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Agricare Coco Peat 5kg Coco Peat Block
By: Agricare
₹50013% OFF
  • High Water Holding Capacity of Cocopeat Helps in Retaining the

  • Gate Garden Coco Peat Blocks Will Expandable up to 48

Agricare Hydrotons 10L LECA Clay Pebbles
By: Agricare
₹60016% OFF
  • Highly Stable to Both Varying pH & EC

  • Porosity 80% & Hydric Retention 30%

Katyayani 250ml Seaweed Extract Liquid for Plants, Vegetables, Flowers & Fruits
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Katyayani
₹63079% OFF
  • Increase Growth of the Plant

  • Enrichment of Soil & Derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum

Agricare Neem Rich 1kg Carry Bag Neem Enriched Urea Coat
Vanproz V-Hume 500ml Soil Conditioner
By: Vanproz
₹21025% OFF
  • V-Hume is an Excellent Natural & Organic Way to Provide...

Vanproz V-Hume 1L Soil Conditioner
By: Vanproz
₹40025% OFF
  • V-Hume is an Excellent Natural & Organic Way to Provide...

Vanproz V-Hume 250ml Soil Conditioner
By: Vanproz
₹12526% OFF
  • V-Hume is an Excellent Natural & Organic Way to Provide...

Agricare GrowLite 1kg Expended Perlite, Exfoliated Vermiculite, Decomposed Sterilized Cocopeat & Micronutrients
Katyayani 1000ml Seaweed Extract Liquid for Plants
By: Katyayani
₹3,06080% OFF
Katyayani 500ml Seaweed Extract Liquid for Plants
By: Katyayani
₹1,24071% OFF
Agricare Kamdhenu 40kg Vermi Compost Bio Organic Manure
By: Agricare
Available on Request
  • Improves Soil Aeration

  • Microbial Activity in Worm Castings is 10 To 20 Times...

Exfert FRT-13 0.25L Soil Fix Soil pH Balancer for Plant, exfert-001
  • Micronutrient Uptake Better Uptake of N-P-K & Micro-Nutrient Thereby Healthy...

  • Micronutrient Availability Helps to Neutralize Soil pH Level Increased Nitrogen

Agricare Sulpha Cal 30kg Natural Gypsum containing Ca, S, Mg & P
4.4 (14 Reviews)
By: Agricare
Available on Request
  • Can be Used in all the of Soin Conditioning

  • Rich Soil Application Manure

Soil Additives: Nutrition for the Earth

Everyones needs nutrition. The same is the case with plants. But where do our crops get their nutrition from? Yes, they soak it from the soil. The problem here is after an extended period of time, the soil loses its nutritional value, which puts the survival of the plants into question. This is why we add soil additives to the soil for the better growth of the plants.

There are multiple soil additives present in the market, but every plant requires different minerals to grow.

Types of Soil Additives

Also known as Soil Amendments include some prominent minerals and elements. Below are some examples of them.

Garden Soil Additives are used for in-ground use rather than containers or raised beds. Use garden soil additives to increase aeration and moisture retention. These may also include fertilizers.

Sphagnum peat moss absorbs water and then slowly releases it for the plant to use. It increases aeration, lightens clay soil, and adds mass to sandy soil, which helps in preventing nutrition loss.

The compost manure is a farm byproduct. It is eco-friendly and highly nutritious for plants. It increases aeration and moistures retention.

Topsoil or the topmost layer of the earth where plants are grown. It is high in humus which has the highest nutritional value and increases the growth of plants rapidly.

Organic Soil Additives for Soil Nourishment

Organic soil additives are used to improve the physical properties of the soil, such as aeration, moisture retention, drainage permeability, fertility, and soil structure. Better soil properties help the root to penetrate the soil better and absorb the nutrients, water, and minerals more easily and efficiently. Organic Soil amendments contain mostly carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen; hence are mostly derived from plants and animals. Inorganic additives are perlite, vermiculite, etc.

Usage and Benefits of Soil Amendments

The main motive of adding soil amendments is to replenish the lost nutrients from the soil. But why does this situation happen? When the same plants are grown on a piece of land repeatedly, it uses up all the nutrients present in that particular piece of land, resulting in improper growth of the next batch of plants. This is why soil additives are important. They improve all the physical plus nutritional properties of the soil. Organic soil improves physical properties such as fertility, aeration, water retention, drainage, and soil structure. On the other hand, inorganic additives replenish the used-up nutrients from the soil.

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