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If your application demands a cost-effective tool that is précised to cut sheet metal and steel plate of various thicknesses, go for a nibbler. It operates much like a punch and dies, with a blade that moves against a fixed die and removes the small bits of metal. Nibblers may be manual (hand nibblers) or powered. Powered nibblers are often run by compressed air or electricity. Nibblers convert the rotary motion of the drill into a reciprocating motion of the jaw. Therefore, these are the best power tools for metal roofing, decking, and the automotive industry.

Things to Consider while Buying Nibblers

Metal to Cut: First, consider the type of metal you need to cut. Be sure, you look for a nibbler that is able to cut the type of metal you need. Some nibblers tools have interchangeable parts that allow working with multiple types of steel.

Cutting Capacity: The type of metal that needs to be cut affects the cutting capacity. Cutting capacities range from 8 to 18 gauge. This information can be found on the packaging of the product. Remember, lower gauges are thicker, while higher gauges are thinner. Check the capacity of nibblers before buying.

Strokes per Minute: Analyze whether you will be working on thicker or thinner materials, determine how many strokes per minute, you will need. Thicker gauged materials are cut with fewer strokes per minute. Most nibblers range from 1300 to 4000 strokes per minute.

Minimum Cutting Radius: If you cut a tight radius cut, this feature is extremely important. The minimum cutting radius of nibblers ranges from 1-3/4" to 4-3/4". The lower the number, the tighter the cut radius will be.

Best Brands of Nibblers Available at Moglix

Bosch: With the speed of cutting, Bosch electric nibblers are the best pick for every worker who cut sheet metal and a steel plate regularly. These nibblers are easy to operate in difficult to access areas.

Hikoki: Hikoki air nibblers offer an easy cutter change, easy punch and die change, and easily reachable brushes. These power tools extremely fast and offer the best services.

Hitachi: Hitachi nibblers for cutting metals are highly durable, reliable and suitable for professional work. These power tools can work on various types of steels. Makita: Makita tools are high-quality tools. Their nibblers are powerful tools that can make the work easier.

Why Buy Nibblers from Moglix

Nibblers require a minimal amount of cutting force and if you are planning to buy a metal nibbler, log onto Moglix offers the best products from the best of the brands. We have one of the most reliable and durable nibblers online.

Top Selling Nibblers Price List in India

Latest Nibblers ModelsExpected PriceDiscount
Makita Nibbler, JN1601₹2414322% off
Makita JN1601 550W 1.6 kg Nibbler₹2414322% off
Bosch GNA 2,0 Professional Nibbler₹4654939% off
Makita JN3201 660W 3.4 kg Nibbler₹3660422% off
Makita Nibbler, JN3201₹3660422% off
Bosch GNA 3-5 Professional Nibbler₹9399837% off

Nibblers - Price Range

NibblersMin PriceMax Price
Makita Nibblers₹24143₹36604
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