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Gulf 500ml DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Oil
By: Gulf
₹21312% OFF
  • Excellent Seal Swell Characteristics Helps in Minimizing Leakage

  • Provides Excellent Protection to the Hydraulic Clutch & Braking System

Waxpol 5L 3 in 1 Universal Tractor Transmission Hydraulic & Wet Brake Oil
  • Excellent Anti-foam Characteristics Result from the Use of the Latest...

  • Increase Oiliness for Effective Braking

Gomechanic Smartshift 5L Utto/Wetbrake Transmission Oil for Tractor
TVS 250ml Brake Oil For Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire Petrol

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Top 2 price range of Automotive Brake Oil

67% of users prefer Automotive Brake Oil in price range of ₹300-₹400

33% of users prefer Automotive Brake Oil in price range of ₹100-₹200

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Top 3 brands of Automotive Brake Oil

66% of users prefer Automotive Brake Oil of Gulf brand

33% of users prefer Automotive Brake Oil of Bosch brand

1% of users prefer Automotive Brake Oil of other brands

TVS 250ml Brake Oil For Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire Diesel
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Tvs
Available on Request
TVS 250ml Brake Oil For Maruti Suzuki Swift Diesel
Bosch DOT3 570ml Transmission Mechanism Brake & Clutch Fluids Oil, 0986AB7004-8F8
  • Enhanced Lubrication of the Hydraulic Components

  • Maximum Protection Against Vapor Formation & Corrosion

Waxpol 20L 3 in 1 Universal Tractor Transmission Hydraulic & Wet Brake Oil
  • Excellent Anti-foam Characteristics Result from the Use of the Latest...

  • Increase Oiliness for Effective Braking

66% of users buy Automotive Brake Oil in 1 L Volume

Indilube 5000ml Wet Brake Utto 2371/SF Universal Oil for Transmission & Hydraulic
  • High Quality Gear Lubricant Blended from Solvent Refined Mineral Base

  • Universal Oil for Transmission & Hydraulic System of Tractors Equipped

TVS 250ml Brake Oil For Maruti Suzuki Ritz Petrol
Indilube 1000ml Wet Brake Utto 2371/SF Universal Oil for Transmission & Hydraulic
  • These Fluids Meet the Specifications of Major Equipment Manufacturers of...

  • Wet Brake Xp ( Utto/2371) is High Performance Fluid for...

Bosch 250ml DOT 4 Brake Fluid for Bikes, F002H60020
By: Bosch
Available on Request
  • Maximum Protection Against Vapour Formation & Corrosion

  • Consistent & Steady Brake Pressure Response Throughout its Service Life

TVS 250ml Brake Oil For Maruti Suzuki Swift Petrol
Gulf 1L DOT 3 Synthetic Brake Oil
By: Gulf
Available on Request
  • Heavy-Duty Brake Fluid Exclusively Developed for Hydraulic Clutches & Brakes

  • Compatible with Other Materials in the Clutch & Brake System

Get Reliable Braking Performance with Automotive Brake Oils

Automotive brake oil plays a very important role in vehicle safety. This simple component helps in transferring the force of the brake pedals to the braking mechanism, bringing your vehicle to a stop or decreasing its speed. It is a hydraulic fluid and its quality determines how quickly the pedals respond and bring your vehicle to a smooth stop. Whether you are a car enthusiast or a professional mechanic, proper automotive brake oil is necessary for the normal operation of the braking mechanism. You can invest in some of the most efficient brake oils at Moglix. Buy the best automotive brake oils from top-rated brands like Bosch, TVS, Indilube, Gomechanic, and much more available in different variants for different types of vehicles, at attractive pricing at Moglix.


Superior Brake Response with Different Types of Brake Oils 

DOT 3 Brake Oils

  • This is the most commonly used brake fluid and is suitable for a wide range of vehicles.
  • DOT 3 brake oils are a glycol-based fluid and have a low boiling point, which means they are good for daily driving conditions.


DOT 4 Brake Oils

  • The DOT 4 brake oil is an improvement of the DOT 3 variant, with an increased boiling point and overall performance.
  • This type of brake oil is used in heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and cars with high-capacity engines.

DOT 5 Brake Oils

  • DOT 5 brake oils are silicone based and have the highest boiling point.
  • This type of brake oil is resistant to moisture absorption and is best for high-performance engines or vehicles that stay inactive for longer durations.
  • DOT 5 brake oils cannot be used with normal engines that are meant for DOT 3 brake oils or glycol-based brake oils.


Find the Perfect Fit for your Braking Needs with the Right Type of Brake Oils 

Braking System Compatibility - Brake fluids that are compatible with your braking systems mechanism and match with the ones used by the manufacturers will help prevent mishaps. Mixing incompatible brake oils can lead to leakages and malfunctions, which is why you should always check the rating and mixture type.


Performance and Efficiency Requirements - Depending upon the driving conditions and the load on your braking system your choice of brake oil would change. For high-temperature scenarios where enhanced braking performance is required, you will need a high-boiling point brake oil like DOT 5 brake fluids.


Explore the Finest Brake Oils from Leading Brands

Bosch Automotive Brake Oils

  • Bosch brake oils provide enhanced lubrication of the hydraulic components.
  • This brand's brake oils provide optimal viscosity even under high-temperature conditions.
  • Bosch brake oils reduce vapor formation and corrosion damage.

Gomechanic Automotive Brake Oils

  • Gomechanic brake oils are most suitable for tractors and other heavy-load vehicles that run for long durations.
  • This brand's wet brake oils provide 3-stage protection and enhancement to the braking system from vehicle startup to shutdown. 

TVS Automotive Brake Oils


  • TVS has a wide range of DOT 4 brake oils for daily use cars and provides optimal lubrication under high temperatures.
  • These are glycol-based brake fluids and can be used with a wide range of four-wheelers.


Indilube Automotive Brake Oils 


  • Indilube retails high-quality lubricants blended from solvent-refined mineral base oils and chemical additives.
  • Their range of brake oils is universal for all types of tractors that come with wet brakes.
  • Their high viscosity index provides the perfect lubrication for gear shifts and braking even under high temperatures.

Shop the Best Automotive Brake Oils from Top Brands at Moglix

Automotive brake oils are an essential part of any vehicle’s braking system. This fluid makes sure that the mechanism works smoothly and is well-lubricated for a safer experience. A proper understanding of the suitable brake oils for your vehicle and regular maintenance will ensure that you get optimal braking efficiency and extend your components' lifespan. Your vehicle manufacturer's recommendation for the type of vehicle and braking system is all you need to consider before purchasing the best brake oils. Moglix caters to all types of vehicles, from tractors to three-wheelers, with its offerings in the automotive brake oil segment available at jaw-dropping prices.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Automotive Brake Oil

How often brake oil should be changed?

Brake oil should be changed every 2 years, or as recommended by the manufacturer. Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs moisture over time, which can lead to corrosion, reduced braking performance, and brake failure. Regular replacement of brake fluid can help ensure the safety and reliability of a vehicle's braking system.

What happens if Automotive Brake Oil is not changed?

If automotive brake oil is not changed, it can become contaminated with moisture and other particles, reducing its effectiveness and potentially causing damage to brake components. This can lead to reduced braking performance, longer stopping distances, and potentially dangerous situations on the road. Regular brake fluid changes are important to maintain safe and reliable braking performance.