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Water baths in a laboratory

Certain samples need constant heat to function accurately. Laboratory water baths provide the optimum temperatures for these samples. Once the instrument is filled with water, the users can set the temperature according to their requirements. A laboratory water bath component usually includes a heating chamber, stainless steel rack, and regulator. The application needs a uniform power supply to generate heat and maintain it through the process. It can be used in the incubation of cell culture and the melting of certain reagents. It is majorly used in heating chemicals that are prone to ignition when heated in the open air. These stainless steel instruments are available in various sizes.

Types of Water Baths

Depending on the functionality, various types of water baths are available in the industry. The types include shaking water bath, circulating water bath, and tissue floating bath. Each of these provides different uses. Factors such as temperature range, capacity, sample type, and the cooling option must be considered while selecting the water bath type.

Functions of Shaking Water Bath

The shaking water bath can be used for samples that need shaking during the process of incubation. It is a simple water bath with an option that agitates the sample in the instrument. This shaking movement can be controlled by a simple on and off switch. For the cell cultures to grow evenly, this application can prove to be useful. They can also be used for biological assays and hybridization.

Functions of Circulating Water Bath

Circulating water baths are also called stirrers. This instrument is used for a sample with critical heating temperatures that have to be constant throughout the process. Due to the circulating movement, the water is uniformly spread across the water bath. Rapid heating and cooling ensure the samples are provided with uniform heat. They offer a wide range of temperature options.

Functions of Tissue Floatation Bath

The tissue floatation baths are used for tissue preparation. With this, tissues can be prepared easily and efficiently. The uses are further divided into two types, namely, Microtomy and Histology. Once the tissues are sliced, they are placed in this instrument to smoothen and relax before transferring them to the prepared slide. These baths need to be filled with distilled water, and the temperatures must be controlled according to the samples. It is used in a bacteriological, clinical, and chemical laboratory.

Precautionary steps

The water temperature must be regulated and must be kept within the flashpoint. To curb the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms within the bath, disinfectants can be added to the water along with regular cleaning procedures. The instrument must be kept covered to maintain constant temperatures within the bath.

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