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Zebronics 6000mAh Black Li-ion Powerbank with 2 Ports, ZEB-MC6000
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Zebronics
₹99931% OFF
  • It Has An LED indicator for Power indication & Comes

  • Compact & Portable Design

Twance T21R 1.25m TPE Red Type C to USB Fast Charging & Data Sync Cable
  • Rapidly & Smartly Transfer Music, Photos, & Data

  • Supports Up to a Lot of Power Output for Powering

Portronics Power Brick II 10000mAh 5V Black Type-C Power Bank, POR 1211
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Portronics
₹1,99962% OFF
  • Thunderbolt Charging

  • Supports Android & IOS Charging

Zebronics Zeb-200HM Multimedia Headphone
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Zebronics
₹69945% OFF
  • Adjustable Mic, Adjustable Headband & Soft Cushioned Earcups

Moglix Insights

Top 4 categories of Mobile Accessories

91% of users prefer Headphones

3% of users prefer USB Data Cables

1% of users prefer Earphones

1% of users prefer Power Banks

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of Mobile Accessories

91% of users prefer Mobile Accessories of boAt brand

1% of users prefer Mobile Accessories of Zebronics brand

1% of users prefer Mobile Accessories of Auto Ryde brand

1% of users prefer Mobile Accessories of Bestor brand

Zebronics Zeb-Bro Blue In Ear Wired Earphone with Mic, 3.5mm Audio Jack & 10mm Drivers
  • The Snug-Fit Also Ensures a Passive Noise Cancellation So that

  • The Earphone Comes with a Snug Fit Providing Utmost Comfort...

Bestor 1m 20W Red & White USB-A to USB-C Type C Fast Charging Data Cable
  • Flexible USB Type C Cable, Broad Internal Cabling Made of...

  • 60% Charging Capacity in Around 30 mint with the Original

Portronics Power 10 10W 1000mAh Assorted Power Bank with Digital Display & Wireless Charging, POR 1210
4.2 (21 Reviews)
By: Portronics
₹3,99957% OFF
  • Lightweight & Type C Input

  • 10W Wireless Charging

boAt Rockerz 518 Orange Super Bass Bluetooth Headphone
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Boat
₹3,99045% OFF
  • Don't Just be Loud, be Loud & Clear

  • Extra Comfort Ear Cups, Thumping Bass & Comfort Fit

Quantum Hi-Tech S2 1m Black Micro USB Mobile Charging Cable
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Quantum
₹49991% OFF
  • Micro Sub Charging Cable for Android Phones & Supports Up

  • Allows your Devices Sync & Charge Simultaneously & you Can

Zebronics Black Bluetooth Earphone, ZEB-SYMPHONY
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Zebronics
₹1,19948% OFF
  • Provides Ample Support with A Neckband Design in A Super

  • Lightweight Design & is Smooth in Texture

Portronics Power 45 45W 20000mAh Blue Power Bank, POR 1215
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Portronics
₹6,99961% OFF
  • Wide Compatibility Laptop Charging

  • Dual Input Ports

Auto Ryde SH12 Black Bluetooth Headset with Mic
By: Auto Ryde
₹99958% OFF
  • With Microphone

  • Deep Bass

Auto Ryde B11 Blue in the Ear Bluetooth Headset with Mic
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Auto Ryde
₹99967% OFF
  • Lightweight & Portable

  • Provides A Comfortable & Secure Fit

HP 500 5.0 Bluetooth Headset, 2J875AA
By: Hp
₹3,99957% OFF
  • Ultra-Portable Headset

  • Enjoy A More Immersive Audio Experience & Clearer Calls, Using

Zebronics Zeb-Bro Green In Ear Wired Earphone with Mic, 3.5mm Audio Jack & 10mm Drivers
  • The Snug-Fit Also Ensures a Passive Noise Cancellation So that

  • The Earphone Comes with a Snug Fit Providing Utmost Comfort...

Tecno 10W 2A ABS Mobile Charger Adaptor
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Tecno
₹99953% OFF
  • Provides Up to 10w of Power

  • Compact & Portable

Zebronics Zeb-Buds C2 Red In Ear Type C Wired Earphone with Mic
  • Portable, Water Resistance & Lightweight

  • Metallic Design, Sturdy Built & Comfortable Fit

Flute Lifestyle 1m 6.5A Red & White Type-C to Type-C VOOC Cable
  • Ultra Durability, High Speed Charging, Compact & Lightweight

Voltizi Metal Black Adjustable Rear View Mirror Mobile Holder for Bike
  • Rotate Phone 360 Degree, Flexibility & Convenience of Viewing the

  • ‎Adjustable & Waterproof

Zebronics Zeb Sound Bomb 1 Black & Grey Bluetooth Earbuds with Mic
  • Foldable, Collapsible & Deep Bass

Bestor 1m 65W Red USB-A to USB-C Type C VOC Fast Charging Data Cable
  • the Light & Space-saving USB Type C Cable, It's Perfect...

  • Nylon Braided Fast Charging, this Cable Ensures your Devices Charge

Portronics 6 Ports 8A White UFO Home Charger, POR343
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Portronics
₹1,29962% OFF
  • Reliable and Durable

  • 6 USB ports with 8A output for simultaneously charging smartphones

Auto Ryde White Folding Desktop Mobile Holder
By: Auto Ryde
₹79982% OFF
Saffron Moonlight 66W 6A 1m Silver Fast Charging USB C Type Data Cable, SMN1S
  • It Support Power Management Features, it Can Negotiate Power Requirements

  • Saffron Moonlight Series Data Cable has Built in E-marker Smart...

Tessco 1.5m PD2.0 Black Type-C to Type-C Cable, GU-341
  • High Speed Charger, Heat Resistant & has Stainless Steel Connector...

  • Fast Transmission & Super Compatible

Rapoo Black USB Headset, H120
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Rapoo
₹1,4584% OFF
  • Microphone Noise Reduction & Adjustable Rotation

  • High Quality USB Digital Audio Output

Portronics 10000mAh White Li-Polymer Power Bank, POR 1110
  • Multiple Usb Ports for Charging Multiple Devices Simultaneously.

  • Portable & Easy to Carry, Suitable for On-The-Go Charging

Voltizi Metal Black Rotable Mobile Holder for Bike, VL-7639
  • Strong & Secure Installation

  • Rotate Phone 360 Degree, Flexibility & Convenience of Viewing the

Bingo 15600mAh Li-Polymer Black Power Bank
By: Bingo
₹1,49958% OFF
  • Metal Finish Design with Fine Texture

  • LED Torch Light, Over Charging Protection, Temperature Protection & Short

Bestor 1.5m 60W Black 5-in-1 USB-C Nylon Braided Multi Fast Charging Cable for Phones & Tablets
  • Equipped with All Essential Charging Connectors, Featuring IP, USB-C, Micro...

  • Output Power Upto 20V 3A, Which is Ensured by High-Speed...

Bestor 1.2m 3-in-1 Red Nylon Braided Multi Charging Cable for Android, iOS & Type-C Devices
  • This Multifunctional Charging Cable has 3 Different Charging Ports, Supports...

  • The Output Port Adopts Advanced Electroplating Process, without any Artificial...

Portronics Power Brick II 10000mAh 5V White Type-C Power Bank, POR 1212
  • Dual Input & Output Ports

  • Lightweight

Crossloop Bliss Podz True ABS Black Wireless Earbuds with Mic, CSLGEN421-BK
  • Voice Assistant & Auto Pairing

  • Sweatproof Design & Seamless Touch Control

Bingo l12 5.0 BT Wireless Earphone with Portable Charging Case
4.2 (6 Reviews)
By: Bingo
₹99952% OFF
  • Experience & Imagine Yourself in the World of Music &...

  • Keep Yourself Relax with Full Entertainment & Can Share Your...

Tessco IPX5 Black Wireless Earbuds with 40hr Battery Backup, IBuds-411
  • The Ergonomic Design, the Wireless Headphones Secure Fit Your Ears

  • Waterproof & Sweatproof Design, Lightweight Mini Headphones are the Best...

Belkin 18W USB C Wall Charger Adapter, F7U096zbWHT
  • Fast Charge with Usb Power Delivery

Tessco BH-390 Gold Over The Ear Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Lightweight Design & 360 degree Surround Sound HiFi
  • Music Sharing & Built-in Microphone, Soft & Lightweight Materials for

  • Stereo Sound for Wonderful Listening Experience

Flute Lifestyle Ultrapods Pro Active Black Wireless Earbuds with LED Display, IPX5 Water Resistant & 40 hr Playback Time
By: Flute Lifestyle
₹4,99978% OFF
  • Digital Display & AI ENC Noise Cancellation

pTron Pride Lite 10mm Blue In-Ear Wired HBE Earphones with Mic, Stereo Audio, Noise Cancelling Headset & 1.2m Tangle-Free Cable
  • Immersive Bass Sound, Just Audio, No Noise, HD Mic for

  • Stylish Metal Design, Balanced Hi-Fi Stereo Sound, Ergonomic & Snug-fit

Portronics Freedom 15 5V Black Wireless Charger, POR 1570
  • Non-Slip Silicone Enhanced Body

  • Rapid Charging

Upgrade Your Phone with the Latest Mobile Accessories

With technological and design advancements in mobile phones, it has become important to accessorise them to accentuate the utility and features front. Mobile accessories improve the device's performance and enhance user experience. They also increase the protection and functionality of the phone. You can choose from a variety of accessories for your phone based on your demands. Chargers, tempered glass, power banks, headphones, earbuds, headphone, earbuds, and many more of these high-quality accessories are available at Moglix. Some of these also serve as safety tools in addition to helping to improve functionality. 


Checkout these Mobile Accessories to Ease your Day to Day Process


Power banks:

  • A power bank is a portable device that stores electrical energy and is used to recharge electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the go.

  • Power banks typically come with different capacities (measured in mAh) and can provide multiple charges to a device, making them convenient for travel, outdoor activities, and emergencies when access to a power source is limited.


Chargers and USB Cables:


  • Chargers are devices used to power or recharge other electronic devices, including mobile phones, computers, tablets, and other portable gadgets. To guarantee secure and effective charging, make sure the charger you choose is compatible with your device. 

  • USB cables are used for connecting electronic gadgets to computers or chargers for data transfer and power charging purposes. There are different types of USB cables available, including USB Type-A, USB Type-B, USB Type-C, and micro USB.


Audio Products:


A variety of premium audio products, such as Headphones, Bluetooth devices, earbuds, etc., are sold by top brands at Moglix.

  • Headphones are devices worn over the ears that allow one to listen to music, the radio, news, etc. - basically any kind of audio, without anyone else being able to hear it. Popular headphone brands are available at Moglix, including JBL, boAt, MI, Philips, pTron, etc. 

  • A Bluetooth device establishes a wireless network that connects computers, mobile phones, and other Bluetooth-enabled headsets and phones.  Bluetooth devices come in handy for communicating when traveling. They are becoming more and more common, for example, Bluetooth headphones, baby monitors, etc.

  • Wireless earphones, usually referred to as Bluetooth earbuds, are very common these days. These earphones are excellent for exercising, making calls, and watching videos. For a seamless music experience, buy high-quality earbuds from top brands such as Bingo, JBL, boAt, Realme, One Plus, Sony, Oppo, and more. 




  • A screen guard is a transparent polyurethane or laminated glass used to shield the phone, tablet, or laptop screen from any physical harm such as scratches or cracks. For the purpose of protecting them from harm, these guards are available in the market for both the front screen and the back cameras.

  • Mobile phone covers, and cases are accessories designed to safeguard and personalise smartphones. They are primarily used to protect phones from ordinary damage such as dents, scratches, and cracks. Mobile Cases & Covers can add additional grip and absorb shock, which can help prevent unintentional drops. They can also be used to express preferences and personal style. 

  • Other than these accessories, you can also buy earphones, mobile holders, mobile camera protectors, and more at the best prices from

Take these Factors into Consideration Before Purchasing the Best Mobile Phone Accessories

Compatibility: When purchasing mobile accessories, compatibility is an important consideration. It is possible to fully utilise your smartphone's capabilities by purchasing an accessory that is compatible with its technology. 


Type: Understanding the different kinds of accessories that are available remains another crucial factor. The type of mobile accessory you choose depends on why you're buying the item.


Budget: You can avoid spending too much on a product if you set a budget in advance. For this, you must look for mobile accessories that provide exceptional performance while staying within your budget. 


Material: The material from which the phone accessory is made is an important consideration. The material can be a deciding factor for how long the product and the phone stay in good condition. 


Style: Take into account the accessory's design. Select an item that appeals to your unique tastes and preferences without compromising functionality. 

Brands that You Can Trust for Quality and Compatible Accessories for Your Phone

Boat Phone Accessory:


  • All of boAt phone accessories have controls that are made to be easily accessible to the user and they also feature integrated controls. 
  • They are made from the best materials giving them maximum durability.


Infinizy Phone Accessory: 


  • Infinizy provides the best mobile phone accessories.
  • The products from this brand keeps your device safe and secure. 
  • Their products are trendy and their excellent R&D allows them to provide user-friendly products. 


One Plus Phone Accessory:


  • Their products are tailor made for intuitive taps.
  • One Plus offers unbeatable, and designer phone accessories. 
  • Their products are renowned for being comfortable and durable.


Bose Phone Accessory:


  • Bose has a wide selection of mobile phone accessories, including wireless, noise-canceling headsets, and earphones.
  • Most of their products are designed to be sweat and weather resistant.


Other brands, such as Humser, Amour, HPL, Logic, Hungama HiLife, Realme, Redmi, etc., selling the best accessories for your phone are also available online at Moglix. 


Take Your Mobile Device to the Next Level with These Tech-Savvy Accessories Available at Moglix

To keep your phone in good condition and to effectively utilise the features present in your phone, it is necessary that you buy premium mobile phone accessories. Trusted brands, such as JBL, Portronics, Bose, iBall, Tiitan, Huawei, Philips, etc., are available online that sell them at reasonable prices. Pick from a variety of mobile accessories, like phone covers, power banks and more, from, where you can get some amazing deals on bulk purchases.


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