 1/2lb Claw Hammer Steel Shaft & 5 Pcs Screw Driver Multi Hand Tool Kit
  • Scientifically Hardened & Tempered to Ensure Best Combination of Hardness

  • A Versatile Screwdriver with Twist Handle Mechanism to Increase Accessibility...

Real Stf 8 inch Combination Cutting Plier, 1/2lbs Claw Hammer, 5 Pcs Screw Driver Set, 6 inch Wire Stripper & Tester with Neon Bulb Kit
  • Special Bonding Process Ensures that Head Never Gets Loose from

  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle Absorbs Shock & Vibration Reducing Fatigue

Real Stf 11 Pcs Steel Multi Tool Kit
By: Real Stf
₹83544% OFF
  • Heat Treated & Rim Tempered for Durability & Safety

  • Scientifically Hardened & Tempered to Ensure Best Combination of Hardness

Walkers 5 Pcs Hand Tool Kit, WK0032
By: Walkers
₹1,24974% OFF
  • There is No Hassle or Extra Effort Involved while using

  • High Grade Quality, Ideal for Home & Professional Use

Walkers 10 Pcs Power & Hand Tool Kit, WK0038
By: Walkers
₹1,24960% OFF
  • Long Lasting & Durable

  • High Grade Quality, Ideal for Home & Professional Use

iBELL 145 Pcs Socket Alloy Steel Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case, TB145-9
4.2 (10 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹2,95038% OFF
  • Design of Great Originality: Black Case Makes It Dirt-Resistant. Diamond

  • All the Tools Meet or Exceed Ansi Critical Standards, Contains...

Black+Decker 126 Pieces Orange & Black Hand Tool Kit, BMT126C
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Black & Decker
₹3,00520% OFF
  • The Adjustable spanner (can be used with different sized fastener...

  • Allen keys, precision & screwdriver bits assists your projects on

Visko 501 11 Pieces Black Home Hand Tool Kit Set
  • Professionals Like Carpenters & Electricians Can Use it for Construction

  • Sturdy, Ergonomically Designed Tools for Fixing & Repair Jobs at

Real Stf 25 Pcs Multi Hand Tool Kit
By: Real Stf
₹2,88420% OFF
  • Spanner: Spanner Set It Include an Attractive Plastic Hanger Packing

  • Combination Cutting Pliers: It can be Used Either for Holding...

Real Stf 3 Pcs 8 inch Combination Side Cutting Plier, 1/2lb Claw Hammer, Steel Baby Hacksaw with Plastic Handle Multi Hand Tool Kit
  • Scientifically Hardened & Tempered to Ensure Best Combination of Hardness

  • Ergonomic Rubber Grip Handle Absorbs Shock & Vibration Reducing Fatigue...

Ketsy 311 12 Pcs Home Hand Tool Kit
By: Ketsy
₹1,50047% OFF
Real Stf 8 Pcs Double Open End, 8 Pcs Ring Spanners with Hanging Tray & 8 inch Combination Cutting Plier Multi Hand Tool Kit
  • Open Ends of These Wrenches can be Used When You...

  • Combination Cutting Pliers: It can be Used Either for Holding...

Real Stf 15 Pcs Multi Hand Tool Kit
By: Real Stf
₹85028% OFF
  • MaxiDriveTM & Anti-slip Open Ended Jaw Shape Maintains Grip on

  • It is Easy-to-use, Thumb-operated Reverse-switch Mechanism

Ketsy 312 9 Pcs Standard Hand Tool Kit
By: Ketsy
₹1,20042% OFF
Stanley 110 Pieces Multi-Tool Set, STMT81243
5.0 (6 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹11,78829% OFF
  • This Toolkit Comes with Grooves to Hold the Tools in

  • The Ergonomic Design Along with the Rubberized Handles on the

Globus 344 8 inch Combination Plier, 12 inch Steel Adjustable Pipe Wrench with 10 inch 2 in 1 Screw Driver Combo, GL-SD10-SPW12-CP8
  • Combination Plier Plastic Which is Non Flammable & Unaffected by

  • It is Available in Wide Variety of Different Tip Size

Globus 351 8 inch Black & Silver Try Square with 10 inch & 8 inch 2 in 1 Screw Driver Combo, GL-2IN1SD810-TSQ8
  • Smooth & Quick Working

  • Manganese Steel & is Differentially Hardened & Tempered to Resist

Globus 352 8 inch Try Square, 6 inch & 8 inch 2 in 1 Screw Driver with 3m Steel Measuring Tape Combo, GL-MT-2IN1SD68-TSQ8
  • Differentially Hardened & Tempered to Resist Wear, Bending & Meet

  • The Light-Weight, Compact & Ergonomic Tool Design Provides A High...

Mansarovar 6 Pcs Plumber Tool Kit, PKT-502
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Mansarovar
₹1,80039% OFF
  • Lightweight

  • High-Quality

Globus 349 10 inch Chrome Finish Adjustable Steel Wrench, 7 inch Long Nose Plier with 5.5 inch Electric Tester Combo, GL-AWCD10-LNP7-TT5.5
  • Protect the Spanner from Rust or Corrosion the Spanner is

  • Easy-To-Use Spanners for Household Plumbing & Repair Work

JCB PTB/1/JCB Portable Workstation with Two Clamp, 22025084
  • Use: Comes with 2 Clamps to Hold a Job Piece/work

  • Light Weight Easy to Carry & Operate Workstation

Taparia Universal Tool Kit, 1001
4.0 (6 Reviews)
By: Taparia
₹98510% OFF
  • Meet the Requirements for the Perfect Household Applications

  • Resistant to Wear & Tear

Globus 348 10 & 12 inch Adjustable Pipe Wrench with 8 inch Combination Plier Combo, GL-8CP-STILSON1012
  • Hardened, Anti-Rust Protected Full Body Hardened Jaws & Cutting Edge

  • Smooth & Quick Working, its Ergonomic Design Offers Superior Grip

Globus 315 10 inch Steel Adjustable Pipe Wrench, 8 inch Combination Plier with PVC Insulation Electric Tape Combo, GL-8CP-STILSON10-TAPE
  • High Resistance & Anti-Rust Protected

  • Fully Induction Hardened

Globus 353 3 Pcs Alloy Steel Chrome Finish Plier Set, GL-8CP-LNP7-WPP10
  • Anti-Rust Protected, Full Body Hardened Jaws, Cutting Edge Are Induction

  • Smooth, Quick Working & Soft Grip

Buy Durable Hand Tool Kits for Wholesale Price

Humans had used hand tools since the Stone Age, when stones were employed for pounding and cutting. Hand Tools were manufactured during the Middle Ages by casting copper and tin metals. Bronze weapons were sharper and tougher than stone tools. Iron supplanted bronze during the Iron Age, and the hand tools have become even harder and more lasting. During this time, the Romans created tools comparable to those made today. Since industrialisation, tool manufacturing has shifted from being done by hand to being done in a factory. Some examples of hand tools which are in the hand tool kit set include chopping, chiseling, cutters, files, hitting tools, striking or hammering tools, screwdrivers, vices, grips, snips, and cutting tools, and drills.

Hand tools kits contain simple tools that you use with your hands and are typically not powered. Any weapon operated by hand instead of a motor is referred to as a hand tool. Hand tools come in various shapes and sizes and can be utilised for multiple tasks. Some tools are employed for a specific job, whereas others are not. Understanding their structure and proper usage is critical if you want the greatest results for your business. Injuries and blunders might result from a lack of knowledge. When utilising hand tools, precision and accuracy are more crucial than speed.

What Are The Various Types of Hand Tool Kits

Professional Kits - They help in taking Exact Measurements. Professional kits come with a screwdriver, a highly precise bit bearer, and 22 pieces with six different sockets. Two carbon steel combination pliers, one with a long nose for holding and twisting, are included in the professional kits. They can be used to grip, cut, and strip wires. It is useful for cutting threads, small ropes, soft plastics, and paper. They have a strong head and a comfortable grip for extended use. The precision, smooth adjustment of the kit is made of carbon steel. These kits are extremely helpful for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts.

DIY Kits - Toolsets for different DIY projects performed at home or in the household are common. These home improvement tool sets are typically kept in the basement or storage space and are rarely utilised. However, basic tool kits might come in handy in the circumstances such as home repairs, renovations, alterations, hanging curtains, creating raised beds and furnishings, and so on. DIY house repair tool kit box are useful for typical home problems such as leaky faucets, misaligned cupboards, unsticking sticky windows, and doors, etc.

Electrician Tool Kits - With its strong motor and numerous accessories, the electrician tool kit box provides an easy electric equipment and maintenance option. A drilling press, a 13-mm key chuck, a voltmeter, a set of pliers, a power generation tester, a cutter, insulation tape, a chisel, a screwdriver set, and a variety of drill bits are included in the durable carry case.

Universal Tool Kits - A Universal Tool kit includes a strong adjustable wrench, a long-lasting pipe wrench, a screwdriver set featuring five blades, a hammer, and a combination plier. Strong and durable equipment, rust-free tools, and a mix of utility tools for household usage are among their essential qualities.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Hand Tool Kits

One thing to remember is that the quality of hand tool kit manufacturers varies greatly. Established brands like Stanley and Visko commonly drop welded steel in manufacturing hand tools, ensuring a sturdy, damage-resistant product. Another factor to think about is adaptability. A quality hand tool kit box should include standard-size components with distinct markings. If you buy more tools later, having suitable attachments can be quite useful.

A hand tool kit that includes a wrench and a set of vise grips can be used in place of much bigger equipment that provides socket wrenches and various pliers. Another important factor we should think about is usability. Unusual equipment, such as Allen wrenches (which is used occasionally) may not be required in a basic toolset, but mechanics and craftspeople may find them useful.

Brands Offering Hand Tool Kits Products

Visko Hand Tool Kits - Visko Hand Tool kits are bestsellers. They are well known for their durability. They also provide spanner sets, pruning secateurs, G Clamps, Garden tool sets, and many other tool kits.

Proskit Hand Tool Kits - Proskit is a terrific firm that manufactures many effective hand electric tool accessories. It is well-known for its high quality, reliability, and performance. Because of their lightness and tiny size, these items are more productive and practical for robust and various tasks.

Yato Hand Tool Kits - Yato products are well-known for their excellent quality and dependability. One of Yato's primary selling features is its exceptional quality. Yato hand tools and kits are quite popular among professionals. They are made of premium stainless steel and last longer.

Real Stf Hand Tool Kits - Real Stf is well-known for its electric tool kit set. Their ergonomically built tools can be used for expert or basic house maintenance.

Stanley Hand Tool Kits - STANLEY is the flagship company of the Stanley Black and Decker institution and a major global producer of hand tools, power tools, and related accessories. Since its inception in 1843, STANLEY has been committed to providing professionals worldwide with innovative, sturdy, inventive products adequate for the job. STANLEY hand electric tool kit set are all built to make your work easier, better, and faster. The discovery groups collaborate with real tradespeople to observe their operations and recommend ways to improve their effectiveness.

Get The Best Hand Tool Kits from Moglix!

Because there are so many manufacturers in the tool kit industry, it can be difficult to distinguish authentic products from forgeries, especially because most purchases are made online. As a result, it is critical to conduct research and reduce the field of manufacturers before making any purchases. If you're looking for a reliable national or international electric tool kit set provider but don't know where to go, Moglix has many hand tool kit box. Shop for the best hand tool sets at Moglix.