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Body Weight Machine

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Body Weight Machine Online

A body weighing machine can be deemed as an inseparable component of a doctor’s equipment, since monitoring body weight has emerged out to be a significant factor in several diseases caused due to obesity, like heart disease, diabetes and even life-threatening, cancer. Shedding a few kilos, through the help of a stringent workout regime is essential to minimize the risk of such diseases to a significant extent and this is where the importance of medical weighing machine is realized. Moglix stocks up a range of medical body weighing machines, from the stylish glass finished to the more practical stainless steel ones, you name it, and we have it!

Buy Body Weighing Machines Online on Moglix

A body weighing machine is a practical device, which gets us acquainted with our body weight, so as to facilitate us for any precautionary maneuver, in order to curb obesity and, cut down on our diet. The mechanism of a body weighing machine is pretty simple, just switch on the machine, step on it, preferably without wearing shoes, and there you go, the body weighing machine will document your accurate weight, though, there might be some discrepancies. However, they can be kept at bay by using the machine, manufactured by trusted and, the most sought after brands, such as Virgo, Weightrolux, Venus, Stealodeal, Krups, Samso and, Omron. These brands are well-renowned for their innovative technologies, which imply there will be next to negligible discrepancies while measuring your body weight. What else? You can find these brands online, at Moglix.

Types of Body Weight Machine

In general, there exist two types of Body Weight machines, digital and, analog. Analogue Body Weight Machine is equipped with simple mechanics, just step on the machine, and the needle will point at a number, documenting your weight. These machines, though are simple and, have a trivial scope of breaking down, however, it is observed that after a brief usage, the needle tends to deflect, keeping it from showing the accurate weight of the user. Whereas, on the other hand, digital weighing machines are much advanced and, are equipped with innovative technologies that help them show accurate weight, even after intensive usage. When you will wade through our collection of Body Weight Machine, you will find that we have stocked both of these types, it just depends on what you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Body Weight Machine

How to check the accuracy of a weight machine?

The user can try to measure weight of the same object multiple times. The weight displayed on the weighing scale shouldn't vary much on different readings.

What is calibrating a weight scale means?

Calibration is the process of configuring an weighing scale to provide a result for a sample within an acceptable range. It is the process of eliminating or minimizing factors that cause inaccurate measurements.

Which is the most accurate weight scale - Analog or Digital?

Digital weighing scales are more accurate compared to Analog weighing scales as the least count is smaller in digital scale giving higher accuracy.

Does weight scales also measure body fat?

Yes, Body composition monitors are best in measuring body fat composition. You can also use regular personal weighing scales to keep track of your weight over time.

Body Weight Machine - Price Range

Body Weight MachineMin PriceMax Price
Weightrolux Body Weight Machine₹524₹872
MCP Body Weight Machine₹471₹914
Omron Body Weight Machine₹1270₹9321
Krups Body Weight Machine₹795₹1144
Weighing Capacity - 180 Kg Body Weight Machine₹648₹1609
This data was last updated on 9/20/21.