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Buy Desktop PCs Online from Moglix at Special Discounts

With the rise in technology usage and updates, almost all households have their own personal computers. Moglix offers a desktop PC with and without a keyboard and mouse for both regular use as well as gaming use. They have selected the best gaming laptops with special futures to provide the best gaming experience to their users.

Four types of Desktop Computers

Tower Desktops- This is the traditional type of desktop that is found in most houses. It is tall, big, and bulky. Due to its size, it is better to avoid transporting it however, it is not impossible to move it either. This type of desktop can be replaced and repaired easily.

Compact- Compact desktop is also known as small form factor or Mini PCs. This type of desktop is almost similar to an all-in-one desktop except for they do not have a built-in screen.

All in one desktop- These computers have a big screen but are compact. They are best used as general-purpose computers as they have all the desktop components as well as a monitor.

Gaming PC- They are equipped with inbuilt cooling systems and high-tech audio and video technology to provide the user with the best gaming experience. Gaming PCs are usually designed with great graphics cards, fast processors, and RAM.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Desktop Computer

Processor- This is the central processing unit of your PC. A good core processor is needed for high-quality, speedy performance with minimum battery drainage. Processors are difficult to upgrade. So, it is important to choose a desktop with the latest processor.

RAM- Avoid buying a PC with RAM less than 16GB. The higher the memory of the computer, the smoother the performance will be.

Operating System- Two types of operating systems are most commonly used. They are Windows and Mac OS. Mac is used in Apple devices while windows or other OS like Linux are used in computers produced by other brands. Mac OS is less prone to viruses but is more expensive than Windows OS.

Storage- Things downloaded are stored on the hard disk. Sometimes the system crashes when the stored data is more than the storage space. This can also result in the loss of previously downloaded data. So it is important to choose a PC with enough storage to meet your demand.

Moglix, the Best Online Platform to Buy Computers

As a leading online marketplace, we promise to deliver high-quality computers at an attractive price with a special discount. Moglix offers Desktop PCs, gaming PCs, desktop computers, and all-in-one desktops from popular brands like Apple, Retsol, HP, and Zotac. Buy computers now and enjoy amazing deals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Desktops

Are desktop computers going to vanish in the near future?

Yes, the use of desktop computers has decreased, with people preferring laptops and other alternatives, but desktop computers are not going away anytime soon. Because some functions, such as a powerful processing unit, are only available on desktops, they are also competitively inexpensive.

How long can the desktop computer remain in use?

Most desktop PCs have a three-year minimum life expectancy. However, depending on the upgrading components, most computers last five to eight years. Dust is a major concern for PC components, thus regular maintenance is essential.

Desktops - Price Range

DesktopsMin PriceMax Price
HP Desktops₹26998₹126619
Apple Desktops₹84800₹209999
This data was last updated on 9/24/22.