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Tynor Adjustable R.O.M. Knee Brace for Multiple Orthopedic Problems, Size: Universal
4.6 (9 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹3,41047% OFF
  • Easy Range of Motion with angle adjustment

  • Sturdy & durable

Tynor Right Wrist & Forearm Splint, Size: L
  • Controlled compression

  • Made out of PUF fused Matty fabric

Tynor Cast Shoe, Size: L
By: Tynor
₹68020% OFF
  • Wearing convenience

  • Tapered sole

Salo Orthotics Right Foot Hallux Varus Splint Toe Straightener, 114B, Size: Universal
  • Maintains Medial/Lateral Arch

  • Used after Bunionectomy or Arthroplasty Surgeries & Washable, Odour Free,

Tynor Elastic Knee Support, Size: XXL
By: Tynor
₹75020% OFF
  • Easy application

  • Controlled compression

Tynor Elastic Knee Support, Size: S
By: Tynor
₹75020% OFF
  • Easy application

  • Perfect lateral splinting

Tynor Adjustable Hard Cervical Collar, Size: L
  • Adjustable height

  • Comfortable edge padding

Tynor Adjustable Hard Cervical Collar, Size: M
  • Ethafoam padding improves cushioning, comfort & life of the collar

  • Adjustable height ensures a secure fit and better immobilization

Tynor Elastic Knee Support, Size: M
By: Tynor
₹75020% OFF
  • Keep out of the reach of children

  • Perfect lateral splinting

Tynor Flexible Lumbo Sacral Belt, Size: L
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹96020% OFF
  • Skin matching shades

  • Long life

Salo Orthotics Left Dynamic Hand Splint with Finger Extension, 204, Size: Medium
  • Adjustable Velcro Strap

  • Washable, Odour Free, Tough, Resilient, Lightweight & Skin Friendly

Salo Orthotics Polypropylene White Right Foot CTEV Splint Clubfoot Shoe, 112, Size: 3.5 inch
  • Tough, Resilient, Skin Friendly, Lightweight, Easy to Use, Washable &

Vissco Universal Adult Arm Board, 1108
By: Vissco
₹59023% OFF
  • Used to Support the Arm of the Patient

Salo Orthotics Arch Insole Orthopedic Foot Care Support for Child Flat Feet, 105, Size: 4
  • Provides Constant Cushioning While Walking

  • Smooth, Non-piling & Easy to Clean

Tynor Functional Knee Support, Size: XXL
By: Tynor
₹1,36020% OFF
  • Convenient to apply & Remove

  • Easy application

Salo Orthotics Left Functional Resting Hand Splint, 210, Size: Medium
  • Moderate Flexion Contractures of Wrist & Thumb

  • Adjustable for Ulnar/Radial Deviation

Fast Life Posture Corrector Adjustable Upper Back Clavicle Brace, RS-015Q
  • Prevention of Adolescent Customary Humpback Soft Polyurethane Foam Provides Comfort

  • Fully Adjustable, Comfortable & Easy to Wear

Pristyn Care Cotton Lumber Sacral Spinal Brace Lower Back Support Belt for Back Pain Relief, Size: M
  • Useful in Spinal Problem

  • Provide Complete Support While Driving or Working at Office

Tynor Functional Knee Support, Size: M
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹1,36020% OFF
  • Perfect lateral splinting

  • Convenient to apply & Remove

Adore Fabric Abdomen & Spine Support Posture Corrector, Size: L, AD-110
  • Features Breathable Fabric with Cotton Lining for Comfortable & Easy

  • Can be Worn While Working, Walking & Exercising

Adore Abdomen & Spine Support Hernia Belt, Size: S, AD-109
  • Soft, Dermophilic Material is Gentle on Sensitive Skin & Deters

  • Reducible Inguinal or Scrotal Hernia

Tynor 19 Inch Comfortable Knee Immobilizer, Size: S
4.3 (3 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹1,07020% OFF
  • Anatomically contoured Aluminium splints ensures perfect immobilization & grip

  • PUF fused fabric for better cushioning, enhanced comfort and long

Tynor Patellar Support, Size: Universal
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹26538% OFF
  • Skin-friendly materials

  • Customized compression

Tynor Functional Knee Support, Size: L
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹1,36020% OFF
  • Convenient to apply & Remove

  • Better reloading

Vissco Regular Silicon Finger Ring, 618
  • Prevents Callus Formation

  • Protective Finger Wrap to Prevent Injury of the Fingers During

Vissco XXL New Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer, 813
  • Wrist Strap & Shoulder Cup Strap to Ensure Firm Support

  • Consisting of Chest Band

Tynor Clavicle Brace with Buckle, Size: M
By: Tynor
₹43520% OFF
  • Linear union

  • No loosening with time

Tynor Right Wrist & Forearm Splint, Size: M
  • Customizable splint

  • Controlled compression

Tynor Tropical Pouch Arm Sling, Size: M
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹33520% OFF
  • Convenient application

  • Adjustable and ergonomically designed

Tynor Tennis Elbow Support for Best elbow support, Size: L
  • Custom compression & fit

  • Soft & Comfortable

Tynor Comfeel Knee Cap Pair, Size: L
By: Tynor
₹45520% OFF
  • Soft patella

  • Four way stretch

Tynor 8 Inch Tummy Trimmer/Abdominal Belt, Size: S
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹78520% OFF
  • Special nylon reeves prevent rolling over of belt

  • Durable

Tynor Pouch Baggy Arm Sling, Size: L
By: Tynor
₹37020% OFF
  • With thumb cradle

  • Convenient application

Tynor Medical Compression Stocking Class 2 Thigh High Pair, Size: L
  • Open toe design is easy to wear & reduces wear/tear

  • Durable

Tynor Neoprene Hinged Knee Support, Size: S
By: Tynor
₹1,49520% OFF
  • Four way compression

  • Anti tourniquet effect

Anti Embolism Stockings D.V.T Class 1 Knee High Pair, Size: L
  • Anti slip silicone belt

  • Durable

Tynor Tennis Elbow Support for Best elbow support, Size: S
4.7 (6 Reviews)
By: Tynor
₹24020% OFF
  • Freely breathable

  • Soft & Comfortable

Tynor Large Urbane Wrist Support, E170IAA
By: Tynor
₹35020% OFF
  • It Compresses the Area & Retains the Body Heat

  • Provide Therapeutic Compression, Warmth & Support to the Wrist while

Tynor Compression Mid Thigh Stocking, Size: M
  • Graduated compression

  • Anatomic heel

Speed Up Your Recovery by Using Braces, Splints and Supports

We all are well aware of the fact that for any structure to sustain itself in harsh conditions, it will certainly require a robust support, to hold it up against all odds. On the same note, all our bones in our body are organised in a systematic structure, forming the skeletal system. Now, this skeletal system continues to stand strong because of naturally inbuilt supports. However, in any case of an unfortunate mishap, few of these supports can be, either temporarily, or permanently damaged, paving the way for an external support, for instance, braces, splints and supports, to help prevent the skeletal system from collapsing.

Medical Supports hold a crucial role in the treatment and rehabilitation of sprained wrists, ankles, arm fractures, Carpal tunnel syndrome and even repetitive strain injuries. In addition to providing protection to the joints/muscles from further injury, wearing a splint provides compression and support to the joints, easing out pain and discomfort. All of these together help in quickening of the overall healing process.

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We, at Moglix, are proud to bring to you a range of vital medical accessories, from wrist and neck supports, to back braces and, abdomen support, sourced from trusted brands, such as, Optika, Arsa, Turion, G-King, Cozy and Albio. Quality products and, medical accessories from these top-notch brands will surely help you to heal, a tad bit faster.

Braces, Splints and Supports at Best Prices Online

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