Slide Warming Table

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NSAW SWT-1 250x300mm Stainless Steel Slide Warming Table, NSAW-1447
NSAW SWT-4 150x600mm Stainless Steel Slide Warming Table, NSAW-1447
NSAW SWT-2 250x400mm Stainless Steel Slide Warming Table, NSAW-1447
NSAW SWT-3 300x450mm Stainless Steel Slide Warming Table, NSAW-1447
Scientech Slide Warming Table, 600x150 mm, SE-183
By: Scientech
Available on Request
Scientech Slide Warming Table, 300x150 mm, SE-183
By: Scientech
Available on Request

Buy Slide Warming Table Online for Cytology, Histology, Pathology, Biology and Clinical laboratories

A slide warming table is undoubtedly an indispensable tool in a laboratory. Owing to its ability to drastically reduce the time consumed for completion of a specific research, these multipurpose slide warming tables are widely used in mounting, staining and cleaning processes. Open hotplate platform or oven enclosure styles apply uniform heat without complications via digital or dial control panels. Long gone are the days when slide warming tables used to only hold either one or two slides; owing to the advancement in the field of technology, the slide warming tables stocked by us are capable of accommodating numerous slides simultaneously, yet remain compact enough to acquire trivial space in the laboratory.

Moreover, apart from making an optimized use of their compact size, the slide warming tables sport a plethora of cutting edge features, for instance timed operation setting controls and adjustable airflow for streak-free surfaces.

Versatile Slide Warming Tables at Moglix

We understand the importance of quality laboratory equipment in carrying out intensive research projects, therefore we have made a pre-requisite which entails that every lab essential stocked by us, be manufactured by the elite stream of manufacturers, such as Royal Scientific and Scientech. Moreover, not just slide warming tables our assortment of lab supplies boasts of a number of other lab essentials such as centrifuges, laboratory mixers, stirrers, shakers and rotators, microscopes, spectrophotometers and much more.

Through our range of high-grade laboratory equipment we are striving to bridge the gap between successful researches and the constituents required to achieve that success. What is more? our products are competitively priced in order to entrust our customers with unmatched value and satisfaction. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Shop for the best of lab supplies online at Moglix, and take advantage of our exclusive deals and offers.