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Weighing Scales

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Metis Iron Platform Weighing Machine, Weighing Capacity: 200 kg

46% OFF



  • By: Metis
Stealodeal 25kg White Digital Weighing Machine with Adapter, TS-500

45% OFF



  • By: Stealodeal
Metis Stainless Steel Counter Weighing Machine, Weighing Capacity: 30 kg

45% OFF



  • By: Metis
Voda 50 Kg Bench Weighing Machine, VSP-50

31% OFF



  • By: Voda
MS 25kg White Digital Weighing Machine with Adapter, TS-500

39% OFF



  • By: Stealodeal
Voda 200 Kg Platform Weighing Machine, VSP-200

30% OFF



  • By: Voda
Aczet CTG 60KH1 Industrial Precision Balance, Capacity: 60 kg

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Voda 20 Kg Price Computing Weighing Machine with Inbuilt Printer, VSJ-30 KG PR

32% OFF



  • By: Voda
Aczet CTG 1 T4L Mild Steel 4 Load Cell Platform Scale, Capacity: 1 Ton

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CTG 300S 300kg Stainless Steel Platform Scale, Repeatability: 20 g

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CY 723C Precision Balance, Capacity: 720 g

15% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CTG 1000 Stainless Steel Platform Scale, Capacity: 1000 kg

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CTG 200K5 Industrial Precision Balance, Capacity: 200 kg

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CY 224F Flameproof Balance, Capacity: 220 g

15% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Delmark 30kg Industrial Weighing Scale, AVEDMK004

44% OFF



  • By: Delmark
Bellstone Digital Table Top Balance Scale, Capacity: 10 kg

17% OFF



  • By: Bellstone
Virgo Portable Hanging Digital Kitchen Weighing Scale, v-06grey

67% OFF



  • By: Virgo
Aczet CTG 5 T4L 5 Ton Mild Steel 4 Load Cell Platform Scale, Pan Size: 1500x1500 mm

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Excell 100kg 400x400mm Platform Electronic Counting Weighing Scale, AH-100

16% OFF



  • By: Excell
Aczet CTG 200F Mild Steel Flame Proof Platform Scale, Capacity: 200 kg

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CY 304A Touch Screen Semi Micro Balance, Capacity: 301 g

32% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Weightrolux 40kg Portable Hanging Luggage Weighing Scale, A-04Blue

79% OFF



  • By: Weightrolux
Aczet CY 1202 Precision Balance, Capacity: 1200 g

15% OFF



  • By: Aczet
TradeAiza SF400 Digital Electronic Kitchen Scale, Weighing Capacity: 7 Kg

50% OFF



  • By: TradeAiza
Aczet CY 4102F Flameproof Balance, Capacity: 4100 g

15% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CY 3101C High Precision Balance, Capacity: 3100 g

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Weightrolux 50 Kg Blue Portable Hanging Digital Luggage Kitchen Weighing Scale, QZ-606

68% OFF



  • By: Weightrolux
Aczet CTG 150N Stainless Steel Counting Platform Scale, Capacity: 150 kg

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CY 10001C High Precision Balance, Capacity: 10000 g

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CW 40K Check Weigher, Capacity: 100 g to 40 kg

28% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CG 30SF Stainless Steel Flame Proof Table Top Scale, Capacity: 30 kg

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Bee Eye BT-20 20kg Electronic Table Top White Weighing Scale without Pole

27% OFF



  • By: Bee Eye
Aczet CG 6N Stainless Steel Counting Scale, Capacity: 6 kg

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Weightrolux Digital Mini Kitchen Weighing Machine, MH-200

74% OFF



  • By: Weightrolux
Stealodeal 50 Kg Smiley Multicolour Weighing Machine

46% OFF



  • By: Stealodeal
Aczet CTG 200RR Stainless Steel Roller Ramp Scale, Capacity: 200 kg

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CY 165C Semi Micro Balance, Capacity: 100 g

26% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Stealodeal 3kg Dark Blue Digital Rectangle Weighing Scale, SF-400D

37% OFF



  • By: Stealodeal
Aczet CTG 3T4L F 3 Ton Flame Proof 4 Load Cell Scale, Pan Size: 1200x1200 mm

21% OFF



  • By: Aczet
Aczet CM 11A Touch Screen Micro Balance, Capacity: 11 g

22% OFF



  • By: Aczet

Buy Weighing Machines Online!

Weighing machines help in the accurate measurement of weight. The traditional use of physical balances is often difficult to handle and can cause inaccuracies in measurement. These devices can offer the exact measurement and are easy to handle.

Types of Weight Machine/Weighting Scale Available Online

Analogues Weight Machine - These are cheaper and do not require any battery.

Digital Weighing Machines - These are more accurate and come with special features like body mass index calculation, memory retention, and an on and off switch. These include platform scales, floor scales, hanging scale, etc. We offer digital weighing scales from leading brands in the market such as, Stealodeal, Weightrolux, Goonj, Virgo etc.

Get the Best Deals on Electronic Weighing Scale Online

Electronic weight machines comes with interesting features such as LCD display, auto on/off features, accurate measurement of luggage etc. Subjected to numerous quality tests, it complies with the latest industrial specifications. These are good weight machine for use in shops, and homes.

The commercial weighing machines are mostly used in industries, factories, while their smaller versions are found in various grocery general stores. In these machines as well, you have both the analog and digital options, and you can choose one which suits your requirements the best.

Moglix offers the best weighing machine price online. All product sourced by us are quality tested before they are dispatched for delivery. We have tied up with eminent logistics services companies to ensure the safe, timely delivery of dispatched products. Online shopping is not just about quality products, but the overall experience. We deal in a wide range of industrial supplies and tools.

Q: Is portable weighing machine good for measurement purpose?

Portable weighing scales can be utilized for weighing luggage. It is widely used in homes, travel as well as outdoor activities. The weighing scales that we offer as a part of our collection are equipped with interesting features such as auto power shutoff, hanging balance and indicator sound when the item weight has been measured.

Q: Does Moglix have kitchen weighing scales?

Kitchen weighing scales are a major tool that is used in kitchens for measuring ingredients with accuracy. They are highly efficient in determining the weight of ingredients such as flour, rice, pepper, sugar etc. At Moglix, we deal in different kitchen weighing scales.

The digital kitchen weighing machines that we offer as part of our collection include models that come with interesting features such as auto-zero resetting/power off, LCD display with backlight, overload indicator, low battery indicator, and large weighing scale. They are comparatively lightweight and user-friendly.