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Medical Consumables

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Buy Medical Supplies and Consumables Online

It is of utmost importance for a hospital, or a clinic, to be fully equipped with essential medical supplies and medical consumables, in order to be fully prepared for any case that might pass through their doors. It is only because of the nature of medical treatment that in order to provide complete healthcare, you must be in possession of complete equipment.

Providing a comprehensive healthcare to its patients, is the utmost goal of a hospital and, a clinic, however, in order to address this, they need to have a set standard of medical equipment and medical consumables, on hand!

These medical consumables and, supplies can often be bought in bulks, allowing hospitals to keep additional reserves on standby at reasonable costs.

Types of Medical Consumables to Buy Online

The quantity and variety of medical supplies and, consumables are expanding every day. Here is a list of some essential medical consumables.


Self-care devices, or home care devices, are essentials that the patient uses in their routine lives, at home. In other words, these products do not typically require a clinician to be present for their use.

Diabetes management tools, Hearing aids, and mobility aids are some examples of self-care equipment used at home as part of an individual’s daily routine.

Acute Care

Medical equipment and, consumables that are proactively used in healthcare centers are knows as acute-care supplies.

Although, their area of application is uncannily similar to self-care supplies, however, they are not suitable for personal use, as they require a certain degree of expertise to properly utilize their functionality. Acute care consumables consists of a number of supplies, for instance, wound and skin care kits, test kits, monitoring equipment and non-surgical equipment.

Buy Medical Consumables Online from Moglix!

You can buy wide range of medical consumables and other essential medical equipment online from Moglix! We stock every product that is essential for the provision of paramount healthcare, from hot water bottles, disposable bed sheets and result test strips, to electronic hot water bags and medicated towels.

In addition, our team at Moglix periodically conducts multi-point quality checks to make sure that only the best products get past our gates.

Medical Consumables - Price Range

Medical ConsumablesMin PriceMax Price
Test Strips & Accessories₹9₹105728
Suction Tubes₹479₹7119
Surgical Drapes₹39₹2599
Romsons Medical Consumables₹48₹19824
B Positive Medical Consumables₹29₹11101
SSRE Medical Consumables₹39₹6993
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