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Voltizi Metal Black Adjustable Rear View Mirror Mobile Holder for Bike
  • ‎Adjustable & Waterproof

  • Rotate Phone 360 Degree, Flexibility & Convenience of Viewing the

Auto Ryde White Folding Desktop Mobile Holder
By: Auto Ryde
₹79982% OFF
Voltizi Metal Black Rotable Mobile Holder for Bike, VL-7639
  • Strong & Secure Installation

  • Mirror Mount Mobile Holder & Reinforcement Design

Portronics Clamp M Black Car Mobile Holder, POR-116
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Portronics
₹79968% OFF
  • Simply Press the Innovative One-Click Release Button Given at the

  • Lightweight, Temperature Resistant & Strong ABS Body, to Use Simply...

Moglix Insights

Top 4 price range of Mobile Holders

33% of users prefer Mobile Holders in price range of ₹400-₹500

25% of users prefer Mobile Holders in price range of ₹100-₹200

25% of users prefer Mobile Holders in price range of ₹70-₹80

17% of users prefer Mobile Holders in other price range.

Moglix Insights

Top 3 brands of Mobile Holders

58% of users prefer Mobile Holders of Auto Ryde brand

41% of users prefer Mobile Holders of Portronics brand

1% of users prefer Mobile Holders of other brands

Portronics Clamp X Black Car-Vent Mobile Holder, POR-926
  • Simply Press the Button on the Back to Open the

  • Universal Mobile Holder with Cradle to Hold Any Smartphone Upto

AT&T Universal Black Vent Phone Magnetic Holder for Car, EH50
  • Strong Magnet

  • 360 Deg Rotation

Portronics Clamp X Black Car-Vent Mobile Holder, POR-926 (Pack of 5)
  • Universal Mobile Holder with Cradle to Hold Any Smartphone Upto

  • Now can Drive Safely while Viewing Directions on the Google

Portronics Modesk Black Universal Mobile Phone Stand, POR 122
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Portronics
₹69984% OFF
  • Light Weight, Angular Design, Anti Skid Silicon Pads & Rust

57% of users buy Mobile Holders in Screw Fitting Mounting Type

Amour Plastic Pink Phone Holder with TV Shaped Tissue Box
  • Creative TV-Shaped Design, Cute, Vintage, Super Craft Make the Surface...

  • Detachable Base, Easy & Smooth

Portronics Modesk 101 White Wall Hanging Mobile Holder, POR 1152
  • Sturdy Design, Environment Friendly, Heat Resistant, Easy Wall Mount, Multi

Auto Ryde Black Magnetic Mobile Holder
By: Auto Ryde
₹59977% OFF
  • Built-in 6 Super-Strong Magnets Hold the all Smartphones & Mini

Portronics MODESK POR-122 Black Universal Mobile Holder (Pack of 2)
  • The Antiskid Silicon Pads On the Body Prevents Accidental Slips

  • It Has Angular Design Which Gives Perfect Viewing Angle of...

Portronics Modesk Black Universal Mobile Phone Stand, POR 122 (Pack of 2)
  • Light Weight, Angular Design, Anti Skid Silicon Pads & Rust

Portronics Modesk Plus Black Universal Mobile Phone Stand, POR 1196
  • Durable, Lightweight, Anti Skid Silicon Pads & Angular Design which

Portronics Modesk 200 White Universal Mobile Phone Stand, POR 1203
  • Multi Task Like a Pro, Adjustable, Portable, Solid, Protective &

Auto Ryde Black Car Mobile Holder
By: Auto Ryde
₹99985% OFF
  • Easy to Carry

Portronics Modesk 4 Aluminium Black Mobile Holder, POR 1271 (Pack of 10)
Auto Ryde Black Mobile Holder for Bike
By: Auto Ryde
₹89954% OFF
Portronics Charge Clamp 2 Black Mobile Holder with 15W Wireless Charging, POR 1767
  • Led Display Light: Get Power Indication with the Led Display...

  • Stability & Durability in One Place: the Sturdy Abs+Pc Manufacturing...

Portronics Mobike III Black Universal Bike Mobile Holder with Non Slip Silicone Pads, POR 1988
  • Easy Installation: Effortlessly Attach & Detach This Bike Phone Holder...

  • Fits Smartphones From 5.2 to 6.7 Inches: This Adjustable Mobile...

Portronics Clamp 2 Black Car AC Vent Mobile Holder, POR 1759
  • Abs Body: The Car Mobile Stand is Made With Abs...

  • Compatible: This Car Mobile Holder Can Easily Accommodate Smartphones With...

Portronics Clamp M2 ABS Black Mobile Phone Holder with One Push Release, POR 1609
  • Abs Body: It Makes for a Premium Cradle for Your...

  • One Push Release: Detaching Your Mobile is Made Simple with...

Portronics Clamp M3 Plastic & Silicon Black Mobile Phone Holder with One Push Release, POR 1987
  • Customized Viewing: Rotate Your Phone 360 Degrees, Pivot 180 Degrees,...

  • One Push Release: Install & Release Your Phone in Seconds...

Portronics Mobot III Yellow ABS & Aluminium 360 Degree Rotational Universal Mobile Holder, POR 2047
  • Adjustable Height & Angle: No More Neck or Back Pain...

  • This Mobile Holder Offers a 360 Deg Rotating Base for...

Portronics Mogun 2 Black Magnetic Universal Mobile Holder, POR 2095
  • Versatile 360-Degree Rotation: Enjoy Multi-Angle Support With Its 360-Degree Rotation...

  • Perfect for Navigation: The Secure Magnetic Grip On Your Phone...

Portronics Mobot II Black Multifunctional Desktop Mobile Stand, POR 1790
  • Designed for Convenience: a Fully Foldable Mobile Holder That Makes...

  • Stand With Multiple Angles: Watch, Look Out for Notifications or...

Portronics Docker Rose Gold Universal Mobile Phone Stand, POR 741 (Pack of 5)
  • Rough edges and avoids even minor scratches.

  • Latest surface blasting technology used to make it

Infinizy Elephant Stand
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • Multi Function Clip, Allows You to Use The Clip As

Infinizy Goa Stand
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • [Lightweight & Foldable] As It Can Be Folded Completely Flat,...

Nillkin Metal Flexible & Adjustment Mobile Phone Holder
By: Nillkin
Available on Request
  • Compatible with Different Size of Mobile Phones, Allows Horizontal &

  • Collapsible, Mini & Thus Easy to Fold & Carry

Infinizy Display Stand
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • Plastic Holder Plastic Fixed Holder Candy Color Mini Portable Business

Portronics Red Clamp Car Mobile Holder, POR 722 (Pack of 10)
  • Spring Loaded Arm

  • Tight Grip

Portronics Magno Rose Gold Magnetic Universal Car Mobile Holder, POR 731 (Pack of 5)
  • This metallic coin gets attracted to the magnetic face of...

  • Magno comes with a coin-shaped thin metallic strip which can...

Infinizy Apple Stand
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • Support Your Device In Both Portait & Landascape Modeangle Adjustable

Portronics Mobike II Black Universal Bike Mobile Holder, POR 1304
  • Stability, Zero Shaking & Steady Locking with 100% Durability

Infinizy Holder Tab Stand
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • Unique Excavator Arm Design

Portronics Pivot 2 Yellow Rubber Mat Mobile Holder For 3-6.5 Inch Devices, POR 816
  • High Quality silicon rubber mats

  • Complete 360 Degree Rotation

Portronics Yellow Clamp Car Mobile Holder, POR 724
By: Portronics
Available on Request
  • Tight Grip

  • 360 Degree Rotation

Infinizy Clip Stand
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • Sturdy Construction Provides More Stability

Infinizy Hang Hole Stand
By: Infinizy
Available on Request
  • Fold-Able & Can Solve You The Problem Of The Shortness

Mobile Stands & Phone Holders- Sturdy Support for Device Convenience 

A quality mobile stand or phone holder provides convenient hands-free viewing and secure support for your device. Mobile stands let you prop up your phone or tablet on a desk or mount it in your car or on a bike, enabling safe, fumble-free use while multitasking. Well-designed models feature adjustable angles, expandable goosenecks, folding, and portability.

With many clever options available for different settings, key factors when selecting a phone stand or holder include sturdy support, flexibility through adjustable viewing angles and goosenecks, compact folding for transport, and versatility to mount in vehicles or on bikes. The right mobile stand creates a sturdy home for your device so you can conveniently go hands-free during daily activities or travel without precarious fumbling.


Common Mobile Stand Types and Usage Scenarios

Mobile Stands for Table

  • Low-profile wireframe stands angled to prop up devices 
  • Foldable tablet stands with multiple adjustable viewing angles
  • Desktop phone cradles with padded holders to prevent device scratches
  • Height-adjustable support towers for personalized viewing levels
  • Rotating phone stands to switch seamlessly between landscape and portrait orientations

Mobile Phone Tripod Stand (Foldable)

  • Ultra compact tripods collapse down to pocket size for portability
  • Versatile bendable legs enabling secure attachment to various objects 
  • Mobile phone tripod stand have Wireless Bluetooth controllers for remote camera shutter and media playback control
  • Integrated phone clips to accommodate various device sizes
  • Lightweight aluminium build for durability without added bulk


Mobile Holder for Car 

  • Suction cup mounts that firmly attach devices on dashboards  
  • Flexible gooseneck arms to position phones at eye level for easy glance views
  • Magnetic mounts for quickly attaching and detaching devices 
  • Spring-loaded clip mounts provide custom-fit grip around devices
  • Gravity phone mounts utilise vehicle airflow to hold devices in place  


Mobile Phone Holder for Bike

  • Mobile phone holder for bike mounts position devices closer to the sight  
  • Swivel mounts make it easy to toggle between landscape and portrait device views
  • Handlebar clamps delivering attachment stability on bicycles
  • Weatherproof enclosures to protect devices from dust and moisture  
  • One-touch locks allow swift attachment and removal of devices  


Wall Mount Brackets

  • Articulating swing-arm brackets extending for wide range views 
  • Low-profile wall cradles to dock devices when not in use   
  • Security enclosure wall mounts with locking mechanisms
  • Wall-mounted stands with storage space for holding portable chargers, earphones  
  • Decorative edge-clamping wall mounts blending device function and interior design


Gooseneck Table Clamps 

  • Sturdy weighted bases to hold heavy tablets without toppling
  • Long flexible poles enabling optimal device positioning 
  • Table edge clamps tailored to various tabletop thicknesses
  • Dockable tablet mounts with quick-release lock buttons  
  • Height extenders to enable standing use of tablet holders


Considerations for Picking the Best Phone Holders and Stands

With such wide-ranging options, take these key factors into account when selecting mobile stands and phone holders optimized for your needs:

  • Compatibility: Consider phone/tablet dimensions and layout to pick a holder or stand that delivers a custom fit for your device model(s).
  • Mounting Mechanism: Holders designed for specific locations like dashboards, handlebars, or table edges have mounting hardware suitable for those substrates.
  • Adjustability: Look for mobile stands and phone holders enabling you to tilt, swivel and position supported devices across various viewing angles.
  • Stability: Steady bases and sturdy mounting arms provide vibration resistance and prevent device shaking/toppling for reliable stability.
  • Portability: Compact, lightweight designs featuring foldable/collapsible elements enhance portability for carrying phone stand holders in bags and using them on the go.
  • Extra Features: Additional useful features include cable management, charging ports, storage space, Bluetooth remotes for shutter control, screw mount for add-ons like lights/mics.
  • Durability: Robust builds using quality engineering-grade materials like metals and durable plastics withstand long-term wear from regular handling and movements.
  • Affordability: Withstands available across price ranges, identify affordable options matching essential needs rather than paying for unneeded bells and whistles.

Trusted Mobile Accessory Brands Making Sturdy Stands & Holders 


  • Pioneering portable digital product manufacturer renowned for its smart selection of mobile stands and holders.
  • Signature Style Stick smartphone stand collection features quirky character designs. Provides angled hands-free support.
  • Produces the adjustable My Buddy tablet holders with flexible arms, plus My Buddy Fusion gooseneck laptop mounts with device clamps. 
  • Large Portronics portfolio has accessories suiting contemporary mobile lifestyles. Known for portable, convenient designs offered at affordable prices.  

Auto Ryde

  • Specializes in durable, high-quality mounts for securely docking mobile devices in motorcycles and cars. 
  • Sleek metallic phone holder models like Dash 8, Dash X1 and Bike 9 cater to different vehicle dashboard and handlebar installation. 
  • Angle-adjustable mounting arms with non-slip grips or spring-loaded clamps keep smartphones firmly in place while driving/riding.
  • Leading brand for onboard phone mounts meeting demands of Indian conditions. Top safety and stability for hassle-free vehicular phone use.


  • Infinizy’s industrial design-focused ethos emerges in ergonomic products blending both form and function. 
  • Flagship mobile accessory lineup includes the height-adjustable Infinidesk table stand and flexible Infinigoose desk mount with sturdy weighted base.
  • Multi-purpose phone and tablet stands allow quick transitions from desktop use to wall mounting for versatile productivity. 
  • Combining quality craftsmanship with clever convenience, Infinizy delivers a modern mobile experience.


Why Choose Moglix To Buy Mobile Stands & Phone Stand Holders

Whether looking for a mobile holder for cars or a mobile stand for tabletops, Moglix is the one-way solution. You can find chic and functional mobile holders, mounts and holders to keep your smartphone or tablet secure with optimal viewing angles for any situation. Carefully engineered for stability, adjustability and seamless device compatibility, the high-grade phone holder collection on Moglix enables fuss-free hands-free usage scenarios lending convenience to your daily activities. With Moglix's vast range, discover stands and mounts suiting your mobility needs.