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Earphones Under 200

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Now you can buy high-quality earphones under 200 online at Moglix. Explore prices, best sellers, specifications, brands, and more for earphones below 200 and get the best deal.

Zebronics ZEB-11HM Black on Ear Headphone
By: Zebronics
Available on Request
  • Customer Care Number: 044 4000 0004/18001211997

Portronics Conch 204 Grey In-Ear Stereo 3.5mm Wired Earphone with In-Built Mic, POR 767
  • Super construction quality

  • In-Line high quality Mic allows you to answer phone calls

Portronics Conch 204 Black In-Ear Stereo 3.5mm Wired Earphone with In-Built Mic, POR 763
  • 3.5 mm Aux port

  • Super construction quality

Detel D6 3.5mm Jack Earphone, Cord Length: 1.2m
By: Detel
Available on Request
  • Built-In Mic With Call Answer/Call End/Mute Button

  • Double Press To Change Track

Infinizy S6 Headset
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • Sound & Stable Connection

  • The Wireless Transmission Range Is Up to 10 Meters

Portronics Conch 204 White In-Ear Stereo 3.5mm Wired Earphone with In-Built Mic, POR 764
  • 1.2m Tangle free flat cable gives nice strength and length

  • Microphone: Yes

Detel D9 3.5mm Jack Black Earphone, Cord Length: 1.2 m
  • Built-In Mic With Call Answer/Call End/Mute Button

  • Double Press To Change Track

Detel D7 3.5mm Jack Red Earphone, Cord Length: 1.2 m
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Detel
Available on Request
  • Double Press To Change Track

  • Built-In Mic With Call Answer/Call End/Mute Button

Portronics Conch 204 Red In-Ear Stereo 3.5mm Wired Earphone with In-Built Mic, POR 765
  • Noise isolation and good fit-security while moving around.

  • Super construction quality

Earphones Under 200 for Affordable Yet Good Audio Experience

Earphones are always there to entertain you, whether you're completing your schoolwork, attending classes, or traveling. With the appropriate earphones, you can listen to your favorite sounds, music, and other media while improving your overall experience. Due to the fast-paced nature of today's world, major brands have recognized the necessity for earphones and the need to keep them affordable. They are also available in many types. Let's take a closer look at this.

Earphones under 200: Styles and Types:

Wireless earphones under 200: They work and connect via Bluetooth through radio waves, and you do not have to worry about cords getting your way.

Waterproof earphones under 200: These are specially made to withstand water without getting destroyed and causing damage to the ears.

Wired earphones under 200: They are connected to the devices through a cord and come with an audio jack that you can plug into your devices. They are further divided into:

  • --> In-ear earphones: They come with silicone and foam tips inserted entirely in the ears and create seals. They are held in place by the shape of the ears.

  • --> Around ear earphones: They don't go directly into the ears, but the speaker is placed on top of them, and they go around the ears.

  • --> Bone conduction earphones: They have speakers at the top of both sides of the skull. They use vibrations to send sound waves directly into your inner ears.

Brands that Offer Best Earphones under 200:

Earphones are one of the most useful goods in the digital and electronic realm of today's world. Some well-known manufacturers sell earphones under 200. The popular brands and their features are as follows:


The Infinity earphones come with advanced 12mm drivers and are the best choices to choose from.

Deep bass: Get ready for the thumping in your ears as these provide deep bass.

Connector types: They are available in wireless as well as wired options.

Noise cancellation: They have the features of active noise cancellations.

Dual EQ: You can press buttons to switch both EQ modes.

IPX5 Sweatproof: Forget sweating over keeping it dry, focus on your intense workouts instead.

Playtime: The wireless Bluetooth earphones come with a 7-hour playtime.

Frequency: The frequency ranges between 20 Hz to 20khz.

Bluetooth: Seamless connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0.

Headbands: The headbands are made of premium silicone material.


These ergonomically designed earphones add extra edges to your style.

Driver: They come with advanced 9mm dynamic drivers with crystal clear sounds.

Hands-free calling: With just a click of a button, you can go completely hands-free.

Tangle-free flat cables: These cables are designed so that you do not have to fight the cables before you lose yourself to good music.

Soft earbuds: They are tailor-made for the most comfort levels.

Weight: They weigh about 11g, approximately.

OS independence: You can plug and use with any device due to the OS independence of the earphones.

Design: They have premium designs and matte and streamlined designs that look elegant and attractive.


These earphones are a snug fit providing utmost comfort levels while also wearing them regularly.

Multi-function buttons: These earphones come with multi-function buttons that can play, pause tracks, and be used to pick up and hang up calls.

Jack: These earphones also come with 3.5 mm jacks that are compatibilist with most phones and tablets.

Weight: They approximately weigh 45 g.

Frequency response and frequency range: The frequency response is 20000hz and the range is 20hz to 25 kHz.

Lightweight: You can loop it, roll it and carry it in your pocket due to its super lightweight designs.

Deep bass: They provide a punch of deep bass.

Strong and long-lasting cables: These cables will outlast daily wear and tear.

Now Buy Earphones Under 200 from Moglix:

Moglix is a popular B2B e-commerce store that supplies the best and affordable electronic devices and their accessories. They offer superior quality and highly genuine earphones under 200 from renowned brands. Easily browse through the assortments and explore more about the prices, specifications, features, details, etc., online. Buy these products at the best prices and deals and get them delivered to your doorsteps across India.