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Water Meters

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Water is one of the most significant fundamental elements in every human life and while you can notice the resource scarcity is increasing rapidly, keeping a check on the usage of water by water metering can help to spread awareness. This will make people rethink the way they use water in order to reduce waste, shortages, and upgrade current infrastructure. So, to keep your water flow well-maintained, you must choose a high-quality and advanced water meter.

Types of Water Meters

There are mainly two type of water flow meters depending on the need and technologies used:

Displacement water meter: Displacement water flow meter is most commonly used for residents and small-scale commercial applications. Also known as positive displacement meter, this water metering system is very accurate for measuring low to moderate flow rates. They are further classified as oscillating piston meters and nutating disk meters. Both types of displacement water meters follow the same method of relying on the water to physically displace the moving measuring element and in direct proportion to the amount of water passing through the meter.

Velocity water meter: Velocity water usage meters are of several types like jet meters, turbine meters, propeller meters, and mag meters. These meters measure the velocity of water flow which can be converted into the volume of flow determining the exact usage. All the velocity water meters have an adjustment vane calibrating the meter to the needed accuracy. Turbine velocity water flow meters are the preferred choice of large-scale commercial users, fire protection units, and water distribution systems.

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Water flow meters from the best brands like Konarak, Capstan, Dasmesh, Lutron, Kranti, Hanna, and many more are available online at affordable prices. With special discounts and attractive offers, you can get the best quality water meters featuring rugged designs, latest technologies, high performance, wear-free water flow measurement, operation security, and longer service life. Our offered products are made from a superior quality material which doesn't degrade over the usage of the meter.

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