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Use Dissolved Oxygen Meters for Oxygen Measurement

Dissolved oxygen meters are sensors that help measure the amount of gaseous oxygen that may be dissolved in a sample of water. These devices are very beneficial in places like aquariums, groundwater remediation, fish hatcheries, and more. The device is essential as the amount of dissolved oxygen in water is an important parameter of water quality. This quality of water affects the parameters such as the taste of drinking water, marine life, and the corrosiveness of a water sample. These meters make use of either an electrochemical, galvanic, polarographic, or optical sensor to make the measurement.

Types of Dissolved Oxygen Monitor

Different types of dissolved oxygen monitors will provide you with readings in different formats. The galvanic meters measure the oxygen level depending on the flow of water. This monitor has to be stirred and moved in the water to obtain an accurate reading. The optical sensor variants use a separate interface to obtain the readings. It is helpful to get the exact readings even in very low levels of dissolved oxygen.

Applications of Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Dissolved oxygen meter finds applications in several activities that are carried out in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. Some of the uses are listed below:

  • --> Analysing drinking water

  • --> Analysing boiler feed water for industries

  • --> Treatment plants for wastewater

  • --> Controlling pollution in lakes and rivers

  • --> Measurement of ionic concentration in pharmaceutical companies

  • --> Maintaining the health of aquatic environments

  • --> Corrosion control

  • --> Transportation of live fish

  • --> Fish farming

Why is an Oxygen Test Meter Necessary?

In water plumbing lines, higher amounts of dissolved oxygen can cause corrosion to the pipelines. In sewage treatment plants, an adequate level of dissolved oxygen ensures that the waste decomposition remains efficient. In this scenario, high oxygen levels can lead to inefficiency, while low oxygen levels can cause the helpful bacteria in the treatment plant to die. Maintaining an ideal level of the dissolved oxygen in water can maintain the quality of water required for such activities. It is possible by the regular checking of the oxygen level using dissolved oxygen measuring meters. In industrial boilers, these oxygen levels are necessary to keep corrosion at bay. In aquaculture, low oxygen levels can cause the fish to suffocate.

Factors like temperature, atmosphere, and salinity can impact the dissolved oxygen level in the water. When this level becomes too low or too high, you may have to spend a significant amount of money and time correcting the problem. You can avoid such situations by regularly measuring the dissolved oxygen level in water using an oxygen test meter. Taking the readings regularly can help in making the necessary adjustments immediately.

Buy Dissolved Oxygen Meters Online

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