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Flange Sealants

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Flanged sealants are best suited for making or dressing gaskets in rigid assemblies. To satisfy the needs of industry based users, Moglix presents a new collection of flanged sealants. They form a flexible, solvent resistant seal that doesn't tear or decay. They can be used on flexible metal assemblies and are best suited for use in rigid iron, steel and aluminium flanges such as engine castings and aluminium gearboxes. They can be easily disassembled and cleaned as well. The sealants that are available as a part of our category are best suited for use in large flanges and high-stress applications.To meet up with the ever growing expectations of industry based users, Moglix has procured flanged sealants from well-known brands like Loctite. The products that we offer as a part of this category are available in different sizes. We also offer thread sealants, joint sealants and gasket sealants as a part of this category. The product prices have been kept within a reasonable range to meet the budget of our customer. Come, back the best deals on flanged sealants from Moglix!

Top Selling Flange Sealants Price List in India

Latest Flange Sealants Models Expected Price Discount
Loctite 574 50ml Acrylic Sealant Rs. 851 15% off
Loctite 577 50ml Acrylic Sealant Rs. 500 15% off
Loctite SI 5910 350g RTV Silicone Sealant Rs. 683 18% off
Loctite 515 50ml Acrylic Sealant, Rs. 667 23% off
Loctite 577 Flange Sealant, Size 250 ml Rs. 2125 22% off
Blackbird JCB 432ZF Seal Kit, 333/y6468 Rs. 1906 15% off
Blackbird JCB 432ZF Seal Kit, 333/y6469 Rs. 1906 15% off
Loctite SI 5366 300 ml Flange Sealant Rs. 1516 15% off
Loctite 574 Flange Sealant, Size 250 ml Rs. 2908 21% off
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