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Network Devices

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Network Devices: Essential Requisites

When you sit down to get something done on your computer, you may not realize it but you're relying on more than your Internet browser to get information, go shopping or send emails. In addition, you are depending on having an IP address that identifies your PC, as well as a consistent network that you're associated to—and that can even connect with anyone else. And that's what makes the "connectivity" possible.

Computer Networks are undoubtedly more than just a computer & wiring! There needs to be a specific set of devices, and specialized hardware for them, which will perform their unique roles efficiently. Network devices perform three main functions, which are mentioned below:

  • Controlling traffic: Major networks need a way to filter and isolate data traffic.

  • Connectivity: These devices can connect different types of networks using different types of network protocols.

  • Hierarchical addressing: Segmenting the network with connectivity devices provides an actual (physical) example of delivering actual data to the right destination through the IP address's network ID and host ID.

Some of the Important Network Devices


Before we embark on discussing about the application, and advantages of a computer switch; we’ll first decode as to what actually a switch is all about.

A network switch in the know-how of the addresses that are linked with each of its ports and forwards each incoming data frame to the correct port. A switch, in a nutshell, is an advanced iteration of a hub. On a switch, each computer is connected through a single line. However, the switch is much advanced about where it directs data that enters in through its ports.


Routers are undeniably a crucial part of any major TCP/IP network. In fact, sans the expansion of network routers and TCP/IP routing protocols, the Internet, which is also the biggest network of the world, would not have become as widespread. Routers play a significant role in monitoring traffic and maintaining the efficiency of the network.

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Network Devices - Price Range

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Network Switch₹629₹386400
LAN Cards₹170₹14057
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Antenna & Adapters₹69₹50299
Hanutech Network Devices₹999₹26599
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