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Flame Photometer as Lab Equipment

The flame photometer is employed to determine the concentration of specific metal ions such as potassium, sodium, calcium, lithium, etc. These are also known as flame emission spectroscopy and are considered a branch of atomic absorption spectroscopy. Modern laboratories use this photometer for various experiments.

With the LED display on the instrument, the readings are accurate and can be read instantly. This laboratory equipment is predominantly used in chemical laboratories, the food industry, the cement industry, and environmental analysis.

Functions of Digital Flame Photometer

The digital flame photometer is one of the types of flame photometers that is majorly used to determine Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, and Lithium. The dual-channel mechanism in the photometer provides an opportunity to observe the sodium and potassium in blood serum, urine, or other various biological fluids.

The display of readings, filters, and nebulizers are contained in the central unit, whereas the compressor unit solely supplies air to the former unit. With a simple operation, the instrument provides accurate metal ion detection readings. The mixing chamber is included in the apparatus for the stabilization of the flame. Autoignition, concentric non-corrosive nebulizer, and narrowband interference filters enable smooth functionality. It is used to determine the alkalinity of soil samples.

Components of a Flame Spectrophotometer

The four basic components of a flame spectrophotometer are flame, nebulizer and mixing chamber, photodetector, and color filter. The solution is heated along with moderating the temperature by the flame that is present in the instrument. The nebulizer involves splitting the sample into atoms. The relevant solution is mixed at the mixing chamber. The color filter detects the metals in the sample, and the photodetector indicates which metal is present in the sample.

Advantages of Photoelectric Flame Photometer

The photoelectric flame photometer makes the process quick and efficient. Both qualitative and quantitative analysis can be done with the help of this instrument. Samples with a low concentration of metals are identified and determined, thereby providing an opportunity to estimate elements that are rarely observed.

The method of analysis is simple and highly economical. It is incredibly convenient, selective, and provides sensitive and accurate analysis. Further, it eliminates any spectral and ionization interference that is caused due to high temperature. It is selective and sensitive to per million parts (ppm) or billion (ppb). It can identify the lowest concentration of metals in the sample that is read by the photometer.

The concentrations of the pharmaceutical reagents can be determined along with quality testing of various samples. The detection of metal content in fruit juices and soft drinks can be performed.

The flame photometer is utilized for the final inbound examination of chemical products and the determination of concentration in the fertilizer production process. It also helps check the soil quality and water quality analysis along with the control of discharged wastewater.

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