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HTC ST-852 3 Phase Rotation Meter
5.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Htc
₹1,0381% OFF
  • Measring Frequency Range: 20Hz ~ 400Hz

  • Limit Supplort Voltage: 2000V/minutes

Fluke 9040 Phase Rotation Indicator
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Fluke
₹65,33712% OFF
  • 3 phase indication

  • Indication of phase rotation

Meco PSI 2016 ABS Phase Sequence Indicator with LED Indication & Buzzer
  • 3 Phase Sequence Indication via LED & Buzzer & Reverse

  • Open Phase Indication via LED & Buzzer, Rugged & Handy

HTC Phase Sequence Indicator ST-852
By: Htc
₹1,0381% OFF
  • Time Limit for Continuous mesurement:

  • Operational Voltage : 60-600V (3 Phase AC)

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Fluke 9062 Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator
By: Fluke
₹34,51520% OFF
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Htc
₹32912% OFF
  • Bright White LED Flash Light

  • Display LED (flashing) acoustic Sound Signal

Fluke 9062 Phase Sequence Indicator 120-400V AC
By: Fluke
₹32,86316% OFF
Kyoritsu KEW 8031 Phase Rotation Tester
By: Kyoritsu
₹12,97628% OFF
  • Time limit for continuous less than 500V within 5 minutes

  • Digital Phase Indicator with open phase checker

Kusam Meco KM 855PR Phase Sequence Indicator
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Kusam Meco
₹8,26013% OFF
  • 60 min Time limit for continuous measurement at 200 V

  • Dielectric Strength: 2000V/min

Uni-T UT-261B Phase Sequence & Motor Rotation Operating temperature 90V-600V
Fluke FLUKE-9040 ESPR Phase Rotation Indicator 40-700 V
Kusam Meco KM 888 PMR Three phase Presence and Rotation Indicator 100V-600V AC
Kusam Meco KM 855PR Phase Sequence Indicator 200V-600V AC
Proskit 8PK-ST850 Phase Sequence Indicator
By: Proskit
Available on Request
Extech 480400 40-600V AC Phase Sequence Tester
By: Extech
Available on Request
  • Easy to open alligator clips with wide jaws.

  • Orientation of three phase power sources over.

CEM DT-902 Motor & Phase Rotation Indicator
By: Cem
Available on Request
Kusum Meco KM-MPS-50K Multi - Purpose Digital High Voltage Phasing Meter
By: Kusam Meco
Available on Request
  • KM 50K must be connected with an approved hot stick

  • Auto - ranging: AC: 4.000kV / 40.00kV / 50.0kV &

Vukar 50A 240V Single Phase Motor Protection Device, DEV-A
  • Dry Run Protection

  • Overload Protection

CIE PSI-1 Phase Sequence Indicator 100 to 500 V
By: Cie
Available on Request
CIE 1200VA Relay Test Set, RTS 5B
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Cie
Available on Request
CIE PSI-1 Disc Rotating Phase Sequence Indicator, Frequency: 25-65 Hz
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Cie
Available on Request
  • Phase Sequence Indicator is a Must for Checking New Electrical

  • Useful in Wiring of Switchboards, When 3 Phase Watt Meters

CIE PSI-2 Phase Sequence Indicator 50 to 500 V
By: Cie
Available on Request
Vukar 50A 240V Overload Dry Run Meter, DEV-C
By: Vukar
Available on Request
  • Digital Display

  • Dry Run Protection

CEM DT-901 Motor & Phase Rotation Indicator
By: Cem
Available on Request
Kyoritsu Phase Rotation Tester 110-600V AC KEW-8031
By: Kyoritsu
Available on Request
  • Phase indicator designed to check the presence of open phase...

  • Instruction manual.

CIE RTS 5A Relay Test Set 1000 VA
By: Cie
Available on Request
CIE PSI-2 Rotating Disc Phase Sequence Indicator, 25-60 Hertz
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Cie
Available on Request
  • Vertical Position: 100-500 V AC

  • Horizontal Position: 50-500 V AC

Buy the Best Motor Phasing Meter Online

Motor and phasing meters help in showing the direction of a 3-phase motor that will rotate when connected to a power source. By identifying the phases and rotation, they can help to ensure correct motor installation and prevent damage to the motor or electrical system. You can buy the best motor rotation meter online at at the best price.

Different Types of Phase Sequence Indicators

Phase sequence indicators can be classified into two types:

Motor rotation meter works on the principle of induction motors. The principle of motor rotation meter is similar to that of a three-phase motor.

Static Type Phase Sequence Indicator: The static type phase indicator’s main function is to control and maintain the required voltage, current and to prevent breakdown.

Why Buy Phase Sequence Meter Online from

Browse latest assortment of phase meters from brands like HTC, Fluke, and CIE. You can be assured of the quality of the products as there is a proper quality test done before delivering any product to the customers. We at moglix, also provide various payment modes like net banking, credit/debit card, COD and many more which makes the customer shopping experience great and you can get the easy and hassle-free delivery of the product at your doorstep.

Buy the Best Brands of Phase Sequence Motor Online

Fluke is one of the top brands that manufacture the best quality measurement and testing instruments.

Uni-T is a reputed brand when it comes to buying these electrical and electronic products. They manufacture these products under the supervision of the professionals. Uni-T is a very trustworthy brand to buy such products.

HTC manufactures one of the best ohm meters in the market. HTC ohm meters are highly reliable products that also last long. So, to get these products that are the best for working and longevity, HTC is your brand.