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Zebronics Zeb-K35 USB Keyboard
By: Zebronics
₹44942% OFF
  • Zeb-K35 is a Sub Keyboard That Comes in a Slim

  • Easy Plug & Play Installation

Zebronics Judwaa 555 Black Wired Keyboard & Mouse Combo
  • It is Water Spill Proof, Has a Slim Design

  • This Keyboard will Make Typing easy & Effortless

Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard
4.8 (4 Reviews)
By: Dell
₹69914% OFF
  • Features a Standard Set of 104 Keys & Its Durability...

  • Comfortable, Desk-Centric Design

Portronics Black Chicklet Foldable Wireless Rechargeable Multi-Device Keyboard, POR-973
  • Folding Design Provides more Convenience

  • Highly Compatible

Rapoo NK1800 Wired Black USB Optical Keyboard
  • Spill Resistant Design, Laser Carved Keycap & Anti-Oxidation Sealed Membrane

TVS Gold Pro Black Mechanical USB Wired Keyboard, TEC_12
  • Direct Supply from TVS Electronics

  • Waterproof & Dustproof

Zebronics ZEB-KM2100 Black Multimedia USB Keyboard
  • Comfortable, Silent & UV Coated Keys

  • USB Keyboard

TVS Gold Prime Black Mechanical USB Wired Keyboard
  • Plug & Play USB Connection

  • Strong Tilt Legs, Toughest Mechanical Keyboard & Dustproof Key Switches

TVS Champ Black USB Keyboard
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Tvs
₹59015% OFF
  • Customer Care No: 0816 � 2214600 Email:

  • Direct Supply from TVS Electronics

Quantum QHM-7406 Plastic Black Full Sized USB Wired Keyboard with Rupee Symbol, Hotkeys & 3 Pcs LED Function
  • Noiseless Design Undisturbed Working Environment

  • Compact Size for Space Saving & Hotkeys for Special Functions

Quantum QHM7307 Plastic Black Mini Spill-Resistant USB Wired Slim Keyboard
  • Noiseless Keys, Splash Resistant & Stress Free Working

  • Durable, Ergonomic & Smart

TVS Electronics Champ HD 104 Key USB Multimedia Wired Keyboard, 2012020086
  • The Dedicated Multimedia Switches Helps to Increase Productivity

  • Extremely User-Friendly & Compatible, Smooth Handling, Lightweight & Slim, Ergonomic

TVS Electronics Champ Plus 104 Key USB Wired Keyboard, 2012020088
  • Laser Etched, Bright & Bold Key Characters, Strong Direct Supply

  • Direct Supply from TVS Electronics

Zebion G1600 Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo with Nano Receiver with 1 Year Warrenty
  • 1000 Dpi Highly Accurate Sensor Tested Battery Life Up To

  • 2.4Gh Wireless Technology With Quick Touch Keys

Zebion K500 Multicolour Wired USB Multi-device Keyboard with 1 Year Warrenty
  • Durable Body Tested Life Of Over 1 Billion Keystrokes For

Envent Kease Sturdy Wired Multimedia Keyboard, ET-KBM040
  • New RUPEE symbol ready

  • 104+10 Multimedia Keys

TVS Electronics Champ Executive Multimedia Combo 104 Key USB Wired Keyboard & Mouse, 2012020080
  • The Keyboards are All Enabled with The Rupee Symbols

  • On Keycaps with An Everlasting Presence

Dell KM3322W Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo
By: Dell
₹2,49944% OFF
  • Number Pad, Functional Keys, Clickable Scroll Wheel, Volume Control Keys

Zebion Ninja 104 keys Gaming Combo with 1 Year Warrenty
  • 3 Lights Mode & Off Mode

HP CS10 Black Keyboard & Mouse Combo, 7YA13PA
HP 2UN30AA Black Keyboard
By: Hp
₹79926% OFF
Zebion Ultima Red USB Wired Mouse & Keyboard Combo with 1 Year Warrenty
  • Usb Connectivity, Slim, Elegant And Ergonomic Design

  • Durable Body, Tested Life Of Over 1 Billion Keystrokes For...

Zebion Ninja Black Wireless Gaming Combo with 1 Year Warrenty
HP 150 Wired Keyboard & Mouse Combo, 240J7AA
  • Chiclet-style, Sleek Design & Silent to the Touch Keyboard

Redgear MK881 Black Professional Mechanical LED Light Wired Keyboard with Kailh Blue Switches
  • Kailh Clicky Blue Switches, RGB Lightning Effect

  • 70M Long Lasting Switches, No More Windows Pop-Up in a

Zebion G1600 Wireless Laptop Keyboard with 1 Year Warrenty
  • 2.4 Gh Wireless Technology

Zebronics ZEB-K20 Black USB Computer Keyboard (Pack of 3)
  • Retractable Stand

  • UV Coated Keys

Lapcare E9 117 Keys USB Multimedia Wired Keyboard, LKKBMU6289
Zebion G1600 Black Wireless Laptop Keyboard with 1 Year Warrenty
  • 2.4 Gh Wireless Technology

Zebion K200 Wired USB Desktop Keyboard with 1 Year Warrenty
  • Sleek And Compact Design & Comfort And Effortless Typing

  • Sleek And Compact Design & Plug And Play

Gizmore GIZ-KB01 Wired Black USB Desktop Keyboard
Zebion K200 Black USB Wired Mouse & Keyboard Combo with 1 Year Warrenty
  • Sleek And Compact Design & Plug And Play

  • Sleek And Compact Design & Comfort And Effortless Typing

Lapcare Alfa LKB-211 104 Keys Wired USB Keyboard, LKKBWS4916
Zebion K200+Swag Black USB Wired Mouse & Keyboard Combo with 1 Year Warrenty
Zebion K500+Elfin Black USB Wired Mouse & Keyboard Combo with 1 Year Warrenty
Dell KB212 Wired Black Keyboard
4.5 (6 Reviews)
By: Dell
₹6002% OFF
  • Features a standard set of 104 keys and its durability...

Enter E-C350U Keyboard & Mouse Combo
By: Enter
Available on Request
  • Keystroke Button Life: 10000000

iGear Dual Connect Bluetooth Keyboard, iG-BK100
By: Igear
Available on Request
  • Built-in Slot to Hold your Smartphones, Tablets Measuring

  • Multi Device Keyboard: Works on Android, iOS & Windows Devices

Lapcare 400g Black multimedia Wired Keyboard, LKKBMU6289
  • Adjustable Typing Angle

  • 8 Million Keystrokes

Related Keyboards Article

Computer Keyboards for Efficient and EasyTyping

When it comes to typing, the most incredible keyboards will make all the difference. It makes little difference whether you spend most of your time at work producing documents and sending emails or whether you spend the remainder of your time playing the finest PC games. A standard keyboard will allow you to text and button-mash just fine, but only the best keyboards will provide a genuinely immersive experience.


So, add one of the best computer keyboards to your stunning PC setup. They're substantially faster, more precise, and more comfortable to operate. Furthermore, some of them put a lot of consideration into their ergonomics, saving you from a world of wrist, shoulder, and arm pain. As a result, they're a crucial part of the computer setup.


Like other peripherals like the best mouse and monitor, the finest keyboards improve your whole computing experience. Whether you need a gaming keyboard to play the top PC games for hours on end, conduct most of your work on the computer, or simply spend several hours talking with friends, a gaming keyboard is essential. Spend a bit more on a keyboard that is both reliable and enjoyable to use.


Different Types of Computer Keyboards Available in India

USB keyboards: These are standard keyboards that are connected to your system using a cable that goes into your computer's USB port. USB keyboards are simple plug-and-play devices that are incredibly dependable.


Gaming keyboards: The physical appearance of this sort of keyboard is its main advantage. The majority of these keyboards have a great appearance. Because most gamers use the W, S, D, A, arrow keys, and space bar frequently while gaming, these keys are highlighted in such keyboards and are immediately recognizable even by a non-technical user.


Wireless computer keyboards: Portability is one of the main advantages of these keyboards. Typically, a wireless keyboard is powered by batteries and comes with a small dongle. This is the keyboard's wireless receiver. You need to connect the receiver to your computer through a USB.


If you have a secure Wi-Fi connection, then with the help of these keyboards, you can easily type on your PC by sitting far away from the system, say even 50 meters away from it. You can use these keyboards with a PC, laptop, or mobile phone; if they support Wi-fi connectivity.


Multimedia keyboards: This is one of the most common keyboard designs. It's a keyboard with multimedia buttons that allow you to control your media with only one tap. A multimedia keyboard typically has extra buttons or keys such as play, pause, stop, next, previous, volume up, volume down, mute, and a unique button to open your PC's default music player.


Specifications to Consider Before Buying Computer Keyboards

The type of job you’ll be doing with your keyboard is the first thing you should think about. There are many different computer keyboards on the market today, each with its own set of functionality to meet specific needs. There are keyboards explicitly made for gaming. If you're a dedicated player, you should have one of these. If you need your computer for typing professions that require you to type for lengthy periods, invest in an ergonomic keyboard that will provide you with a pleasant typing experience. If you need to work with numbers, you should acquire a keyboard that includes a numeric keypad.


When purchasing a computer keyboard, make sure the keystrokes are checked first. You don't want to end up with a typewriter-like keyboard on your hands (which will give you a hard time). Examine and try out the keys. There are keyboards with a sensitive, gentle, feather-like touch and others requiring more force to text on.


Nowadays, most keyboards link to computers via USB ports. PS/2 ports are fast becoming outdated. Unlike the plug-and-play USB cord keyboard, wireless keyboards connect to the PC via Bluetooth and are a little more challenging to set up. To use the function keys on most keyboards, you'll need to install some software on your computer. Before you buy a keyboard, be sure it's compatible with your computer.


The keyboard's design and architecture have a significant impact on your computer experience. Standard, gaming, and ergonomic keyboards can be classified based on their design. Choose the one that is tailored to your needs.


Next, you need to also consider the configuration of its functioning type, whether wired or wireless. Whichever type suits your needs must be your priority.


Many keyboards now offer extra function buttons for launching programs, regulating volume, controlling music players, and other activities to help you get things done faster. Power management keys, customized character layouts, and customizable shortcut keys are also included, which can be helpful at times. To replace the mouse, some keyboards have a touchpad or a tiny joystick.


Keyboards are priced differently depending on the features they have. Look for a keyboard that satisfies both your needs and your budget. The more features it offers, the higher the price. Spend wisely and don't buy goods you don't require.


Gaming Keyboards and their Advantages

Gaming keyboards are designed specifically for gamers and have extra functions that are uncommon in standard keyboards. RGB backlights, media controls, and programmable keys are among the features. Mechanical switches, which are more durable and responsive than membrane switches, are frequently used. Gaming keyboards can benefit a broad spectrum of users, from high-end dedicated gamers to newbies looking for a competitive advantage.


A gaming keyboard often has full-sized, well-spaced mechanical keys that are comfortable to use for extended periods. Furthermore, the shape of the keyboard is usually designed to fit your hands exactly, allowing you to use it for extended periods without injuring your hands and wrists.


Mechanical keys, rather than membrane keys, are used on the majority of gaming keyboards. The keys on these keyboards are easier to push and don't require as much force as keys on other keyboards. When compared to other keyboards, this implies you can type much faster on them.


If you're playing a game, you'll be able to move your character far more quickly than if you used the other keyboard. You won't get tired while playing because it's easier, and you'll be able to make all of your moves much faster. Milliseconds may make a difference in games, and using a mechanical keyboard can help you earn a few.


The most significant advantage of gaming keyboards is macros. Gaming keyboards frequently include a row or more customizable keys that may do practically anything in your favorite game. This allows you to use these keys in various ways, depending on the game you're playing. Furthermore, if you play several games, you can typically create multiple profiles.


You can automate some of the most crucial and often tiresome operations in your game by developing customized macros. These tasks will not only make it easier to play, but they may also provide you with the edge you need when facing the most difficult bosses or other players.


While this does not apply to every gaming keyboard on the market, many gaming keyboards do come with specialized control pads on the left side of the keyboard. These controls make a custom control pad out of the WASD keys and the keys around them. These custom keys make controlling your characters in-game a lot easier. When you have more control over your game, you will have a faster response time. That means you'll be quicker to the draw whether you're playing your favorite PC game versus the AI or another human.


Backlights on keyboards, particularly gaming keyboards, are frequently multicolored and can be customized. They simply look cool, which makes gaming much more enjoyable. Backlights, on the other hand, have a purpose. Backlights allow you to play in a variety of lighting conditions.


Why buy Computer Keyboards from Moglix?

Your computer's most important accessory is a keyboard. Whether you're working on Excel sheets or playing video games, you'll need the right keyboard to get the job done fast and efficiently. Look through this e-store to find the finest alternative for you within your budget. Top brands such as Zebronics, Logitech, Dell, Quantum, and others provide high-quality items at reasonable prices. Enjoy your shopping experience at your comfort and get the products safely delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyboards

What is the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a normal keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is different from a normal keyboard. Mechanical keyboards have switches under the keys whereas normal keyboards don't. Mechanical keyboards are more durable, easier to repair, and more customizable. The normal keyboard is also known as a full-size keyboard generally has 104 to 105 keys.

What is the better keyboard position, raised or flat?

For someone regular in typing, it is preferred that they have a flat keyboard surface rather than an angular keyboard. A bit of elevation may result in stress on the wrist which may then lead to injuries. However, if you have your keyboard angled away from you then it would help you improve the ergonomics.