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Tynor 22mm Pod Crutch, L10UFZ
By: Tynor
₹7520% OFF
  • Anti Slip & High Traction on Diverse Surfaces

  • Long Functional Life, Excellent Aesthetics & Antislip Property

Magna Height Adjustable Quadripod Walking Stick
4.5 (19 Reviews)
By: Magna
₹6507% OFF
  • Height Adjustable Walking Stick with four leg

  • Range of Walking Sticks are lightweight yet sturdy and can

Tynor Quadripod Walking Stick, Size: Universal
4.6 (10 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹1,03016% OFF
  • Good handle grip

  • Enhanced stability

Tynor Axillary Crutch Walking Sticks Pair, Size: L
4.5 (8 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹2,34535% OFF
  • Light weight

  • Anatomical interfaces

Moglix Insights

Top 4 price range of Walking Sticks

24% of users prefer Walking Sticks in price range of ₹500-₹600

24% of users prefer Walking Sticks in price range of ₹60-₹70

12% of users prefer Walking Sticks in price range of ₹1000-₹2000

40% of users prefer Walking Sticks in other price range.

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of Walking Sticks

64% of users prefer Walking Sticks of Tynor brand

20% of users prefer Walking Sticks of MCP brand

8% of users prefer Walking Sticks of Magna brand

8% of users prefer Walking Sticks of other brands

Tynor L Type Walking Stick, Size: Universal
5.0 (6 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹59531% OFF
  • Easy height adjustment

  • Made special grade of aluminum

Tynor Elbow Crutch, Size: Universal
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹1,19528% OFF
  • Comfortable

  • Pleasing aesthetics

Shakuntla Black Elbow Support Crom Walking Stick
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Shakuntla
₹90046% OFF
  • Helps those with poor balance and with bi-lateral limb orthosis

  • Left and right use

Tynor 110kg Aluminium Grey Trio Walking Stick, L44OAAA, Size: Universal
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹93525% OFF
  • Anatomical ABS Handle Provide Comfortable Grip & Nice Touch

  • High Load Bearing Capacity & Height Adjustment

69% of users buy Walking Sticks in Black Colour

82% of users buy Walking Sticks in Aluminium Material

Magna Non-slip Folding Walking Stick
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Magna
₹65021% OFF
  • Compact design folding walking stick

  • Lightweight, robust aluminium construction

MCP 29-38 inch Silver Aluminum Walking Stick
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Mcp
₹69940% OFF
  • Adjustable, Strong Grip & with a Push Button

  • Durable Design

Entros 78-96cm Adjustable Height Folding Aluminium Walker with Double H Frame, SC4025
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Entros
₹3,27838% OFF
  • Allows the User to Move Along with the Walker without

  • Height Adjustable with a Reciprocal Feature

Entros Silver Premium 4 Leg Straight Walking Stick with Support, KL946L
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Entros
₹2,00040% OFF
  • Neck Shape: L

  • This Stick is 6 inch Height Adjustable, With a Push

MCP 25-39 inch Silver Aluminum Quadripod Walking Stick/Quad Stick
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Mcp
₹1,09527% OFF
  • Durable Design

  • Simple Push Button & the Walking Sticks is Perfect Aid

Tynor Gold L Type Walking Stick, L08UEZ, Size: Universal
  • Provides Perfect Support While Walking

  • High Load Bearing Capacity

Entros Aluminum Height Adjustable Folding Small Quadripod Walking Stick with LED Light, KL931L
  • The Base of the Stick also has Quadruple Tread Base

  • Stick has an LED Light Installed in the Handle Grip

S&S Height Adjustable Stainless Steel Single Walk Stick
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: S&s
₹60040% OFF
  • Height adjustment feature ensures proper load bearing

  • Made out of special grade of steel to ensure strength

Karma Ryder CH-10PC Grey Adjustable Walking Stick, 156-00025, Size: L (Pack of 2)
4.3 (10 Reviews)
By: Karma
₹2,65136% OFF
  • Both Handgrip & Foot Height Adjustable

  • Comfortable PU Foam Underarm Pad

Entros Premium Black Aluminum L-Shaped Height Adjustable Folding Single Walking Stick, KL920L - BLACK
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Entros
₹99955% OFF
  • Perfect for Patients, Who have Undergone Surgery & Are Facing

  • The Rubber Shoe of the Walking Stick for Patients Makes...

Entros Premium Silver Aluminum L-Shaped Height Adjustable Folding Single Walking Stick, KL920L - SILVER
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Entros
₹99955% OFF
  • Easy Storage & Helps in Transportation While Traveling

  • Lightweight

S&S Height Adjustable Aluminium Powder Coated Single Walk Stick
  • Single Walk stick

  • Give extra stability during walk

Tynor Silver L Type Walking Stick, L08UDZ, Size: Universal
  • Used as Post Operative & Double Molded Handle with Extra

  • Provides Perfect Support While Walking

Entros Premium Imported Stylish Curved Walking Stick with 4 Leg, KL921L
5.0 (4 Reviews)
By: Entros
₹2,0403% OFF
  • Walking Stick with Sling for Better Balance & Hold, Most

  • Light Weight, Aluminium Structure & Height Adjustable Quadripod Walking Stick

Entros 78-96cm Adjustable Height Reciprocating Folding Aluminium Walker, SC4005S
  • Designed As Per Bio-Mechanical Principles of Motions

  • Allows the User to Move Along with the Walker without

Tynor Walking Stick with Soft Top Handle, Size: Universal
5.0 (3 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹7456% OFF
  • Aluminium framework makes it light weight and durable

  • PU coated Anti slip handle grip

Tynor Silver Walking Soft Top Stick with Handle, L07UDZ, Size: Universal
  • Anti Slip & Enhanced Grip Increases Confidence of the User

  • Used as Post Operative & Double Molded Handle with Extra

Tynor Tri Pod Walking Stick, Size: Universal
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹99523% OFF
  • Comfortable

  • Stable and durable

Tynor Steel & Aluminium Alloy Silver Quadripod Walking Stick, L450AAA, Size: Universal
  • Height Adjustment Ensures Proper Load Bearing, Comfort & Correct Posture

  • Strength, Durability & Light Weight

MCP 130kg 29-38 inch Black Aluminum Height Adjustable Walking Stick
  • Anatomical Palm Grip, Custom Fit & Premium Finish

  • Light Weight & 5 Level Height Adjustment

Tynor Black Quadra Stick, L36UCZ, Size: Universal
  • High Stability, Confidence & Load Bearing Capacity & 20% Lighter

  • Aerodynamic Base Design Ensures High Stability, Confidence & Load Bearing

Welltrust 41-51cm Light Weight Aluminum Foldable Walker Walking Stick, WLT-770
  • Rubber Grip, More Curved, Suitable for The Structure of The

  • Shaft is Fitted with a Wrist Strap

Tynor Axillary Crutch Walking sticks Pair, Size: S
  • Adjustable Height

  • Anatomical interfaces

Welltrust 79-87cm Light Weight Aluminum Foldable Walker Walking Stick, WLT-771
  • Soft Grip Handles for Better Comfort, 2.5cm Adjustment in each

  • Provides Extra Support & Stability While Walking

Magna Imported Guide Stick For Blind/Partially Sighted
  • A textured plastic handle for a better grip and a

  • High quality 4 section aluminum construction

Tynor Axillary Crutch Walking Sticks Pair, Size: M
  • Anatomical interfaces

  • Light weight

MCP 76-99cm Quadripod Black Aluminum Adjustable Four Legged Walking Stick
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Mcp
₹99949% OFF
MCP 29-38 inch Brown Aluminum Height Adjustable Walking Stick
  • Made of Light Weight & Sturdy Anodized Aluminum

  • Adjustable, Strong Grip & with a Push Button

Shakuntla Under Arm Axillary Crutch Walking Stick, Size: M
  • with A Push Button, Length Can Be Adjusted Telescopically

  • Moulded Axilla Pad for Better Comfort and Cushioning Effect

Fast Life Adjustable Ultra light Underarm Crutch Axillary Walking Stick, RS-028Q
  • Added Height to Suit Taller Individuals

  • The Molded Pad Used for Better Comfort & Cushioning Effect

Entros Premium 4 Leg Straight Walking Stick, KL945L
  • Elegant Look with a Durable Design

  • Simple Push Button Allows Height Adjustment

Entros Premium Height Adjustable Steel Quadripod Walking Stick, KL932
  • Four Leg Design for Better Stability

  • Rubber Base Gives Good Stability

Buy Walking Sticks at an Affordable Price

The walking stick or cane is a tool used to facilitate walking, offer postural stabilization or help, or aid in keeping excellent posture. Specific designs can either be employed as a fashion ornament or for self-defense. Walking sticks exist in a variety of forms and sizes, while others have become collectibles.


Walking sticks assist in-body stabilization and lessen the chance of falling or sliding. The sticks also help on slopes by maintaining stability, mainly when tired walkers and their muscular power and stability deteriorate. While utilizing a walking stick, raising the stick, positioning it in front of you, and supporting your body's weight using your hands as you walk are required.


Variety of Walking Sticks Out in the Market

TriPod Walking Stick- A Tripod walking stick seems ideal for the aged, physically disabled individuals, or those with difficulty walking or standing. A tripod comes from three sturdy legs that offer stability and balance. The barrel & handle are curved and designed to distribute weight evenly.


4 leg Walking Stick- A four-leg walking stick is a mobility tool that helps with walking and movement. It looks like a conventional cane, but it includes a metal platform on the bottom & four little feet that protrude from it. Those feet include rubber coverings that assist prevent floor sliding.


Crutch Walking Sticks- Crutches give temporary assistance if you have difficulty balancing or need to remove weight from either one or both legs. These can provide more stability and security than the walking stick but significantly less than a walking frame. Crutch walking poles are mobility devices that help to shift weight from the legs to the arms/shoulders. Such walking sticks treat leg injuries such as fractures, paralysis, and muscular damage.


L Type Walking Stick- Walking Cane L Type is a multi-purpose walking aid that can be utilized by senior or feeble individuals or as post-operative therapy assistance. It is used for moving and sustaining the body's balance.


Height Adjustable Folding Walker- The folding walker seems to be a simple standard walker that folds in halves for convenient storage and transit, is lightweight and robust, and has no tires. It is most typically utilized when an older person needs to maintain the weight of the leg or foot, such as following an operation or a fracture.


Factors To Keep in Mind Before Purchasing Walking Sticks

Medical Needs - Using the hand stick is another essential factor to consider; this may be related to your endurance and strength, which may rule out the choices. People with disability or mutilation will have different demands than others who use wheelchairs regarding poor balance and accident risk.


Size - When choosing a hand stick, make sure it fits you well. It can be unpleasant if the hand stick is too tiny. You may fall and slip out if it is too large. The appropriate chair size is determined by age, height, and weight. Custom-made handicap sticks for toddlers and adults are offered in various sizes and shapes. Remember that multiple handicap sticks have varying weight constraints, so double-check such limits when purchasing.


Budget: Verify with your insurer to discover if your required mobility assistance is authorised. Having the proper mobility assistance is critical, yet money might be an impediment. Choose a model that suits your requirements while remaining within your budget.


Material: Not every walking stick is created equal, & the material users may influence how they use it. The wooden walking stick is a more traditional design. They are robust and straightforward to use, and because of their build, they might be a touch heavier - which may be quite beneficial in keeping you steady. However, since wooden walking sticks cannot be changed manually, they are not remarkably adaptable.


Top Brands Selling Walking Sticks in India

Tynor: Tynor Walking Sticks, offered in universal sizes, provide additional support and stability during walks for frail, elderly, or physically challenged. They are built of high-quality materials that provide strength and durability while lightweight. These Tynor Walking Sticks are a stepping aid with a broad base that provides outstanding stability.


Fidelis: Each Fidelis robust Walking Stick is composed entirely of carbon fiber, a material recognised for its exceptionally lightweight. Since these walking sticks are lightweight, your energy may be directed toward going quicker rather than raising a bigger pole. This, along with the shock-absorbing properties of carbon fiber, makes every stroll more pleasurable while reducing damage.


Entros: Entros Walking Sticks are created using high-quality materials and unique techniques to ensure they satisfy the highest requirements in this difficult field. Entros Walking Sticks include a great sweat-resistant handle grip, a robust walker body that can support the body weight of seniors, and variable height for the walker/walking stick's legs. Entros also has Walking Sticks with a tripod at the base to carry more weight.


MagnaEverything Magna Walking sticks may be used to help anybody of any age or disability maintain balance and reduce the danger of falling. Because of its adaptability, Magna's walking sticks are often used to raise you off the ground, hike in rough terrain, or just balance yourself while walking. It may help you walk normally while relieving pressure on a painful, damaged, or weak foot, ankle, hip, or knee.


Why Choose Moglix to Buy Walking Sticks

The walking stick for disabled people assists them in recovering their walking freedom by giving enough assistance. It includes a strong rubber point that aids in maintaining a firm hold on the floor for increased stability and safety. Such walking sticks are often constructed of aluminum and are compact and straightforward to lift, allowing you to walk freely & without restriction. Moglix is an online marketplace that sells a wide variety of industrial equipment. Anything from equipment to personal and health care goods are available at the most incredible prices from the top brands.

Frequently Asked Questions about Walking Sticks

What are collapsible walking sticks?

Foldable walking sticks can be quickly folded to fit in your handbag or in your travel bag as per your convenience. On releasing the stick, folding sections snap out automatically to make a rigid cane.

In what age group we require a walking cane?

When walking independently puts strain on your body or hurts joints, walking cane is beneficial. Normally in senior age, if the body prefers to put weight in one foot or knee or have a weak hip, the support that comes from a walking cane is a relief.

How walking sticks are different from walking cane?

Walking sticks are for use by anybody of any age for support, grip & stability while walking or trekking in rough terrains. In contrast, Walking canes are mobility aids that helps people with weak balance or a hurting joint or knee. Walking Canes are not normally used in everyday situation.

How to balance a walking stick?

While using a walking stick, the body should be kept straight supported by a straight back. It's important to remember to not put entire weight of the body on the walking stick, rather use it for balance and stability only.