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LED Street Lights

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Buy LED Street Lights Online!

Each neighborhood within a city is distinct in its own way, from culture and population to budget allocation for development initiatives. But 'street lighting' is of paramount importance for the safety and convenience of inhabitants. The lighting products offered by Moglix are affordable, energy efficient and ensure safe travel down the streets when it is dark. The LED street lights that we have come up with will improve illumination across lanes and by lanes, bring down electricity bills and maintenance costs. Foresee a future in which LED street lighting fixtures will help you build an energy efficient city, where local municipal corporations will be able to bring down power consumption costs and use available resources more judiciously to create a better environment. Our aim is to help you create such a future.

The street lights offered by us come with sensor components which have an internet connection. This will enable the local administration to use street specific analytics to maintain law and order in the area under their jurisdiction. The lighting fixtures offered by us contain die cast aluminium powder with toughened glass and graphite grey. They are suitable for lighting traffic signals, roads, etc. On the other hand, people who are looking for street lights for use in access roads and secondary roads should go for fixtures that include extruded aluminium channel. It holds the heatsink with clear dome easling, accessories and reflectors. We believe in creating long-term, trustworthy relationships. So, we source quality products from well-known brands like Havells, Halonix, Syska and Oreva. So, to create a more environment-friendly future, go for street lights from Moglix.

Acquire Mind Boggling Deals On Solar Street Lights Offered by Moglix

Solar street lights are lighting sources that are powered by photovoltaic panels that are normally placed either on the lighting structure or joined with the pole. At Moglix, we offer solar street lights that have a long lifespan, weatherproof and require minimal maintenance. They are free from environmentally hazardous substances and do not cause any type of UV radiation. Their usage will ensure that there are no more bugs moving around lights. They can be utilised from dawn to dusk. The solar street light price has been kept within a reasonable range to meet the needs of buyers. We have sourced these lighting sources from brands like Tracksun, Best Deal, Radiant Plus and G Solar. To know more, check out the new range offered by Moglix.

Looking for Lucrative Deals on Automatic Street Lights?

Automatic streetlights are a type of outdoor lights that are use LEDs as their illumination source. The intensity control of these lights are variable and therefore can be changed according to the requirements of the users. The automatic streetlights that we offer as a part of our lightings category have been sourced from brands such as Mr Lights and Urja Lite. The streetlights that we are offering as a part of our collection are of different shapes and sizes. These lighting sources can also be used as dimmers. They offer flexible voltage support and have a long life. These streetlights do not cause any type of UV radiation and carbon emission. Some of these lights have a long lifespan and can ensure up to 80% energy savings. Keep a check on energy bills today using automatic streetlights.

Enhance The Quality of Illumination with Led Spotlights

Spotlights are lighting sources that are commonly used for stage lighting purpose and are normally used in concerts, musicals and movie theatres. Keeping the rising concerns of environmental degradation in mind, we at Moglix have come up with a new collection of LED spotlights online. The products that we offer as a part of our collection are eco-friendly, have an aesthetic design and are decorative recess mounted. We have procured these lighting sources from brands like Havells and are best suited for installation in low ceiling heights. Come, bag the best deals on spotlights from Moglix.

Add A Fresh, New Look to Your Home with Decorative Lights

Want to revamp you home and make it look resplendent as it was earlier? We, at Moglix can help you achieve this objective. We have an assortment of decorative lights available in different shapes, sizes and colours. These lights are produce a high level of illumination without too much heat and can help you to keep a check on your energy bills during Diwali. They can be easily installed in different parts of the room including the living room, staircases, bed room etc. Have a memorable experience of Diwali this year with decorative lights offered by Moglix.

At Moglix, we are well aware of the significance of Diwali in the lives of their customers. Therefore, to meet up with the expectations of our buyers, we have come up with an exciting collection of Diwali decorative items that can in their own way enhance the look of the rooms. Available in a wide range of hues, they can in their own ways make your home the talk of the two overnight. Come, acquire LED lights at the most affordable prices from Moglix.

The quality of illumination in streets to a great extent indicates the security of a locality when it’s dark. Use of LED street lights can help local communities and municipal corporations cut down on their energy costs and ensure that people can travel safely when it’s dark.

Frequently Asked Questions about LED Street Lights

What is the wattage of a street light?

The LEDs used in streetlights vary in size and consumption (usually between 35 and 250 Watts), depending on whether they are lighting a residential area, the main street, or a town square.

How long does led strip lights last?

When compared to incandescent and fluorescent lights, LEDs offer an extremely extended predicted life-span. LED strip lights, with an average life expectancy of 50,000 hours, will still be shining brightly in 17 years, long after their traditional counterparts have died.

LED Street Lights - Price Range

LED Street LightsMin PriceMax Price
EGK LED Street Lights₹749₹3255
Urja Lite LED Street Lights₹1049₹6195
Suryatech LED Street Lights₹899₹5826
Kaira Pro LED Street Lights₹660₹4229
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