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Omron HBF-375-IN Body Composition Monitor
4.6 (8 Reviews)
By: Omron
₹11,00018% OFF
  • Guest Mode

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)

Omron HBF-214 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Omron
₹4,86034% OFF
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

  • Resting Metabolism

MCP 180kg 6-8mm Round Digital Glass Weighing Machine
4.6 (8 Reviews)
By: Mcp
₹99940% OFF
  • Overload & Low Battery Indication

  • Transparent with Colored Strip & Automatic on off Functionality

MCP Virgo 30kg Glass White Digital Baby Weighing Scale With Tray
  • Quick Readings: Gives a Baby's Weight Reading in a Matter

  • Providing you the Best Range of Baby Weighing Scale with

MCP BR2020 Deluxe Analog Personal Weighing Scale, Capacity: 130 kg
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Mcp
₹2,50066% OFF
  • Scale Shows Both Kgs & lbs

  • Durable & Shows Accurate Results

Virgo V-9816 120kg Iron Black Analog Weighing Scale
  • Zero Adjustable Dial Which Helps you to Get Best Readings

  • It Makes this Weight Machine Almost Unbreakable If you Handle

Eagle EEP1010F 250kg Glass Top Body Weighing Scale
  • No Batteries Required

  • With Auto on Push Button

MCP 180kg Blue LED Digital Weighing Scale
By: Mcp
₹2,00058% OFF
  • Reliable Readings in an Instant & Tempered Strength

  • Built for Precision & Performance

Stealodeal 150kg Digital Round Body Weighing Scale, RW_150
4.2 (82 Reviews)
By: Stealodeal
₹1,99968% OFF
  • High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System

  • High quality glass

Paxmax 130kg Iron Blue Analog Weighing Scale
By: Paxmax
₹1,20033% OFF
  • It Doesn�t Need any Batteries, Just Adjust the Dial to

Voda 180 Kg Personal Weighing Scale with 1 Year Warranty
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Voda
₹98734% OFF
  • Rugged Design

  • Weight hold function(Selectable)

Pristyn Care beatXP Pro Max Ultra 2.0 180kg Black Digital Body Weighing Scale with Tempered Glass & LCD Display
  • Anti-skid Padding & 2 Precision Sensor Unit

Omron 5-180kg Digital Weighing Scale, HN-286-IN
4.5 (15 Reviews)
By: Omron
₹2,31030% OFF
  • Automatic ON/OFF Function

  • Tempered Glass for Safety

Omron HBF-222T White Body Composition Monitor
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Omron
₹5,95031% OFF
  • Four User Memory

  • Helps to Monitor Bodyweight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Skeletal Muscle

Sahyog Wellness 180kg Glass White Personal Digital Weighing Scale with Battery
Omron HN-289-EB Ocean Blue Digital Weighing Scale
4.6 (20 Reviews)
By: Omron
₹2,24033% OFF
  • Sleek Ultra Thin Design

  • Selectable Matrix

Weightrolux 180kg Black Digital Display Body Weighing Scale, EPS-2015
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Weightrolux
₹3,50080% OFF
  • Low Battery Indication

  • High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System

Omron HN-289-EBK Midnight Black Digital Weighing Scale
4.7 (12 Reviews)
By: Omron
₹2,24036% OFF
  • Precision Display & Automatic On & Off

  • Sleek Ultra Thin Design

Easycare 180kg Smart Bluetooth Body Weight Machine, EC3141
  • Large LCD Display is Backlit to Read Easily Even in

  • Low Battery and Overload Indicator for Reliable Functionality

Acu-Check 130kg Stainless Steel & Plastic Blue Analog Weight Machine
  • The Non-Slip Platform is Another feature that Encourages Placing of

  • The Extra-Large Display Serves to Show You The Weight Clearly...

HealthSense 180kg Tempered Glass Digital Body Weight Machine, YS-PS 141
  • Trustworthy Off-Check Technology: The 4 G-Sensors are Precisely Devised with...

  • Reliable Features: Wide Foot Space, Skid-Proof Base, 3 Measuring Units

MCP 100kg Baby & Adult Digital Weighing Scale with Tray
  • Adjustable function that allows you to detach the tray off

  • Quick Readings

Acu-Check 180kg Glass Black Bluetooth Weight Machine
By: Acu-check
₹2,49950% OFF
  • Smart Body Fat Scale Adopts Advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (Bia)

  • The Body Fat Scale Plate is Made of High-Strength 6mm...

Acu-Check 180kg Glass Transparent Digital Bathroom Smart Weight Scale
  • Weight Sensing, Intelligent & Sensitive

  • It Can be Automatically Turned On & Weight Directly When

Pristyn Care 180kg 6mm Tempered Glass Black Automatic Square Electronic Weight Machine
  • Measures in Kgs

Smart Care BYH01 200kg Tempered Glass Ultrasonic Digital BMI & Body Fat Scale, WS25
  • Equipped with High Precision Strain Gauge Sensor System

  • It has Overload Indicator

HealthSense S1 Luxury 180kg LED Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale with Mobile App, 13 Body Composition, LED Display & BIA Technology
  • Full Body Analysis & Integrated Smart App

BeatXP SmartPlus Prime 180kg ABS Teal Weighing Scale with BMI & Body Fat Analyzer, 880024497327
  • High Accuracy & Precision, Multi-User Fitness App, 15 Essential Body

MCP Moonlight BLWH01 180kg 6mm Black Weighing Machine
  • Reliable Readings & Auto Off Function

  • Backlight, Room Temperature Display, Round Edges, Runs on Batteries &

Stealodeal 5-180kg Black CheckBox Glass Digital Weighing Scale, XBCB-180
  • G Sensor

  • Sense on Technoloty

Virgo 5-180kg Black CheckBox Glass Digital Weighing Scale, XBCB-180
  • G Sensor

  • Personal with Digital Display

Acu-Check 25kg White Digital Baby Weighing Scale
By: Acu-check
₹2,99940% OFF
  • Gives a Baby's Weight Reading in a Matter of Seconds,

Smart Care 180kg Glass Digital Body Weighing Machine, WS14
  • Digital Weighing Scale with High Precision Strain Gauge Sensors

  • Overload & Low Battery Indication of Weight Machine

Beurer BF 195 180kg Diagnostic LCD Display Weighing Scale
  • The Modern Frame Make the Scale a True Eye-Catcher

  • Blue Illuminated Display

MCP Achiever BLGR01 180kg Black Electronic LCD Weighing Machine
  • Temperature & Battery Level Display, Large Durable Platform & Blue

  • Reliable Readings & Auto Off Function

HealthSense Ultra Lite PS 126 180kg ABS Personal Body Weighing Scale with Step-On Technology, Ultra Lightweight, Large LCD Display, Backlight & Skid Proof
  • Skid Proof & Sturdy

  • 3 Tier Trolley Provides Spacious Space for you to Store

Acu-Check 30kg Plastic White & Blue Digital Baby Weighing Scale
  • Place the Scale on a Hard, Flat Surface, Do not...

BeatXP Floral 180kg Tempered Glass Digital Bathroom Weighing Scale with LCD Panel & Thick Tempered Glass, GHVMEDWES005
  • Accurate Readings, Easy to Use, Multi-Purpose Application, Multi-Function Indicators, Scratch-Resistant

BeatXP Gravity Elite 180kg Tempered Glass Black Digital Weighing Scale, 880024381329
  • High Accuracy Measurement, Auto-Calibration, Backlit LCD Panel & Thoughtfully Designed

Get Your Hands on Premium Quality Weight Checking Machines

When it comes to health, body weight plays an important role in our health. In various types of diseases, we have to take care or look after our body weight. And it is nothing less than a challenge when it comes to checking your body weight again and again and visit a diagnosis center or a clinic. But what if you have a body weight machine at your home? It will not be a challenge for you anymore to check your body weight regularly and keeping an eye on it.


A weight check machine is a must have in every house. Do you have one? If you don’t have one, then don’t worry. We have a huge collection on Moglix for you to choose from different varieties and models of weight machines, both in digital as well as analog meters. At Moglix, we sell high-end, economical, and easy to use body weight machines from renowned brands such as Omron, MCP, and many other.


Different Types of Weight Machines for Home According to the Usage

Digital Display: This weight machine comes with a digital display that displays the accurate body weight of the human body. Digital display helps in reading the weight readings easily in numeric values.


Analog Display: This body weight machine comes with an analog display that shows the body weight values in numerical form inside the analog display.


Auto On & Auto Off: This body weight machine comes with a feature of auto on and auto off. It helps in saving the battery and enhances the battery life at the same time.


Factors and Points to Keep in Mind While Buying Weight Check Machines

Warranty: Warranty is an essential aspect that everyone should consider before purchasing any type of electric machine. These weight machines that are available on the Moglix platform are offered with warranty.


Load Capacity: Load capacity is also an essential factor one should check before purchasing a weight check machine. As the main function of a body weight machine is to measure the body weight of a person, that is why it is important to consider this factor.


Battery Backup: Battery backup should be considered in the case of body weight machines with digital displays and a battery in the machine. The battery should be capable enough to give a decent playtime for the weight machine.


Material: The material also plays an important role in the manufacturing of the body weight machine. If the material is of good quality, then the durability of the weight machine will increase automatically.


Accuracy: It is one of the most important factors that should be considered before purchasing a body weight machine. Accuracy tells the exact body weight of the person that helps in maintaining the body weight according to the health.


Top Brands to Consider While Purchasing the Body Weight Machine

Stealodeal Weight Machines: The body weight machines from the brand of Stealodeal come with plenty of features such as high precision strain gauge sensor system, thick tempered glass, overload indication, etc. All these features make this brand a well-known and successful brand.


Omron Body Weight Machines: The body weight machines from the Omron brand have 4 sensors accuracy technology and various other features such as sleek design, large LCD display, etc. Omron offers both analog as well as digital displays in their weight machines.


Weightrolux Weight Machines: Weightrolux is a brand that offers various types of body weight machines such as analog, digital, etc. The weight machines from this brand also come with 2 test batteries, weighing scale, etc. in different types of models. Auto on and auto off feature is also an attractive factor to consider in these body weight machines.


MCP Body Weight Machines: MCP has a huge range of body weight machines that are available with a lot of features. These weight machines are made of high-quality material that makes them long lasting as well as durable. Tempered glass is also offered in some models with digital displays. However, some are offered with analog displays as well.


Aliston Weight Machines: Aliston offers different types of body weight machines with a lot of features that are available with different models. Low battery indication is also available in some models. Moreover, some are offered with digital displays and some in analog at the same time. The weight machines are also available with body weight capacity of up to 180 kg. This brand is well known and also a hit in the field of weight machines.


We also offer various other renowned brands under the category of body weight machines, such as Voda, Aliston, and more.


Buy affordable and Durable Weight Machines for your Home from Moglix

Moglix gives you the best of options to choose from. Just figure out what you need and Moglix is the answer and solution to your need and query. Stop searching if you are looking for a perfect weight machine because you are at the right place. Choose from n numbers of varieties, shapes, models, and colors on Moglix. With great discounts on bulk orders, make your purchase a happy shopping and bring home health and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions about Body Weight Machine

How to check the accuracy of a weight machine?

The user can try to measure weight of the same object multiple times. The weight displayed on the weighing scale shouldn't vary much on different readings.

What is calibrating a weight scale means?

Calibration is the process of configuring an weighing scale to provide a result for a sample within an acceptable range. It is the process of eliminating or minimizing factors that cause inaccurate measurements.

Which is the most accurate weight scale - Analog or Digital?

Digital weighing scales are more accurate compared to Analog weighing scales as the least count is smaller in digital scale giving higher accuracy.

Does weight scales also measure body fat?

Yes, Body composition monitors are best in measuring body fat composition. You can also use regular personal weighing scales to keep track of your weight over time.