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Squares, Bevels and Gauges

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Understanding Squares, Bevels and Gauges Tools

Squares, Bevels, and Gauges are tools used for certain types of measurement. Each plays a distinct role. In measurement, a square is a device made up of two straight edges positioned at right angles to each other. Carpenters and machinists use it to check the accuracy of right angles, as a guide when drawing lines on materials before cutting, and to locate holes.

The bevel can be used to replicate an existing angle, or it can be used to set the desired angle by using it in conjunction with a variety of other measurement tools (such as a protractor or framing square).

A gauge is a tool that is used to take measurements or show dimensional information. There is a range of tools that may be used to perform these tasks, ranging from basic pieces of material against which sizes can be measured to complicated machines. Depending on its application, a gauge can be defined as "a device for measuring a physical quantity".

Method to Use a Bevel Gauge:

The bevel gauge can create an angle or trace and transfer one that already exists. The steps for using the bevel gauge are outlined below.

When you need to make a new angle:

  • --> Allow the blade to rotate freely by loosening the wing nut adjustment.

  • --> Swing the blade until the required angle is achieved between the bevel handle and the blade side. This is best accomplished by measuring the desired angle using a protractor on the inside of the bevel (with the protractor sitting on the wing nut).

  • --> Tighten the wing nut to secure the bevel gauge in place.

  • --> Place the bevel gauge on your work surface and trace the angle by tracing along with the interior of the blade and handle of the bevel gauge.

  • --> Cut it out!

When you need to transfer an existing angle:

  • --> Allow the blade to rotate freely by loosening the wing nut adjustment.

  • --> Place the bevel gauge against the surface of the to-be-copied angle cut.

  • --> To match the angle being transferred, rotate the inside edge of the blade to the existing angle.

  • --> Tighten the wing nut until the blade and handle are securely in place.

  • --> Transfer the angle using the bevel gauge on the work surface.

  • --> Trace along the bevel on the inside edge of the blade and handle to create the angle.

Bevel Square Tool and its Uses

A bevel square tool is a tool that is used to draw straight lines and measure angles. They are also called engineer square or machinist square. The structure is straightforward. It is divided into two sections. It consists of a steel blade and a stock or body, a thick base section in the shape of a square connected in an L shape. The blades are composed of hardened and ground high-quality tools or alloy steel. Inside and out, the steel blade and stock are graduated. It comes in a variety of sizes and is easily transportable.

Need of Bevel Tools:

The measure of the bevel tool is accurate both on the inside and outside. A bevel square is made up of metal entirely, and the try square’s stock is made of hardwood. You can choose the tool according to the nature of the work. Bevel tool is important to engineers, carpenters, machinists to carry out their daily tasks related to their profession with ease as they need precise and accurate measurements which can be gained from these tools.

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