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Dr. Fixit 20 Litre Pidiproof LW+, 101
4.3 (19 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹2,6007% OFF
  • Increases cohesive strength of the mix

  • It reduces the permeability of water into concrete

Dr. Fixit 15kg Pidifin 2K, 112
4.5 (10 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹2,2402% OFF
  • Excellent resistance to ingress of water

  • Provides a flexible and low permeable coating

Dr. Fixit 10 Litre Pidiproof LW+, 101
4.6 (11 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹2,22834% OFF
  • Waterproofs by filling pores and cutting capillaries

  • Improved dispersion mechanism leading to water reduction

Dr. Fixit Bitufix 20kg Bitumen Emulsion Paint, 196
By: Dr. Fixit
₹2,9408% OFF
  • Cold Applied, Water-Based, Easy to Apply & Adheres to Concrete

  • Non-Flammable, Versatile & Economical

Dr. Fixit 5kg Sureseal All Rounder Waterproof Coating, 610
  • Tintable & Can be Used Over Painted Surfaces

  • Elongation: 45-60 %

Dr. Fixit 12kg Fastflex, 113
4.7 (10 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹2,4757% OFF
  • Composed of high quality cement, properly selected and graded fillers,

  • Can be applied on damp surfaces leading to wide range

Dr. Fixit 20kg Pidicrete URP, 301
4.3 (12 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹6,49019% OFF
  • It prevents cracking by improving flexural strength

  • Reduces viscosity of cement injection grout for better fluidity and

Dr. Fixit 20 Litre Primeseal, 604
4.0 (10 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹5,89521% OFF
  • Meets the requirement of ASTM D 1227 – 87, Type

  • Used as a primer on internal and external surfaces

Dr. Fixit 10kg Pidicrete URP, 301
4.7 (7 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹3,79018% OFF
  • Improves the hardness and prevents dust generation

  • It prevents cracking by improving flexural strength

Dr. Fixit 3kg Pidifin 2K, 112 (Pack of 4)
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹2,1805% OFF
  • A high performance flexible waterproofing membrane that creates a impermeable

  • Acrylic cementitious brush applied waterproof coating for bathrooms, kitchen and

Dr. Fixit 10 Litre Repellin WR, 103
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹4,8004% OFF
  • Clear coating does not stain the treated surface

  • Due to low viscosity penetration is high, which provides the

Dr. Fixit 20 Litre White Base Raincoat, 601
4.4 (7 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹9,62010% OFF
  • Higher film thickness provides resistance to the movements of structures,

  • Unlike ordinary exterior paints, it provides dual benefit of aesthetics

Dr. Fixit 1kg Sureseal All Rounder Waterproof Coating, 610
  • DFT: 180–220 in Two Coats

  • Algae & Fungal Resistance

Dr. Fixit 20kg Super Latex, 302
4.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹7,74017% OFF
  • Easy to use

  • Enhances strength of a repair mortar and provides durability

Dr. Fixit 20kg Powercrete, 304
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹4,1852% OFF
  • A Tough Hard Wearing Breathable Waterproofing System for Residential, Industrial,

  • Application: Concrete Structures Like Sunken Portion, Toilets, Balcony, Basement, Chhajjas,

Dr. Fixit 50kg Pidicrete URP, 301
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹13,0009% OFF
  • Prevents cracking of cement by reducing shrinkage

  • Highly versatile in its use

Dr. Fixit 20 Litre Roofseal, 148
4.5 (10 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹7,76012% OFF
  • High performance, two component acrylic polymer modified cementitious waterproofing coating

  • Develops excellent bond with roof slab

Dr. Fixit 100 Litre Pidiproof LW+, 101
4.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹10,3653% OFF
  • Waterproofs by filling pores and cutting capillaries

  • It reduces the permeability of water into concrete

Dr. Fixit 10 Litre Primeseal, 604
By: Dr. Fixit
₹3,0209% OFF
  • It is a water-based primer composed of acrylic emulsion polymer,...

  • Provides excellent efflorescence resistance due to its chemical Inertness

Dr. Fixit 5 Litre Pidiproof LW+, 101 (Pack of 2)
4.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹1,5402% OFF
  • Waterproofs by filling pores and cutting capillaries

  • Increases durability by improving waterproofing of concrete

Dr. Fixit 20L Roofseal Top Coat Waterproofing Coating, 648
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹7,0058% OFF
  • Good Adhesion: Bonds Strongly to the Substrate

  • Crack Bridging: High Flexibility of Materials Enables it to Bridge

Dr. Fixit 1 Litre Primeseal, 604 (Pack of 6)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹3,14933% OFF
  • Provides excellent efflorescence resistance due to its chemical Inertness

  • Used as a primer on internal and external surfaces

LuminX 20kg White Solar Reflective Coating Paint for Roof
  • Highest SRI Value of 124, Due to this, it Prevents...

  • Have Ability to Reflects Maximum Amount of UV & Infra-Red

Dr. Fixit 20kg Sureseal All Rounder Waterproof Coating, 610
  • No Dilution Required, Ready to Use

  • Algae & Fungal Resistance

Dr. Fixit 50kg Powercrete, 304
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹11,00017% OFF
  • Acrylic polymer for waterproofing and repairs

Dr. Fixit 1kg Crack-X Powder, 202 (Pack of 20)
4.9 (9 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹2,69733% OFF
  • A non-shrink, high strength powder crack filler for surface cracks

Dr. Fixit 1kg Pidicrete URP, 301
4.0 (9 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹4304% OFF
  • Dr. Fixit Pidicrete Urp is Based on Modified Styrene Butadiene...

  • Bonds Strongly to Concrete, Masonry, Stonework, Plasters, Cementitious Surfaces

Dr. Fixit 25kg Krystaline, 107
4.8 (15 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹3,60015% OFF
  • Proprietary waterproofing active chemicals and additives

  • When mixed with water and applied as a brush coat...

Dr. Fixit 10 Litre Pidicrete MPB, 303
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹3,79016% OFF
  • Improve flexural strength of cement and cementitious composition

  • Excellent as a dust proof sealer

LuminX 10kg White Solar Reflective Coating Paint for Roof
4.7 (7 Reviews)
By: Luminx
₹5,20030% OFF
  • Highest Sri Value of 124, Due to This, It Prevents...

  • This Pack of 10 kg Cover around 350-400 Sqft Area

Dr. Fixit 1kg Epoxy Bonding Agent, 211
4.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Dr. Fixit
₹1,06012% OFF
  • It is Used for Bonding of Structural Concrete New to

  • It is a Two Part Solvent Free Bonding Agent Composed

Fevicol Terminator 1kg Wood Preservative (Pack of 6)
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Fevicol
  • Colourless Transparent Liquid - Does not stain the wood

  • ANPEX Insta Kill Formula - Penetrates deep in wood and�

Dr. Fixit 204 1L Rust Remover Liquid
By: Dr. Fixit
₹49229% OFF
  • Penetration & Effect: Effective Rust Removal Even from Areas Difficult

  • Economical: Cost Effective Because of Good Coverage

Fosroc 20L Conplast WL Integral Waterproofing Liquid for Concrete & Mortar
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Fosroc
₹2,2008% OFF
  • Setting Time: No Significant Effect on Setting Time of Concrete

  • Compatibility: Can be Used with All Types of Cements, Including

Trimurti 5kg Waterproof Wall Putty, WP5KG
By: Trimurti
₹20037% OFF
  • Brilliant Whiteness, No Chafing & No Cracking

Dr. Fixit 648 1L Roofseal Top Coat
By: Dr. Fixit
  • High Performance & Develops Excellent Bond with Roof Slab

Dr. Fixit 5kg Pidicrete URP, 301
By: Dr. Fixit
₹2,06012% OFF
  • Improves Erosion Resistance & Prevents Corrosion

  • Reduces Viscosity of Cement Injection Grout for Better Fluidity &

Trimurti 1kg Waterproof Wall Putty, WP1KG
By: Trimurti
₹5048% OFF
  • Brilliant Whiteness, No Chafing & No Cracking

Fevicol Terminator 5kg Wood Preservative (Pack of 2)
  • Eco Friendly made from Herbal extracts

  • ANPEX Insta Kill Formula - Penetrates deep in wood and�

Check Out the Best Surface Protection and Additives for Strong Walls and Ceiling

Surface protection solutions keep moisture, debris, and graffiti off the exposed surface of the concrete. Water is especially harmful since it washes pollutants, salts, and microorganisms into the surface of the concrete. In the long term, these impurities affect the construction material, causing rips and surface roughness.

The additive is a sort of corrosion protection that, when mixed with a liquid or a gas, inhibits the rusting of a substance. The additive-containing gas or liquid is applied to a substance to decrease or remove the damaging effects the material would have otherwise experienced. The additives are added to a substance to either neutralise its corrosive properties or protect it from exposure to a corrosive atmosphere.

Various Types of Surface Protection and Additives

Waterproofing: Waterproofing seems to be the method of creating an item or building that is water-resistant or waterproof so that it can withstand the intrusion of water under certain circumstances. You may acquire roof and terrace waterproofing solutions to protect your home from water damage.

Primers: Primer is frequently used in the painting procedure. It improves paint adhesion and gives the finished paint a smooth and clean appearance. These primers also work well as an undercoat for subsequent top-coat coatings. Primers help to increase the adhesion of paint. Primer guarantees that your paint will last longer and look prettier on the walls.

Wood Coatings: Wood coatings are commonly used to extend the life of furniture and doors. As a result, they are widely used in furniture, railings, closets, and kitchen cupboards. The lacquer wood coats are nitrocellulose oriented, so they dry quickly. They are ideal for usage in indoor wood furniture. It can be applied to achieve a glossy or matte look.

Thinners: Thinners are solvents used to thin oil-based paints and clean them up after they have been used. Treatwood thinners provide long-term adherence and colour preservation. They have an excellent moisture-sealing effect. Various components are intermixed to generate different gloss grades and finishes.

Epoxy Coatings: Epoxy coatings comprise thick protecting materials that are applied to cover electronics, refrigerators, and flooring while also protecting them from wear and damage. Epoxy coatings are ideal for preserving walls against the damage caused by strong sunshine, rain, and temperature fluctuations.

Glass Coatings: Glass coating seems to be a liquid commonly used to protect glass surfaces in automobiles, windows, and gates. Glass coatings contain silicon dioxide atoms that resist dirt and increase luminosity. In layman's terms, glass coatings are a thin layer that safeguards the material from scratches and damage. The SiO2 shows that the covering comprises "pure glass," which is molecularly preserved in a liquid.

Factors to be Considered Before Purchasing Surface Protection and Additives

Function: Lubricants perform a variety of tasks, including regulating the following: Friction (Additives and Surface Protection minimise the creation of heat and the use of energy.), Corrosion (Surface protection and additives of high-grade safeguard walls from corrosive chemicals.), Contamination (Particles or other pollutants are transported to filters & separators through surface protection and additives.), Temperature (Heat can be absorbed and transferred via surface protection and additives.) All of this implies that you must understand the particular obstacles that your application presents and then select your Surface protection and additives accordingly.

Ingredients: Surface protection and additives may not appear to have many chemicals, yet there are several additions to a base additive. These components are carefully selected depending upon how the Surface protection and additives would be utilised.

Utilisation Ease: Not all additives are used in the same manner. Your specific Surface will determine the method of application. A continuous distributor may be the ideal option for walls that require constant maintenance. If you buy Surface protection and additives from a trusted seller, talk to one of their professionals to figure out which method is best for you.

Longevity: Surface protection and additives have a limited lifespan and must be updated when they expire. Failure to do so may lead to a stoppage, metal-on-metal friction, ruined contacts, and other difficulties that cause delay and increased costs. The issue is that it isn't always evident when something is about to happen. Tracking the working temperature of the Surface is a crucial way to measure the lifespan of Surface protection and additives.

Brands Offering Surface Protection and Additives

Dr Fixit: Dr Fixit goods are developed in cutting-edge R&D facilities in India, the Middle East, & Singapore that use advanced production equipment and highly skilled staff. Apart from providing Advanced Waterproofing products to customers, the company also offers expert training and service facilities.

Asian Paints: After its modest origins in 1942, the firm has gone a long way. The firm also sells bath and kitchen goods in the Home Renovation and Decor area. Asian Paints makes a comprehensive range of decorative and commercial paints, as well as wall coverings, sealants, and adhesives.

Berger: Berger Paints Ltd is a company that makes and sells paints, lacquers, enamel paints, and varnishes. External wall coating, internal wall coating, protection coating, wood and metal paints, and building chemicals are among the products offered by the firm. Berger also provides express painting, consulting, auditing, and supervision activities. Berger also provides customised services for each of its paint divisions.

Sika: Sika is a global speciality firm that is a market leader in the research and manufacture of systems and solutions for connecting, sealing, reducing, strengthening, and shielding in the construction and automotive industries.

Remmers: Bernhard Remmers founded the Remmers Group in 1949, and it remains an autonomous family company currently. The manufacturer of chemical building goods, wood paints and varnishes and industrial coatings employs over 1,500 highly skilled professionals, more than 400 problem-solving item systems, and decades of experience in the industry's most essential sectors of knowledge.

Why Choose Moglix for Surface Protection and Additives

Surface protection materials are among the most important to have on hand for usage in building and construction operations. To meet the demands of our clients, we provide a diverse assortment of surface protection and additive solutions for sale. The stainers in this group are particularly fit for use with unthinned paints. They also have a high tinting power. The epoxy coatings featured in this category are suited for use in automotive and industrial sectors. Thinners and enamel paints are also available in this group. Regularly, we at Moglix monitor the changing demands of our clients. As a result, to meet their requirements, we have selected materials from prominent companies like Asian Paints, Sika, and others.

Top Selling Surface Protection & Additives Price List in India