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Torque Wrenches

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Get Your Hands on Premium Quality Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are tools that are commonly used on a fastener, such as a nut or a bolt. Moglix has introduced a new line of torque wrenches for sale to assist users in tightening nuts and bolts. The torque wrenches in this category have high accuracy and a tensile spring. They allow for steel assembly and are ergonomically designed for use in wheels and tyres on vehicles. They also conform to the industry's existing international engineering standards. To keep up with the expanding demands of technicians, automobile owners, and retailers, Moglix has acquired wrenches from reputable manufacturers, including Mac Master, JCB, Prime Tools, Eastman, and others.


Types of Durable Ambitec Torque Wrenches Online

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches: A hydraulic torque wrench is a tool specifically designed for applying torque to a fastener to tighten or loosen a hydraulic connection. Moglix offers an exclusive range of torque wrenches that meet the needs of users who work with various types of hydraulic equipment. They're great for high-pressure hydraulic pumps, testing, and control systems.


Pneumatic Torque Wrenches: A pneumatic torque wrench is a gearbox connected to a pneumatic air motor. The gearbox's end is a reaction device that absorbs torque and allows the user to handle it easily. Power generation, steel, pipelines, railroads, mining, petrochemicals, and manufacturing are among the industries that frequently use torque tools.


Digital Torque Wrenches: A digital torque wrench is an extremely useful tool for applications that require long-term use. Moglix's products in this category run on AAA batteries and can be used continuously for up to 40 hours. The thin-profile, high-strength teardrop head of these wrenches allows users easy access to difficult-to-reach areas.


Electrical Torque Wrenches: The electrical torque wrench sets available here have a high level of accuracy in both the clockwise and counterclockwise directions. Their knurled grip ensures that they do not slip.


Adjustable Torque Wrenches: An adjustable torque wrench is extremely useful in applications that require more than one torque value. The models available at Moglix are simple to use and come with a tough knurled metal handle for industrial use. Once the set torque is reached, these devices have a distinct breaking action.


Angular Torque Wrenches: An angular torque wrench electronically measures angular force and angle rotation. It eliminates the need for an angle gauge or protractor as well as a torque wrench. It is a highly accurate device that works faster than other devices on the market.


Torque Multiplier Wrenches: A torque multiplier wrench is commonly used to provide a mechanical advantage in applying angular force for turning nuts, bolts, or other items where high torque application is required. Moglix offers an exclusive range of torque multiplier wrenches designed for industrial use to meet the needs of mechanical engineers.


Choose the Right Torque Wrench by Considering the Following Factors

Torque Range: Torque can be measured in foot pounds, inch pounds, or newton metres, depending on the scale used. Mechanical torque wrenches (click, beam, and split beam types) typically have a dual-range scale on one side that displays foot- or inch-pound measurements and Newton metres on the other. Most digital torque wrenches include all three, which can be accessed via the LCD screen.


Drive size: The torque wrench's drive is the square protrusion that connects the socket drive to the wrench's head. As a result, torque wrench drive sizes must correspond to socket dimensions. Furthermore, the maximum torque a wrench can exert is heavily influenced by the drive size. Larger drives are generally associated with higher torque values.


Accuracy: Torque wrenches are used to ensure that the nuts and bolts you tighten are within extremely specific and narrow torque ranges. The wrench's ability to accurately measure torque is critical for avoiding under- or over-tightening. Calibration tests performed by wrench manufacturers determine the accuracy of a torque wrench.


Handle: A longer handle allows you to apply pressure more evenly while maintaining greater control. Plastic or rubber grips can be used to keep handles from slipping out of your hands while using them.


Head Type: Torque wrench heads are classified into fixed and flexible. Solid beams are torque wrenches with fixed heads. Flexible head torque wrenches allow for up and down pivoting. A flexible head torque wrench can be used to tighten bolts in tight places where a fixed head torque wrench cannot be used.


Take a Look at Various Brands Selling Efficient Torque Wrench Sets

Stanley Torque WrenchesBecause of their sturdy construction, Stanley torque wrenches are highly valued by workers. During the manufacturing process, they are induction hardened, hardened, and tempered. The Stanley electrical torque wrenches provide fast, accurate, and safe joint fastening. As a result, they are an essential component of technicians' toolkits.


Griphold Torque WrenchesGriphold torque wrenches are ideal for people who work on heavy-duty projects. As part of the manufacturing process, the adjustable torque wrenches are made of selected alloy and are finished with bright chrome and black phosphate. They are ideal for long-term use due to the presence of drop forged, hardened jaws.


Torque Master Torque WrenchesTorque Master torque wrenches are highly valued by industry users for their durability. These torque wrenches are made from the highest quality beryllium copper alloy and meet current ISI standards. As part of the manufacturing process, they are drop forged. The wrenches are simple to use and ensure clean work on a variety of applications.


Macmaster Torque WrenchesMacmaster torque wrenches have precision machined integral teeth. They have a firm grip and are thus suitable for a wide variety of industrial and workshop applications. Their handles are extremely hard, and their teeth are resistant to wear, making them ideal for long-term use. The jaws were drop forged from high carbon steel.


We feature good quality torque wrench sets in India from other highly reputed brands such as Yato, Ingco, Deli, Insize, JCB, Taparia, Kendo, and many more.


Purchase Ambitec Torque Wrenches from Moglix for a Reasonable Price

At Moglix, we strive to provide our customers the best tools and services. We have a wide selection of dependable torque wrench sets from reputable and well-known companies. We provide fantastic discounts and specials to ensure that you can obtain high-quality Ambitec torque wrenches at an affordable price. Our user-friendly software allows you to browse our products quickly and easily. Customers can use our simple website to compare the features and prices of various brands before making a purchase. At Moglix, we work hard to provide you with dependable torque wrench sets at low prices.

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