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Bellstone 1-1.2 Specific Gravity Hydrometer with 250ml Cylinder, 201465
Bellstone 1100-1300 HXB Inverter Battery Hydrometer
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Bellstone
₹80058% OFF
Bellstone 1100-1300 TXB Inverter Battery Hydrometer
Bellstone 1100-1300 TXB Inverter Battery Hydrometer, 254176

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Bellstone 1100-1300 HXB Inverter Battery Hydrometer, 12031
Bellstone 1.100-1.200 Specific Gravity Hydrometer
Bellstone 1100-1300 H2B Inverter Battery Hydrometer
Bellstone 1.100-1.100 Specific Gravity Hydrometer
Bellstone 800-850 Specific Gravity Hydrometer
By: Bellstone
₹9002% OFF
Bellstone 1.100-2.000 Specific Gravity Hydrometer
Bellstone 0-100 Specific Gravity Hydrometer with 250ml Cylinder
Bellstone 1100-1300 HXB Inverter Battery Hydrometer, 5248631
Bellstone 1100-1200 Inverter Battery Hydrometer
By: Bellstone
₹80011% OFF
Bellstone 900-1.000 Specific Gravity Hydrometer
By: Bellstone
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A hydrometer is a device with a glass body, a stem, and a mercury- or lead-filled bulb. The specific gravity or density of a liquid, as well as the number of impurities present in the liquid, can all be determined with a hydrometer. Because liquids actually fluctuate in density as a function of temperature, hydrometers measure the density and specific gravity of liquids at a given temperature. You may choose from a huge selection of manufacturers at Moglix that make various sorts of hydrometers. The gravity meters for batteries are available from a variety of leading brands, including Bellstone and Metravi, at Moglix.


Various Types of High Quality Hydrometers Available Online

Lactometer: A lactometer is a particular hydrometer type that is used to test milk. However, this kind of hydrometer just measures gravity and obscures the milk's composition.


Alcoholometer: This device is used to gauge the alcoholic content of liquids. The Proof and Tralles hydrometer is another name for this computerised instrument. By comparing the liquid's readings before and after fermentation, it is possible to determine the liquid's approximate alcohol level.


Saccharometer: It measures the quantity of sugar present in a beverage. Chefs, winemakers, and even brewers employ them. With the use of the buoyancy principle, the sugar level is calculated. 


The mercury bulb will float higher than it would otherwise if the sugar content is denser.


Thermohydrometer: Petroleum compounds like fuel oils have a density that can be measured with a thermohydrometer. The thermohydrometer is positioned behind the oils to measure the density while the oils are fitted with a temperature jacket.


Urinometer: The gravity or the ratio of the solutes or waste to the water is measured by the urinometer, which is used for urinalysis. This examination reveals whether or not the subject is adequately hydrated.


Things to Consider Before Buying Durable Hydrometers 

Testing jars: Testing jars are not always included with hydrometers, but they often shatter due to the quantity of movement and exposure that is present. Therefore, it is very reasonable if the brand provides testing jars at no additional expense.


Quality: There is a good probability that the glass will break if it is of poor quality, which can be very dangerous. Purchase a hydrometer that is reliable and durable. To prevent it from breaking and cracking, make sure it is stored in something sturdy.


Variety: A variety of hydrometers are made for various uses. In order to obtain correct results or readings, make sure you are using the appropriate hydrometer.


Total costs: Consumers should establish a budget before buying a hydrometer. Consider adding other accessories like graduated cylinders or testing jars.


Specifications: In addition to the type, users should consider the materials employed. Keep in mind that paper scales might not be as accurate and that glass hydrometers might break easily. Since mercury is more dangerous than other materials, hydrometers loaded with mercury need to be handled with extra care.


Requirements: Users should clarify their study and production aims because hydrometers can be used in a variety of contexts.


Top Brands that Sell the Best Battery Hydrometers at Wholesale Prices 

Bellstone Hydrometers: Products from Bellstone are renowned among consumers for being of the highest quality in the market. All Bellstone hydrometers are made with premium components and cutting edge techniques to meet industry standards. Their products are simple to use and are made durable for long lasting use. Bellstone hydrometers are well known for outstanding quality and the brand's great customer service.


Metravi Hydrometers: Metravi has proven to be very effective at adapting to shifting customer preferences. Their battery hydrometers are created under the guidance of professionals. High quality materials are used in their production to ensure long lasting durability and consumer satisfaction. After doing a thorough market analysis, the most reliable and authorised vendors are chosen.


Buy High Quality and Reasonably Priced Hydrometers at Moglix

The specific gravity of liquids can be measured with hydrometers, which are useful instruments. These tools are used to calculate the weight and concentration of various liquids in a variety of settings, including a brewery, mechanics, and research. There are many different hydrometers, from urinometers to alcohol meters, each with a specific use in mind.


At Moglix, we work hard to simplify the buying process for you. You may choose and filter more easily based on your needs thanks to our built-in filtering systems. After thorough quality inspections, we send only the best gravity hydrometers. You can choose from a variety of the top brands in India. All year long, we offer fantastic savings and deals on bulk orders. Visit our website to find affordable gravity meters for batteries and take advantage of the discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hydrometers

What is unit of hydrometer?

A hydrometer is a tool used to measure the density or specific gravity of liquids, among other properties (weight per unit volume compared with water).

How accurate is a hydrometer?

A decent hydrometer accomplishes this. It could be the ideal instrument for keeping track of your salinity levels, with some models promising accuracy to 0.001 specific gravity units.