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Find Precise Measures in Labs with Perfect Beakers of Your Choice

Laboratories run a lot of tests and experiments related to different streams. Every experiment has its own use of equipment. Pipette, test tubes, syringe, Erlenmeyer flask, beaker, and many more. Measuring beakers play a very important role in every lab. They are cups that are used to measure liquid to give a clear quantity description. They have a beak kind of spout that helps liquid to be poured out properly without spilling and thus they have their name as Beakers.

What is a Measuring Beaker?

Beaker is a liquid measurement device used for burette. The body shape resembles an inverted tapering conical tube with one open end. It has a parallel circular plate of uniform thickness called disc through which the sample passes as it enters the deeper portion of the beaker. This clear cylindrical tube has graduations up to 2.5 ml on both sides. By filling the beaker and taking the help of a pipette, it's easier to calculate liquid volume in Beakers, specifically 0.5 ml difference in graduations can be observed clearly.

Types of Beakers Available

The range of beakers online includes the following: Glass Beakers, Lab glass beaker & Test tube, borosilicate glass Beaker with Jacket, Silicone Erlenmeyer Flask, Borosilicate glass beaker, Glass sample tubes, Round bottomed Borosilicate glass beaker, Glass Erlenmeyer Flask, and Lab Glass Tubes.

Uses of Beakers

The measuring beakers are the most commonly used equipment in any lab. They are highly necessary for measuring the quantity of liquid in it and they are extremely precise.

They are easy to store and can be cleaned and reused each time.

They are durable and will cost once and one need not invest in them again and again as we invest in disposable products.

They can be therefore reused numerous times. The measures are accurate. They can hold samples without spilling around.

The polypropylene beakers are lightweight and don’t break easily when they fall off. These measuring cups are all chemically resistant and thus they are used to preserve the chemicals from chemical reactions.

This equipment is therefore used in fields of research, industry, and education as they have the capacity for thermal resistance and are also balanced for apt mechanical strength.

Top Lab Beaker Brands at Moglix

Moglix offers top-quality laboratory beakers from reputed and trusted brands like Jaico, Jaisbo, Polylab, Borosil, Abdos, Tarson, Glassco, Infusil, and many more. These products are durable and show extreme efficiency in performance.

You can avail these at affordable prices with discounts available on certain products. One can buy lab beakers by choosing from a varied range of products with different ranges of measures according to their need and requirement. It is available from basic types of glassware to laboratory glassware, from mixing glass to measuring flask. They are available in glass and polypropylene material.

Why Buy Beakers at Moglix

Moglix being one of the leading B2B E-Commerce suppliers of medical equipment, business, and industrial products, deliver your order to your doorstep with easy payment modes of your choice. One can find the most comprehensive selection of laboratory equipment now at Moglix that promises hassle-free delivery and provides a COD facility too. Buy glass beakers that are of genuine quality and show great performance when it comes to using them.

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