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Air Blowers

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Cheston 500W Red & Black Forward Curved Air Blower, CHB-20

74% OFF



  • By: Cheston
Cheston 500W Green & Black Forward Curved Air Blower, CHB-20

51% OFF



  • By: Cheston
Bosch 620W Blue & Black Air Blower, GBL 620

47% OFF



  • By: Bosch
Cheston 700W Variable Speed Air Blower, CHB-50VS

52% OFF



  • By: Cheston
Bellstone 450W Electric Air & Vacuum Blower

15% OFF



  • By: Bellstone
Eibenstock EB 600 600W Electric Air Blower

22% OFF



  • By: Eibenstock
Cheston Forward Curved 550W Air Blower, CHB-30, 14000rpm

46% OFF



  • By: Cheston
Perfect PFB-40C 600W Air Blower, Speed: 13000 rpm

43% OFF



  • By: Perfect
Meakida 1080W Corded Vacuum Air Blower, MD1080

49% OFF



  • By: Meakida
Prince 350W Air Blower, P350

15% OFF



  • By: Prince
Pro Tools 1212-A 950W 13000rpm Vacuum Blower

21% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Cheston 600W Electric Air Blower with Variable Speed Switch, CHB-35

47% OFF



  • By: Cheston
Outilz 375W High Speed Blower, OB-40

26% OFF



  • By: Outilz
Cumi CB1-500 Blower, 500W

38% OFF



  • By: Cumi
Turner Normal Blower With Speed Regulator, TT-55, 500 W

16% OFF



  • By: Turner
Dewalt 800W DWB800 Variable Speed Blower

47% OFF



  • By: Dewalt
Trumax 500W Electric Air Blower, Mx1040

50% OFF



  • By: Trumax
Turner Normal Blower, TT-50, 500W

15% OFF



  • By: Turner
Trumax Mx1040A Electric Air Blower, 450W

47% OFF



  • By: Trumax
Buildskill 400W Air Blower, BAB1100

21% OFF



  • By: Buildskill
Xtra Power 500W Electric Blower With Variable Speed, XPT440

46% OFF



  • By: Xtra Power
Pro Tool 780W Air Blower, 1264 A

53% OFF



  • By: Pro Tool
Cheston 650W Green & Black Forward Curved Air Blower, CHB-40

58% OFF



  • By: Cheston
KPT Shakti 450W Air Blower, SBLWOV

15% OFF



  • By: KPT Shakti
Carigar 400W 5 Star Electric Blower, 5S EB 01

30% OFF



  • By: Carigar
Prince Blower PV500 Variable Speed Air Blower

15% OFF



  • By: Prince
FERM 400W Electric Blower, EBM1003

61% OFF



  • By: Ferm
Stanley 600W Variable Speed Blower, STPT600

46% OFF



  • By: Stanley
Stanley 16000rpm Air Blower, SPT500, Power: 500W

42% OFF



  • By: Stanley
Hi-Max 13000rpm Electric Blower, IC-037, 500W

43% OFF



  • By: Hi-Max
Taj 250W Motorised Air Blower, Speed: 2800 rpm

21% OFF



  • By: Taj
Pro Tools 2262-A 600W 16000rpm Electric Blower

28% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Eastman 600W Electric Blower EEB-040N

41% OFF



  • By: Eastman
Hi-Max 13000rpm Electric Blower, IC-084, 500W

42% OFF



  • By: Hi-Max
Yking 600W Blue Electric Air Blower, 2610 B

36% OFF



  • By: Yking
Forzer AA-PHC-86 Power Handy Blower, Size: 20-65 mm

17% OFF



  • By: Forzer
Cumi CB1-300 Blower, 325W

51% OFF



  • By: Cumi
Pro Tools 780W Electric Blower with Succussion Pipe, 1264 A

18% OFF



  • By: Pro Tools
Cutflex CF-750 750W Variable Speed Portable Yellow Electric Blower

42% OFF



  • By: Cutflex
Taj 180W Motorised Air Blower, Speed: 2800 rpm

21% OFF



  • By: Taj

Air Blowers- An Essential Tool for Home- Based Applications

An air blower plays a highly effective role in removing dust from computers, gas stoves, different types of electronic gadgets, cars etc. Aware of the importance of an air blower in the day to day lives of people, Moglix has come up with an exciting collection of air blowers. The products which we are offering as a part of the air blower range have been sourced from well-known brands in the market such as Bosch air blower, Stanley, Cumi, Cheston and Eastman. The air blowers we offer online are ideal for use in car maintenance. These devices come with a variable speed dial wheel that ensures a smooth flow of speed adjustment.

Features of an Electric Air Blower

  • These blowers come with blowing as well as extracting functions.
  • The variable control speed feature of the blowers makes them suitable for use in different types of applications.
  • Equipped with an ergonomically designed handle, these tools offer a comfortable grip to the user and help in minimizing fatigue.
  • The carbon brush can be easily changed.
  • The presence of the power cord makes air blowers ideal for use in work that requires a lot of flexibility.

Get the Best Air Blower Machine at the Best Price at Moglix

Air blower machines are highly rated for their efficiency in removing dust from a wide range of home based appliances. To meet up with the changing expectations of buyers, we at Moglix have come up with an exciting collection of air blowers and air blower fans online. To acquire information on the specifications of the best air blowers in India, you can visit our latest collection of tools available as a part of this category.

Moglix, one of the leading e-retailers of all types of power tools & equipment and hand tools meant for industrial & domestic use has come up with a new range of hand air blowers. We are also offering the latest models of high-pressure air blower, mini air blower & industrial blower as a part of this category.

Q: What are the features of electric air blowers offered at Moglix?

Yes, we offer electric air blowers that come with exciting features like high air displacement and lock on switch. They are highly suitable for drying paints, removing debris, garbage, light, fluffy snow and dead leaves from the ground. The models which form a part of this air blower machine collection are suitable for use in maintaining electronic items such as ACs, music systems, and CPUs.

Q: What are the best priced brands for Air Blowers available at

One of the most common air blower types that are used in India, these Cheston air blowers are lightweight and highly compact. The lock to switch handle and the anti-vibration system makes these blowers easy to use. Equipped with an easy start feature and detachable nozzle, they are highly convenient to use.

The ergonomic design of these Aeronox air blowers ensures that the users face minimal fatigue whiling using them. Manufactured using the best quality plastic, these electronic blowers also have a long lifespan.