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A projector screen is a surface that serves as a support structure and displays projected images or movies for the audience's benefit. We can use the wall or other light-colored plain surfaces to project the image. However, we will be unable to feel the flawless nature of what is projected. As a result of the optical coatings, which reflect light and make sure that the color is brightened and set to the ideal contrast and saturation, projector screens play a vital part in improving image quality. Projector screens are the ideal choices when you want your presentation or the movie you are watching to be clear and provide a wonderful viewing experience. Normally painted surfaces may not equally reflect light. Therefore, the result won't be useful. However, a projector screen is positioned to maximize the audience's perception of the theatrics.


Types of Projection Screens to Choose From


Ceiling Projector Screens: Displays that hang or descend from the ceiling are known as ceiling-hung projection screens. Since the majority of ceiling projector screens are retractable, they can be either electric or manual screens. Due to their more attractive appearance as compared to a standalone tripod, ceiling screens are a fantastic option for both companies and home theatres.


Recessed ceiling Screens: Recessed ceiling screens have housing that is concealed in the ceiling. They are the modern choice for those who value simplicity. A ceiling-recessed projection screen is the best option for boardrooms, lecture halls, and home theatres because it is hidden from view and allows for a temporary show. Usually, there are two choices: one with an enclosure door to close over the display once it's retracted, and the other without. Both choices preserve a uniform appearance in your conference room or home theatre.


Wall Projector Screens: A projection screen that is permanently mounted to a wall is called a wall-mounted screen. Because they serve as the focal point of the theatre room, they are among the most well-liked selections for dedicated home theatre rooms.


Outdoor Projector Screens: A few different models of outdoor cinema screens exist. You have exterior screens that are always there for your patio, garden, or area beneath an awning. Typically retractable in weatherproof housings, these outdoor exhibits are shielded from the elements. This economical model is the ideal movie screen for picnics, cookouts, and camping trips.


Tabletop Projection Screens: Your laptop won't amaze you if you're giving a business presentation while traveling or at a conference. A tabletop display's elegant, professional appearance will help you close the transaction. The projection surfaces on desktop computers are often substantially smaller than those on wall mounts.


Features to Consider Before Buying the Best Projector Screen for Home


Type of Projector: What kind of screen you should choose is undoubtedly influenced by the projector you choose. The projected image size will rely upon the projector's lens size. Also crucial is the resolution. A suggestion about movie screen resolution is to get a device with a higher supported resolution than your video projector.


Lighting in the Room: The type of material your projection surface should be composed of is heavily influenced by lighting. For the finest picture quality, screens are designed to employ both the ambient illumination in the room and the light reflected from the projector. A projector screen that rejects ambient light is probably what you need if your space has a lot of it.


Size of the Room: If your room is bigger, you can arrange the furniture to put people more in the middle of the screen and let the screen reflect more light. You will need a screen that projects less light if your room is smaller and your audience will be dispersed throughout it, watching your projection surface from all sides. This will ensure that all can see the images clearly. The kind of content you choose will significantly affect your audience.


Area of Installation: Where you put your home theatre screen is something you have a lot of alternatives for. Naturally, this depends on how you intend to use your screen. Will you be utilizing it as a projector for business presentations, a backyard movie projector, a home theatre projector, or something else entirely? This will indicate the type of projector screen you should purchase.


Budget: Budgeting is essential for any business since it keeps things operating smoothly. Therefore, you should prepare your budget so that purchasing a home theatre screen and supporting its maintenance does not disrupt it.


Screen Size - The primary thought that we need to put in before buying the projector screen is the screen size. We need to check on the primary factor before deciding the screen’s size is the space available to put up the projector screen. Next, the screen must be a few feet above the floor for a natural viewing angle. The screen size must fall within the projector specification that you own. Otherwise, the resolution tampers. Another thought to be considered is the distance from the screen to the view. It shouldn’t be either too close or too far so that we don’t get to see the picture quality perfectly.


Brands Selling High-Quality Projector Screens for Your Home


Egate Projector Screen: Egate projector screens are high-quality Egate products. They provide a high-quality selection of home theatre screens. They ensure that all of their projector screens match the criteria in this fiercely competitive market by using premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. The information used was chosen after considerable market research from the most reliable and credible sources.


Punnkk Projector Screen: For energy-efficient projector screens, use the world-renowned brand Punnkk. This product consumes less power, which saves electricity and is cost-effective. They are simple to install and provide a long-lasting presentation. Punnkk projector screens are well-known in the industry for their superior quality.


Logic Projector Screen: Logic is well-known for its fast customer service and produces high-quality products. Following extensive market research, the most recognized and authorized vendors are chosen to supply the materials required to manufacture their projector screens for the home. Customers trust Logic projector screens because of their exclusive range.


True Vision Projector Screen - True Vision goods are well-known in the business due to their high quality. They are dedicated to supplying their customers with premium, high-quality home theatre screens. They come in a wide range of fittings, designs, and shapes. True Vision projector screens enable instant, significant energy savings while improving your viewing experience.


Explore the Wide Variety and Affordable White Screens for Projectors with Moglix


At Moglix, we strive to give you the best possible shopping experience. Our built-in filtering techniques enable you to choose and filter information more effectively based on your needs. Both the quality and aesthetic appeal of the white screen for the projector is essential. After performing several quality checks, we never send anything other than the best and most durable home theatre screens. You can pick from a range of the best projector screen brands in India that produce products of the highest caliber. All year long, we offer excellent specials and discounts. Visit our website to receive fantastic savings when buying projector screens for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions about Projector Screen

Is a projector screen better than a wall?

A unique coating on projector screens enhances their reflecting qualities. This unique coating will not be present on a conventional wall. Consequently, a projected image on a wall won't be nearly as bright as it would be on a screen. In most cases, the wall would also have to be entirely white.

Is white or GREY better for projector screen?

Compared to a white screen, the grey screen is superior at absorbing ambient light. By doing this, the screen's black level is preserved. The reason this works is that, if the projector has enough lumen output, as most digital projectors do, whites stay pleasingly white while blacks are kept at a deeper black.

Projector Screen - Price Range

Projector ScreenMin PriceMax Price
Egate Projector Screen₹819₹2559
Punnkk Projector Screen₹1999₹7479
True Vision Projector Screen₹3700₹139129
Logic Projector Screen₹2669₹17523
This data was last updated on 1/28/23.