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50 Kg Weight Machines

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50 KG Weight Machines: For Perfect Precise Measures

A weighing machine is a device used to determine the weight of anything. People use these machines to evaluate the density of components, weigh their body mass, and do other things. There has been a change in technology linked to weighing machines in recent years. Various sorts of devices are now available on the market, each with its own set of advantages, so let's learn more about the various types of 50 kg weight machines and their features.

Top Brands Offering 50 KG Weighing Scale:

Many popular brands are selling 50 kg weight machines; some of these brands and their general features are:


Item weight: The weight of these scales is about 0.18 kg approximately.

Item dimensions: They come in dimensions of 12x3x9.5 cms.

Compact design: They can easily be carried and kept in the pockets of your bag.

Multiple units: You can choose between pounds and kilograms conveniently.

Tare functions: They automatically eliminate the weight of the hooks before the load is applied.

Clear LCD: They are made of Night vision big green LCD backlights to help weigh easily and clearly.


Pointed S-shaped hook: The luggage bags can be weighed easily due to an s-shaped big hook suspended from the LCD component of the machines.

Weight modes: You can easily choose between Lb/kg, etc., and set the scale to your desired unit.

Gauge: These are equipped with high-precision strain gauge sensor systems.

Design: Splash-proof designs make them easier for accurate weighing, even in high humidity areas.


Tare function: They have accurate tare functions that ensure accurate weighing.

Units: The units available are - kg, gr, lb, oz, etc., and they can be changed easily as required.

Design: They are designed ergonomically for easy hold with dimensions of 14x3x5.3cms.

Material type: They are made of stainless steel top and abs plastic bottom materials.

Weight: They weigh approximately about 400 grams.

Multifunction indicators: They have indicators such as auto shutoff, auto-lock display, battery indicators, etc.


Material: They are made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene materials.

Dimension: They come in dimensions of 5.4x24.3x17.9 cms.

Display: They come in reverse LCDs with blue backgrounds and white digits.

Unit conversion: The units available are - kg, gr, lb, oz, etc., and they can be changed easily as required.

Voltage and current: Their working voltage is 2.4 to 3.5 V, and working current is < 10mA.

Uses: They have multipurpose uses and can be used in hotels, bakeries, homes, offices, etc.


Material: They are made of alloy steel.

Weight: They weigh approximately 22 kgs.

Dimensions: They come in dimensions of 50x50x20 cms.

Platform: Their platform size is about 20"x20."

Power source: They do not require any special adapter to plug into a power source and can be directly connected to a standard 220V Ac power supply.

Dual digital display: They have 2 backlit LED display screens for clear visible readings on the front and back.

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