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Knowing More about the Pneumatic Cylinders

The pneumatic cylinders are also called air cylinders. These use the power of compressed gas to produce force in reciprocating linear motion. These are mechanical devices. Most engineers prefer the pneumatic air cylinders as they are quiet and clean compared to any other mechanical device that is used for the same purpose. These don’t have any requirement of large fluid storage space either. These devices operate on gas, and the leakage from these doesn’t drip, which helps to keep the surroundings clean.

Types of Pneumatic Cylinders

The air cylinders vary according to their particular application in the industry. There are three types of air cylinders: Single Acting Cylinders, Double Acting Cylinders, and Telescoping Cylinders. Each of them performs differently in their specific applications.

Functions of Single Acting Pneumatic Cylinders

These single-acting pneumatic cylinders work only on one end of the piston and not both ends. It is found in use with the internal engines. It is used in engines of car that relies on an element which has sprung. It involves a foreign load to push the piston in the other direction and creates motion. These are sometimes found in hydraulic rams and pumps that help in heavy-duty jobs, including lifting heavy materials.

Functions of Double Acting Pneumatic Cylinders

These double-acting pneumatic cylinders function on both ends of the piston and hence the name, double-acting. One element of it is used mainly for outstroke, and the other element is used only for in-stroke. Single-acting pistons are used within internal engines, but double-acting pistons are used in machinery like steam engines or external engines. This is used in such a way as they produce force from both the ends of the piston.

Advantages of the Pneumatic Cylinders

These air cylinders are lightweight, and they are adaptable to various applications in different environments. Their equipment design has greater flexibility and has multiple mounting options to enhance its performance and support the great design it upholds. One can adjust as numerous standard configurations as possible to make it work. There are virtually unlimited options in custom designs. They are also powerful and reliable in their performance. The use of a multi-piston design can produce greater thrust. Multiple load positions can be accommodated with feedback sensors. They are efficient in performance, safe to use, economical, and reliable sources. They are clean technology that is cost-friendly too.

These air cylinders can be used for linear actuation. They can control various applications that include packaging, manufacturing, conveyor systems, food processing, material handling, automated sorting or assembly, bottling and filling, and wire machinery. But the larger pneumatic actuators have rodless designs. All the compact air cylinders make use of the piston rod.

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Proximity Switch for magnetic cylinder₹1921₹7488
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Compact Cylinder₹421₹29322
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