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Servotech 5L Portable Oxygen Concentrator
4.1 (10 Reviews)
By: Servotech
₹129,99066% OFF
  • Pure Copper Oil-Free Compressor

  • Adjustable Air Delivery Mechanism & Oxygen Concentration Monitor Available: Yes

Yuwell 5L Oxygen Concentrator, 8F-5A
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Yuwell
₹99,99952% OFF
  • Self-Diagnosis System & Comes with Multiple Safety Alarms

  • It has a Built-In LCD Display with Timer Function

Yuwell 10L Oxygen Concentrator, 7F-10
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Yuwell
₹173,24042% OFF
  • The Angled Control Panel Makes it very Easy to Use...

  • Full Plastic Outer Shell Makes it Durable & Safe

Oxymed Mini 5L Oxygen Concentrator
By: Oxymed
₹90,00055% OFF
  • Inbuilt Nebulizer, Screen To Show Real Time Oxygen Purity, Timer

  • Hardworking, High Performing, Reliable & Consistent Oxygen Generation Device

Dynmed 5L 300W Oxygen Concentrator, DO2-5AH
By: Dynmed
₹56,00026% OFF
  • 24 Hours Work Continuously

  • Always Maintain Oxygen Purity at Average 93% at 5l/min Flow

Walnut 10L Dual Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator, MS-OC-10
Dynmed 10L 300W Oxygen Concentrator, DO2-10AH
By: Dynmed
₹75,00010% OFF
  • Users Do Not Need to Open the Machine Body to

  • Four Alarm Systems, Low Oxygen Concentration Alarm, Power Off Alarm,

Shenglu SL-3A-530 5L Portable Oxygen Concentrator, OXY08
  • Ozone and other gaseous oxides: should accord with GB8982-2009; Test

  • Gaseous acids and alkaline content: Should accord with GB8982-2009; Test

Deck Mount Micitech 5L Oxygen Concentrator
By: Deck Mount
₹115,00024% OFF
Desco 350W 5L Single Heavy Duty Flow Oxygen Concentrator, APOC 101
Nareena 5L Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer
By: Nareena
₹89,00046% OFF
Arihant Canta 10L Portable Oxygen Concentrator
By: Arihant
₹115,50017% OFF
  • Intelligent Self Checking System with Error Code Showing in LCD

  • Standard Function: Over Heat Alarm, Power Failure Alarm, Pressure Failure

Easycare 30min White Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machine With Remote Control, 8F5A
  • Used For Oxygen Therapy

  • It Helps To Deliver Large Oxygen Output For Patients

Evox 350W 5L Multi Function Oxygen Concentrator, EOX1
  • It Has Been Specially Developed to Provide a Dependable

  • Includes Nebulizer Function, Individual Nebulizer Outlet Large Led Display &

Deck Mount DE-1A 7L Oxygen Concentrator
By: Deck Mount
₹50,00025% OFF
  • Negative Ion Function: The Use of High Frequency Negative Ion

  • Inhalation Method: Ear Hanging Oxygen & Nose Suction

Servotech 10 lpm High Flow Oxygen Concentrator
By: Servotech
₹169,00050% OFF
  • HD LCD Big Touch Screen

  • Timing, Efficient, Intelligent Alarm, Run Continuously, Sufficient Flow, Purity &

Walnut 10L Oxygen Concentrator, MS-OC-10
By: Walnut
Deck Mount DE-2AW 9L Oxygen Concentrator
By: Deck Mount
₹65,00019% OFF
  • Oxygen Generation Method: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)

  • Control Distance: 10m Infrared Remote Control

Walnut 10L Single Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator, MS-OC-10
Walnut 5L Oxygen Concentrator, MS-OC-05
By: Walnut
₹85,0002% OFF
Walnut 5L Single Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator, MS-OC-05
Niscomed 530W 10L Oxygen Concentrator, NO2
By: Niscomed
  • LED Display, Includes Nebulizer Function, Power Failure & High Low

Walnut 5L Dual Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator, MS-OC-05
Otica Air Inlet Filter for Oxy-Med Oxygen Concentrator
By: Otica
Available on Request
Otica Ever Flo 10 inch Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Tube with Plastic Connector
  • This Humidifier Adapter Fits Most O2 Water Bottles & Oxygen

  • Humidifier Bottle Adapter Has a Swivel Nut on One End

Nareena NLS-OCSF-10L 10lpm Double Flow Oxygen Concentrator
By: Nareena
Available on Request
  • It Consumes 1 Unit of Electricity Every 1 hr 23

Yuwell 5L 7F-5 Mini Oxygen Concentrator, 7F5MINI
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Yuwell
Available on Request
  • Oxygen Outlet Pressure: 40 To 50 Kpa

  • It is Very Efficient and Operates On Very Low Noise

Medtech Oxycon Classic 5L Oxygen Concentrator
By: Medtech
Available on Request
  • Power Off Alarm, Error Indication Code, Safety Valve, Easy to...

  • Continuous Operation Running Mode the Longest Period is 10 hr,

Carent 5L Oxygen Concentrator for Home
By: Carent
Available on Request
  • Continuous Oxygen Supply For 48 Hours. Negative Ion Function

  • Multi-Layer Filter Inside & the Concentrator Can Remove Impurities &...

Microtek OXYFLOW 5 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator, 899-MH1-DMZ5
By: Microtek
Available on Request
  • Secure, Reliable & Energy Efficient

  • Nebulization Therapy

Medtech OxyTech-Smart 5L White Oxygen Concentrator
By: Medtech
Available on Request
  • Low Power Average 330 W & 0-51pm Up to 95%

Carent Ttlife 5L Oxygen Concentrator
By: Carent
Available on Request
  • High Efficiency Lithium Sieve, Strong Adsorption, High Oxygen Yield &

  • Pure Copper Oil-Free Air Double Cylinder Compressor

Medtech Oxycon Life 5L Oxygen Concentrator with Digital Display
  • Current Run Time Indicator, Total Running Time Indicator, Power off

  • Low Noise Level, Distinctive Heat Radiation Design of Air Duct

Nareena NLS-OCSF-5N 5lpm Single Flow Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer
  • Low Purity Alarm

  • inbuilt Nebulizing Function

Smart Care SC501 5L LED Oxygen Concentrator, OC01
By: Smart Care
Available on Request
  • Oil-Free Air Compressor

  • One-Button Control & Convenient for Aged Users

Nareena 5lpm High Flow Oxygen Concentrator
By: Nareena
Available on Request
  • Provides Higher Flow Rate

  • Controllable Humidity to the Patient

Easycare EC7F5 5L Heavy Duty Oxygen Concentrator
By: Easycare
Available on Request
  • It Also has An Accumulating Function that Shows Total Working

  • The Angled Control Panel Makes It Very Easy to Use

Smart Care SC101 10L LED Oxygen Concentrator, OC02
By: Smart Care
Available on Request
  • One-Button Control & Convenient for Aged Users

  • LED Display Panel for Comfortable

Microtek OXYFLOW 5L 5LPM Oxygen Concentrator, 899-MH1-DMZ5
By: Microtek
Available on Request
  • Secure, Reliable & Energy Efficient

  • User Friendly

Otica 200g Polycarbonate Humidifier Bottle for All Types of Oxygen Concentrator
  • Unbreakable & Autoclave-Able Humidifier Bottle

Buy Oxygen Concentrators at an Affordable Price

The oxygen concentrator seems to be medical equipment that supplies more oxygen to patients with difficulty breathing. The compressor, oxygen tank, sieve bed filter, pressure valve, & nasal cannula are all part of the equipment. A concentrator, usually an oxygen cylinder and container, deliver oxygen to the patient through a mask / nasal passages. 


These are generally utilized by individuals who have inadequate oxygen levels in the blood or who suffer from respiratory issues. These are easier to employ at the house & in clinics, and they're safe to utilize than those offered in hospitals. Apart from oxygen cylinders, a concentrator doesn't need to be refilled and may give oxygen 24 hrs a day. Oxygen concentrators seem to be medical gadgets that must be supplied and used exclusively by doctors' prescriptions.


Variety of Oxygen Concentrators Out in the Market

Portable Oxygen Concentrator- The portable oxygen concentrator seems to be a device that provides oxygen treatment to patients who require higher oxygen levels than the surrounding atmosphere. It's comparable to a residential oxygen concentrator, yet smaller & more portable. Portable concentrators deliver oxygen in "pulse doses," which means the oxygen is delivered in short bursts every time you breathe. Some types can also provide oxygen at a constant rate of flow. Consult your physician to ensure you receive enough oxygen from either setting.


Single Flow Oxygen Concentrator with Nebulizer- The Single Flow Oxygen Concentrator + Nebulizer is a fantastic product in the marketplace. It's always best to be ready for the worse. This device is intelligent enough to harvest oxygen from the surrounding air. If you need to plan for more oxygen, this is precisely what you require. This little gadget is quite strong. This device's portable form makes it simple to transport. With a 5 L volume, you can use this item for as much as you require. This is the initial item you'll need if you have respiratory distress.


Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Tube- Every Oxygen Concentrator Humidifier Pipe with Plastic Connector are made with high-quality materials and innovative procedures, ensuring that they meet the standards in this highly competitive market. The air is moistened by a humidifier bottle connected to an in-home oxygen concentrator. The oxygen flows via water before exiting the concentrator & being inhaled through a nasal cannula or mask. 


Single-Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator- A single-flow portable oxygen concentrator seems to be the closest transportable oxygen concentrator to the fixed oxygen concentrator. Single-flow oxygen concentrators are often larger than other devices on the marketplace to fulfill a wider variety of oxygen requirements.


Factors To Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Oxygen Concentrators

Flow condition- This is among the most important considerations when deciding which oxygen concentrator works best for you. The device should only be employed on the doctor's instructions, and the flow needs to be specified in Litres Per Minute will rely on the patient's health and the required oxygen treatment.


Quality- Check that the oxygen concentrator can sustain increased oxygen concentration rates independent of the flow rate required. At higher flow speeds, like eight or ten LPM, specific machines may lose up to 30% of their capacity.


The degree of noise- An oxygen concentrator's noise level is typically between 31 dB — 60 dB, similar to a private talk or a steady voice in a quiet atmosphere. Some manufacturers make even more silent variants.


Power supply type- For continual usage, oxygen concentrators are often linked to the electrical grid. This sort of equipment uses very little electricity. Other variants run on batteries.


Usage- Please determine what you will use it for since this will help you determine whether to acquire a mobile version or one used at home. Transportable oxygen concentrators are sometimes 3 to 4 times more costly than home devices, so making an informed decision is critical. You might need to purchase an oxygen concentrator if you require frequent oxygen treatment. Yet, if you move regularly, have an active life, or have to transport the device from one client to the other, a transportable unit might well be required. You should also evaluate how long you will require it! 


Top Brands Selling Oxygen Concentrators

Nareena- Nareena Life Sciences offer high-quality medical goods to fulfill the growing need of their clients. They have established themselves as a top medical equipment producer in Noida. They are a leading producer of oxygen concentrators. Its goods are distributed across India. People recognise us as the most cost-effective Oxygen Concentrator vendor on the market. Its well-developed infrastructure enables us to provide its respected clients with a high-quality product line that is extensively utilised in hospitals, health clinics, as well as other healthcare facilities.


Yuwell- Yuwell Healthcare Equipment and Supply Company, Limited is a renowned producer of medical equipment situated in Shanghai, China. Since its inception in 1998, the firm has developed to become a recognised specialist in producing oxygen devices, rehabilitation devices, hospital items, & healthcare items. Yuwell provides modern healthcare solutions for clinics, hospitals, & home usage, with a sustained emphasis on R&D & quality.


Deck Mount- Deck Mount's oxygen concentrators are inexpensive and are intended for patients who have been recommended oxygen treatment by their physicians. Its distinctive oxygen concentrator collection may be used at home and in medical settings. They provide high-quality items with long battery life and excellent performance. Their oxygen concentrator units are all made in India.


Why Choose Moglix to Buy Oxygen Concentrators

Moglix is a major B2B & B2C vendor of high-quality items delivered to your home. Moglix offers a broad selection of everyday things, laboratory gear, hospital instruments, industrial machinery, stationery products, and so on. We offer the finest Oxygen Concentrators from influential brands like Generic, Deck Mount, Oxy 5 Neo, Shenglu, Walnut, and numerous others. So, don't hesitate any longer and choose the product that best suits your needs for a hassle-free purchasing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Oxygen Concentrators

What does an oxygen concentrator do?

An oxygen concentrator is a necessity as it helps maintain low blood oxygen levels. This device pulls oxygen from the air and helps get the same to a person that needs it. In this pandemic era where people are suffering from respiratory failure, an oxygen concentrator comes as an essential.

How long do oxygen concentrators last?

Unlike oxygen cylinders, an oxygen concentrator can never run out of oxygen as long as it gets the power supply. On average, it can work 24*7 continuously for around 5 years straight.