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Access Point Routers

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Access Point Routers for Better Wi-Fi Services

Access point routers are wireless network devices that are utilized to connect devices to the local area network. These wireless access points can be installed to provide greater coverage of the local network.

Routers are network devices that connect numerous devices to form a local network and it provides internet facilities to those connected devices. The wired access point uses wires and cables, whereas the wireless access points are simpler to install. One can easily set up these access points to create wireless connectivity in the building.

Functions of a Wi-Fi Router Access Point

The Wi-Fi router access point provides an internet facility to wireless devices. They help in accessing high-speed data and also protect from cyber hazards. The wired router is connected to a modem by a cable. The information is thus transmitted to the router and then the internet is forwarded to the connected devices. Whereas the wireless router is devoid of any cables and so, the Wi-Fi is directly provided to the devices.

The modern routers have a higher bandwidth that ensures a strong connection. Due to this, multiple devices can be used simultaneously. Equipped with a strong firewall, these Wi-Fi routers curb cyber-related thefts and issues. Router access point mode transforms your router as a pathway for your devices to access the internet. Place the Wi-Fi router in the desirable area, plug it into a power socket, connect the internet source, and you are good to go.

Advantages of Wireless Access Point for Homes and Offices

The wireless access point for homes is best when you have many members in the house. Multiple devices can be connected to the router to create a wireless local area network or WALN. It is an extension of the router, which provides greater coverage throughout the house.

Once the access points are installed in offices, the workers can utilize an uninterrupted Wi-Fi facility wherever they move within the premises. Strong security and authentication features are provided in the access points. With wall and ceiling mounting brackets provided, they can be installed anywhere in the building. Wireless access points enable one to enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi and comprehensive coverage all day long without any network fluctuations.

Major Differences between Routers and Access Points

The router is the device that generates the local area network for which the devices connect. In contrast, the access points are present in the same local area network. They are the extensions of the router, which increases the connectivity and provides an option for connecting a large number of devices. The router can function as an access point, but the access point cannot take up the role of a router.

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Access Point Routers - Price Range

Access Point RoutersMin PriceMax Price
TP-Link Access Point Routers₹1₹28999
D-Link Access Point Routers₹629₹25915
Mikrotik Access Point Routers₹2149₹275999
Netgear Access Point Routers₹2249₹127200
This data was last updated on 9/26/22.