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A strap clamp is used to hold the flooring firmly when being worked up. It has a strong and flexible strap, made of polyester which is used to keep the floor firm. The clamp works through its two jaw clips, which are clipped on both sides of the flooring. The strap in the clamp is used to cover the surface and keep it at the correct level.

Different Parts of a Band Strap Clamp

Strap: the strap is crafted from high-strength polyester and is used to hold the flooring at a specific level during the clamping.

Lever: The lever is connected to the strap and is used to control the movement of the strap. When the lever is pushed up, the strap is loosed and to tighten the strap, the lever is pushed down. Lever tightly holds the strap and don’t let it lose grip.

Jaw Clips: A strap clamp has two jaw clips that are clipped on both sides of the flooring. When the strap is pulled tight, the pressure on the clips helps to keep the flooring firm, ensuring that the flooring is stable when the work is being done.

Clamping Plate: The main purpose of the clamping plate is to push against the near-by wall during the clamping process. This will provide additional pressure on the jaw clips ensuring that no part of the clamp is loose.

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ToolFast: Abbott ToolFast is a renowned name in the tool industry and is in Delhi/NCR. The company is known for manufacturing world-class clamping devices, toggle clamps, pneumatic & hydraulic clamps and more.

NTC: Established in the year 1992, NTC is successfully engaged in manufacturing and trading a varied range of milling and grinding accessories. The products offered by the brand are perfect to accomplish the different requirements of the machining process of various industries.

OZAR: Ozar Tools, the global tool brand from the house of Alok International Pvt. Ltd is a world-renowned high-quality tool manufacturing company in India. Headquartered in Gurgaon, the company is best known for its quality and precision work.

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