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Back Braces

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Affordable Posture Corrector Belts 

To make the back muscles operate more effectively, posture corrector belts provide pressure to the back muscles. In addition, the belt provides support for the spine and lessens disc strain. Using a posture corrector belt properly can help to reduce back discomfort and stave off further back problems. In addition to supporting the spine in an upright position and relieving back pain, the belts' elastic construction makes them ideal for this purpose. Straps from the belt cross each shoulder as it is worn around the lower back and the stomach.


Usually, it consists of a buckle and an elastic strip. The clip is placed on top of the adjustable strap, which runs around the waist. The wearer then inserts their arms through loops on either side of the buckle to secure them. This belt can be concealed from view by being worn underneath clothing. A posture corrector belt is a back brace that helps the wearer's posture. It is made to be worn around the waist and aids in maintaining the wearer's upright posture.


The spine must rely on the passive musculoskeletal system structures for support when the worn-out muscles cannot maintain stability. Without powers, the spine loses its normal cervical and lumbar lordotic curvature and slumps or becomes more kyphotic. A posture corrector belt will also keep you upright while you wear it, although it may take some time before you see any noticeable changes.


Type of belts: 

Back Braces: To minimize injuries, lessen neck and back strain, and reduce headaches, it's essential to maintain good posture throughout the day. The muscles that support your spine can be trained and strengthened by wearing a posture corrector Back Braces for a few hours each day and integrating posture-specific activities in your workouts.


Back Pain Belt: Support belts with massage functions can help to relieve back discomfort. Posture is improved. People wearing support belts can more easily maintain excellent posture by keeping their backs straighter rather than slouching over and rounding their backs.


Back Support Belt: A back support belt can help you maintain ideal posture, then natural curve of your spine, a straight neck, and the shoulders parallel to your hips. Comfortable and relaxed with your shoulders back. Your midsection inward. Maintain your feet hip-width apart.On both feet, distribute your weight equally.


Back belt: Flexible corsets and belts can assist relieve lower back ache by applying minimal pressure to the torso to help with posture correction and take weight off the spinal column. Add more spinal support to ease pressure from strained or damaged muscles.

Guidelines for Purchasing Posture Corrector Belts

How wide your belt is and how big your shoulders are

Belt size can be determined by just looking at your off-the-rack trouser size. For example, if the waist of your jeans is 36", a 38 belt size will be a good bet. The majority of people will find that this easy method works best for pants worn at a standard height—close to the natural waistline.

→ The brand of assistance equipment that you choose to use.

Brand trust is defined as the confidence of your target market in your company's ability to fulfill its promises. As a company consistently upholds the standards it has established in its mind, customer trust in the brand grows.

Regardless of whether you want an intelligent or a manual belt.

Timing belts often have a shorter lifespan than timing chains. Chains are composed of metal, whereas timing belts are made of rubber, which isn't as durable as metal, which is the straight forward explanation for this. Good posture not only eases stress and discomfort in the neck and back, but it can also change your height. By keeping your back straight, you can stand up to two inches taller.

Benefits of wearing a belt:

The buckle is an essential element that is located at one end of the belt.

→ Our belt is made of stainless steel or another material, which gives it a glossy aspect.

→ This clasp will secure the belt around our waist.

→ While being worn, the belts provide comfort.

→ You have a number of effective options for treating lower back pain. Select the one that best satisfies your needs to obtain a back pain-relieving remedy.

Leading brands sold:


Vissco Back Braces: Vissco knows how an orthopedic injury can take the best out of you, from minor sprains to debilitating disorders. However, it does not need to be that way. Any damage can hinder your ability to recover and reach your full potential with the correct help. This motivated us to create ground-breaking orthopedic solutions that would enable you and your loved ones to recover from pain and function at their best.


Tynor Back Braces: Orthopedic devices were formerly expensive and hard to come by when Tynor Orthotics Pvt. Ltd. was first invented. Creating products that heal the human body, relieve pain, prevent damage, and offer great support was the driving principle behind Tynor's founding. These products would also be technically superior, premium, yet reasonably priced. Tynor is pleased to be India's top brand of orthotics doctors.


Bodycare Back Braces: Worldwide Bodycare International, a renowned brand and manufacturer of infant wear, family thermals, and children's undergarments in India, was established in 1992 by Satish Gupta. An Indian manufacturer called The Body Care operates there. Under Bodycare Cosmetics Manufacturing Company, Mr Raisuddin has operated his cosmetics company since 1987.


P Care Back Braces: The pCare Engagement Platform comprises a collection of programs to facilitate fluid communication between you, patients, and their families throughout the course of care. We build on an open architecture by configuring a scalable solution to fit into your environment and boost staff productivity while enhancing patient outcomes and experience.


Flamingo Back Braces: An Indian pharmaceutical firm with a focus on quality, Flamingo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has more than 20 years of expertise in the international pharmaceutical sector. The company has locations on five continents and more than 50 countries.


Why Choose Moglix to Buy Available Posture Corrector Belts available?

You can purchase a high-quality back brace belt that will relieve your back discomfort if you are experiencing it. Because we at Moglix recognize the significance of these goods, we have assembled a selection of the highest caliber goods from leading manufacturers. Before sending any item to the clients, a thorough quality test is conducted so that you can be confident of its high caliber.

Frequently Asked Questions about Back Braces

Does wearing a back brace help with back pain?

By relieving pressure on the spine and decreasing the strength required in the muscles to sustain the spinal column, a back brace can assist ease muscle tension. Furthermore, the brace's heat may aid in easing tense muscles and reducing pain.

Should you sleep with a back brace on?

If your doctor recommends it, you can wear a back brace all the time. Try wearing your back brace if lying down causes you pain or discomfort. Sleep without your brace if it bothers you to lie down with it on.

Back Braces - Price Range

Back BracesMin PriceMax Price
Tynor Back Braces₹184₹2084
Witzion Back Braces₹223₹369
Turion Back Braces₹177₹619
Flamingo Back Braces₹489₹1439
This data was last updated on 12/7/22.