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Ingco 1700W Demolition Breaker, PDB17008
4.3 (10 Reviews)
By: Ingco
₹16,12520% OFF
  • Highly Advanced Sds-Max Chuck System

  • Ball Bearing Construction for a Longer Tool Life

Ingco 1300W Demolition Breaker, PDB13008
By: Ingco
₹14,08839% OFF
  • High-Quality Materials are Used

  • Anti-Vibration System

Turkish 2500W 16kg Heavy Duty Demolition Hammer
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Turkish
₹10,54023% OFF
  • Ergonomic Design, Versatile Tool & Sturdy Build

  • Helps in Minimizing User Fatigue When Used for Long Hours

iBELL 17mm 1150W Red Demolition Hammer with 6 Months Warranty, IBL DH10-78
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹8,25025% OFF
  • Special Features: Impact Rate - 4100/Min

  • Ip20 Class Protection

Ingco 1500W Demolition Hammer, PDB15006
By: Ingco
₹25,53842% OFF
  • Anti-vibration system

  • Auto-stop carbon brushes

Yking 1200W Demolition Hammer with 2 Months Warranty, 3380 B
3.6 (8 Reviews)
By: Yking
₹7,19742% OFF
  • Good Drilling Capacity

  • Heavy Duty Machine

Dongcheng DZG6S 1050W 6.8 kg Demolition Hammer
By: Dongcheng
₹8,54618% OFF
  • Dongcheng Demolition Hammer is Used to Concrete Crushing, Chipping, Digging,

  • High Quality Piston Rubber Ring

Turkish Metro 1600W 3200rpm Blue & Silver Heavy Duty Chipping & Demolition Hammer
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Turkish
₹8,11935% OFF
  • Ergonomic Design Versatile Tool Sturdy Build Comfortable Handling Less Vibration

  • 360 deg Rotating Auxiliary Handle & Convenient Operation

Dongcheng 1500W 10.5kg Electric Demolition Hammer, DZG10
By: Dongcheng
₹19,50016% OFF
  • Powerful Motor Makes Quick & Efficient Operation

  • Stable Output Power Under Heavy Load

Foster FDH-0810 1200W 42mm Demolition Hammer Drill
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Foster
₹8,89950% OFF
  • This Machine is Used Widely in Breaking & Chipping Concrete

  • High Impact Energy

iBELL 30mm 1500W Red Electric Demolition Hammer with 6 Months Warranty, IBL DH45-20
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Ibell
₹14,70012% OFF
  • Dual Handle & Powerful Hammer Breaker

  • Sturdy & Durable

Turkish 1600W 16kg Grey Electric Corded Demolition Hammer with Goggles
4.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Turkish
₹11,20027% OFF
  • Highly Durable & Easy to Work with in Any Environmental

  • Free Safety Goggles

Foster FDH-0835 1350W 48mm Demolition Hammer Machine Set
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Foster
₹9,99946% OFF
  • Vibration Control & Spindle Lock

  • The Machine has a Copper Winding Armature Making it Durable

Makute 35mm 1900W Demolition Hammer, DH35
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Makute
₹10,62033% OFF
  • Industry Heavy Duty Performance

  • Forward & Reverse Switch Function

Stanley 1600W SDS-Max Demolition Hammer, STHM10K-IN
4.7 (15 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹28,59037% OFF
  • Ergonomic line design ensures user comfort during any application

  • Rubber grip handle improve user comfort lowering fatigue during extended

Bosch 2750bpm 1025W Demolition Hammer, GSH 500
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹25,72528% OFF
  • Dust proof construction: Thoroughly dust protected and built to survive

  • Double gear lifetime due to dust protection Cap

Bosch Professional Demolition Hammer, GSH 11 E, 1500W
  • Convenient Adjustment of the Chisel Position Enabling You to Adapt

  • The Specialist Tool for Breakthroughs & Demolition Work

Stanley Hex Chipping Demolition Hammer, STHM5KH-IN
4.4 (14 Reviews)
By: Stanley
₹14,79034% OFF
  • ON/OFF Rocker Switch for Hassle-free Continuous Usage.

  • Rubber Grip Handle Improve User Comfort Lowering Fatigue During Extended

Hitman 1800W 16kg Demolition Hammer, PH65
By: Hitman
₹15,64550% OFF
Gaocheng GC-T450 17mm 1200W Demolition Hammer
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Gaocheng
₹13,07944% OFF
  • High Reliability & Long-Term Stability

  • Efficient Heat Dissipation

Xtra Power 900W Demolition Hammer, XPT436
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Xtra Power
₹8,16831% OFF
  • Easy Handheld Style

  • Configured With a Chisel Bit

Pro Capital Tools ID-810 1300W Demolition Hammer with 3 Months Warranty
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Pro Capital Tools
₹7,50041% OFF
  • Maximum Overload Capacity

  • Portable & Ease of Use

KPT 900W 5kg Demolition Hammer, KPT5DHN
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Kpt
₹12,89538% OFF
  • Anti vibration switch handle

  • Ergonomic compact design

Black Bull 1500W 15kg Demolition Hammer with 2 Chisels, BB1165
4.4 (7 Reviews)
By: Black Bull
₹17,20448% OFF
  • Quality Assured Material & Advanced Techniques

  • Stand in Highly Challenging Field

Hi-Max 17mm 900W Demolition Hammer, IC-054
4.1 (10 Reviews)
By: Hi-max
₹6,14129% OFF
  • Free Safety Goggles

  • Lightweight, Sturdy & Portable

Sceptre SP-PH65A 220V Demolition Hammer Attached Long Cord Heavy Duty Concrete & Pavement 16 Kg Breaker & 65Mm Breakage Hole With Carrying Case
  • �Ergonomic Grip Reduces the Vibration

  • Durable Material: This Unique & Powerful Demolition Hammer is Engineered...

Dongcheng 750W 5kg Electric Demolition Hammer, DZC03-26B
  • High Quality Material

  • Low Vibrations & has a Safety Switch

JPT 1300W 12.5J Demolition Hammer Breaker with Two Chisels Flat & Pointed
  • Max Power Performance, Powerful Design, Safety Clutch, Anti-Vibration Handle &

Makita Demolition Hammer, HM0810TA
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Makita
₹37,00022% OFF
  • Soft rubber grip side handle and anti-vibration spring on rear

  • Easy to grip round shape barrel protected by rubber cover

MPT 16kg 1500W Heavy Duty Demolition, MDB65
By: Mpt
₹30,00056% OFF
  • Long Life of Dust-Proof Bearings

  • Good Quality & Stability, Easy to Carry

JPT 1500W 32mm SDS Plus Rotary Demolition Hammer Drill with Safety Clutch
  • 360 Degree Control, SDS-PLUS Key-less Chuck, Heat Exhaust & Dustproof

JPT 1500W 5kg Demolition Hammer Breaker with Two Chisels Flat & Pointed
  • Robust Electric Concrete Breaker Constructed from Highly Durable Materials to

  • Secure-Fit Latched Blow-Molded Storage Case Designed with Handles to Offer

Gaocheng GC-DMH2200 45mm 2200W Demolition Hammer
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Gaocheng
₹35,30945% OFF
  • The Product is Highly Durable & Easy to Work With,

  • Advance Vibration Technology Demolition Hammer

Camron Gold 1200W 2900rpm Corded Electric Demolition Hammer, I001588
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Camron
₹13,20057% OFF
  • Camron Gold Demolition Hammer is Long Lasting Machine As This...

  • Camron Gold Breaker Machine Has A Voltage of 220V. This...

Progen 1400W Demolition Hammer with 6 Months Warranty, 9516 HG
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Progen
₹13,03532% OFF
  • High Material Removal Rate

  • Lockable Switch for Easy Sustained Operation During Long Periods of

Bosch 1100W Professional Demolition Hammer, GSH 5
4.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Bosch
₹47,15042% OFF
  • Strengthen Impact Housing for Longest Lifetime in the Class

  • Reduced Contact Pressure & Long Hammer Tube for Good &

Xtra Power 1800W 15.8kg Demolition Hammer, XPT-495
By: Xtra Power
₹35,00053% OFF
  • Portable & Practical Model

  • A Streamlined Lean Body Ensures Prolonged Use

Leofast 1180W Red & Black Demolition Hammer, LFT-1210
  • SDS Plus Tool Holder, Variable Speed Switch, Soft Grip 360

Yking 1500W Demolition Hammer with 2 Months Warranty, 4565 B
  • Light Weight

  • For Professional Usage

Buy Demolition Hammer Machines at Lowest Price on Moglix

Demolition hammers are one of the power tools that are used to destruct large structures. These are high-powered tools that can demolish the biggest of structures very easily. These hammers are available in a wide number of sizes and styles and are generally used by construction workers.


At Moglix, we offer a huge assortment of electric jackhammers for breaking down a variety of subjects which include concrete walls, wooden walls, and more. These hammers make all industrial jobs easy and quick. You can find the best quality hammers and accessories like demolition hammer bits, jackhammer drills, and more online at our industrial shopping website.


Different types of Demolition Hammers Available on Moglix

There are different hammers that are used for different jobs. Let’s discuss various hammers in brief here:


Pneumatic Hammers: These hammers are used to break things by using high-pressure air from the air compressor, attached to the hammer.


Hydraulic Hammers: These hammers work on the principle of hydraulic. It applies pressure from a small tank that is the part of the system to break different structures.


Electric Hammers: These hammers have an electric motor that provides energy to the system.


There are a few parameters that you need to consider while selecting the right demolition hammer; these include size, weight, and chisel/bit of the hammer.

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Demolition Hammer Drills


Strong Pressure - One of the most important things to remember when handling a demolition hammer is to retain a firm grasp on it. Hold it securely and press it hard on the surface. Light pressure might cause the hammer to slide and injure you. It is also vital to appropriately position its tip. Check that the piece is at a straight angle and pointed down. This enables the point to chip into the material rather than through it.


Safety - Employing a demolition hammer is a hazardous task. Because these instruments are hefty, they are tough to manoeuvre. If workers are working near these instruments, ensure they have a hard hat, safety glasses, a dust mask, and any other personal protective equipment they need. This formidable instrument is prone to slipping from your grasp. As a result, you must wear safety gloves to retain your grip.


Brand - It is one of the most crucial elements when selecting a demolition hammer. Choose a brand that has a solid reputation in the marketplace and adheres to safety rules while creating tools.


Cost - The cost of the product is the next factor to examine. Make sure that the product's price corresponds to the characteristics it offers.


Model - It is also critical to select a suitable demolition hammer model. It should serve all functions while also being functional. The machine's RPM should be sufficient for proper operation.


Top Brands offering Demolition Breaker Machines Online

Bosch – This brand offers powerful hand tools that are perfect for every industry. The designs by the brand offer durability and comfort.


StanleyOne well-known brand in the sector for high-quality demolition hammers is Stanley. Stanely's hammers are large and quickly destroy strong materials. Thanks to its design, it is feasible to use a single hand for prolonged periods without becoming tired. For demolition hammer machines, Stanley distinguishes out as one of the top brands.


DeWalt – The products by this brand are powerful and durable. The ergonomic design of the hammers ensures comfort and ease while using the device.


Trumax - One of the top producers of demolition hammer machines is Trumax Tools. The firm satisfies and meets the demands of consumers with a comprehensive variety of demolition hammers for the construction, woodworking, and metalworking industries. They offer a comprehensive and very high-quality demolition hammer drill.

Why Buy Demolition Hammers at offers a huge selection of top-brand hammers at great prices. Not only hammers, but you can also find an array of hand tools, power tools, and other industrial supplies at this online store. The option of bulk buying, doorstop delivery, and easy payment options, make Moglix a perfect online destination for all your business and industrial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Demolition Hammers

What is the difference between rotary hammer and demolition hammer?

The major distinction between a demolition hammer and a rotary hammer is that the demolition hammer only provides hammering action. They are intended to chip masonry and break up concrete. A demolition hammer has no drilling mode.

Does a demolition hammer drill?

A demolition hammer cannot drill because the bit does not rotate, allowing the tool to only focus on breaking, chipping, and carving concrete. Demo hammers are powerful, but they are also adaptable enough to work on vertical surfaces and come in a variety of sizes.