Keyboard types available online as per your requirement

Keyboard types available online as per your requirement

Keyboard is an input device used with a computer, consisting of keys that are used to put in alphabets, numbers and symbols. But that is not all, a keyboard also provides many controls useful to operate the system. Most of the electronic devices nowadays come with inbuilt virtual keyboards. Some people also like to use a physical keyboard in place of an inbuilt keyboard because of the better user experience and extra features provided.

If you are looking to buy a keyboard and want to shuffle between the options, you have stumbled upon the right place. Here we will discuss some of the best types of keyboards available online and you can make a sound decision as per your requirements-

Gaming Keyboard

A gamer is always looking for ways to enhance his/her gaming experience which can subsequently lead to victories. Keyboard, thus, also plays an imperative role in making a gamers experience rich. A plethora of gaming keyboards are available in the market online. Gaming keyboards are mechanically designed to adjust to a gamers habits and enhance his/her reflexes.There are certain factors that one needs to keep in mind while buying a gaming keyboard.

First one would be whether the gamer wants a pressure sensitive keyboard, i.e., a membrane keyboard, a mechanical keyboard that uses spring or a hybrid keyboard, which is a mix of the first two. A mechanical keyboard however is considered the best for excessive use like that of gaming. Next factor is the number of keys, a gamer needs to choose between two types of gaming keyboards, one with 88 keys and one with 101 keys.

A good gaming keyboard is also made of materials that can take in frantic pressing of keys, with the best options being metals or Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). Gaming keyboards should ideally allow you to reprogram whichever key you want and provide adequate backlighting. A good gaming keyboard would be the one with all the features mentioned above.

Backlit Keyboard

A backlit keyboard is a keyboard with lighting underneath the keys. The purpose of providing lighting underneath the keys is to increase the visibility of the printed characters even when the outside lighting is inadequate. The print of characters is translucent which shines when illuminated from below.

Originally these were solely used by gamers to enhance their gaming experience, but with time and the burgeoning need by the users to be aesthetically pleased more and more keyboards are coming up with a backlight.

White backlight is considered standard and is used in most of the keyboards, but other colours like red and blue are also used in some models. A backlit keyboard is the perfect choice for someone who works in dull environments or has an aesthetic taste!

Top Sellers

Mini Keyboard

If you have a small space to set up your entire computer system and are looking to make the best use of it without creating mess, then a mini keyboard is the answer to your space issue..!

A mini keyboard functions perfectly like a regular keyboard, the difference lies in the number of keys. A mini keyboard consists of all the alphabetical keys and symbol keys, but it discards the 10 key numeric pad.

This does not create a problem as the numbers and arithmetic symbols are already present in the main set of keys above and around the alphabets. Mini keyboards are easy to transport, require less space and leave space for a wider mouse movement.

USB Keyboard

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. USB keyboards are the most widely used keyboards. In the simplest words these keyboards connect to a keyboard via a USB. The keyboard consists of a wire with USB on its end that connects the keyboard to the device using the device's USB port.

Although bluetooth keyboards that connect to computers using the bluetooth technology, thus, eliminating the need of a cable are also gaining popularity, they have not yet overthrown the traditional USB keyboards, as they often get disconnected from the computers due to reasons like low battery and hence interrupt the work; rendering USB keyboard are the first choice.

PC Keyboard

A Personal Computer keyboard would be available mostly in a standardized version that is accepted worldwide. A basic keyboard consists of 104 keys with four separate regions dedicated to function keys, typewriter keys, cursor control keys and numeric keys. The functions keys are keys that go from F1 to F12 with each having separate and multiple uses.

The typewriter keys are in the exact same format as the traditional typewriters. The cursor control keys are arrowhead keys that are used to move the cursor. The numeric keypad replicates a calculator.

A PC keyboard is connected to the computer via a USB port or bluetooth. These keyboards however are customisable and may slightly vary as per the brand they subscribe to.

Laser Keyboard

Technology can never cease to surprise! Laser keyboards are one of the newest tech wonders. Also known as a projection keyboard, it is a kind of virtual keyboard, patented by IBM. A laser beam projects the keyboard over a smooth surface, and the human touch is sensed by a sensor.

When the hand touches the key it breaks the beam, reflecting the broken light back to the projector and the software acknowledges the corresponding character. Laser keyboards are portable, have a trendy appearance, require less maintenance but are expensive and might not give the satisfaction that hitting the keys on a regular keyboard does. A futuristic option, but definitely not for gamers or folks who like the sound and feel of a physical keyboard.

Hacker Keyboard

Don't go as per the name, a hacker keyboard has nothing to do with hackers, luckily. Instead, it is an alternative means of input that android provides to its users who want to have the experience of a physical keyboard virtually.

One can use a hacker keyboard by downloading the application from the play store and setting it as the primary input method. A hackers keyboard has more functional keys that ease the user's experience and provides more commands directly available on the screen.

Ipad Keyboard

A regular keyboard can not be used with most Apple products. So, if you are an Ipad user and want to expand your typing experience, then you can buy a Ipad keyboard and attach it to your Ipad. Also known as Magic keyboards, these connect to the Ipad without any external plug-in aid required.

These affix to the Ipads magnetically and can be easily adjusted to mount at the perfect angle because of their floating cantilever design. They have a built in trackpad which efficiently tracks the touch gestures. These also come with backlighting and provide front and back protection. These are great alternatives for people who do not wish to buy a macbook but want a similar experience over their Ipad.

Mac Keyboard

For a Mac too, Apple provides a Magic Keyboard that goes with almost every Apple product, and is light and comfortable to use. There is no significant difference between a magic keyboard and a non Apple keyboard, the format is the same.

Mac, however, is the most compatible with Magic Keyboard, but there are other cheaper alternatives too provided by companies like Logitech and Kinesis. Although, it is highly recommended that a mac user opts for a magic keyboard for a wholesome and hassle free experience.

Iphone Keyboard

The virtual keyboard on Iphone provides the Apple users with a variety of customization options. One can control things like auto capitalization, auto correction, suggestions and auto punctuation on an Iphone keyboard. You can also switch to third party keyboards if they are available on the Apple store.

The Iphone keyboard also aids one hand typing which can be switched on from settings. You can also choose your input language, which means you do not have to confine yourself to English language and force type your beautiful mother tongue in English letters, but can type in whichever language you want to.

An Iphone also provides a bunch of format options while typing like Bold and Italics. However, one of the most fun and yet lesser known features of an Iphone keyboard is that you can shake your phone to erase whatever you have typed. Indeed creative! Many such options can be availed from the Iphone settings by the users and more so from the Apple store third party apps.


These were some of the most sought after keyboards that one can have a tryst with or purchase. Whichever device you are using, there is always some phenomenal input method available to enhance your keyboard experience, be it virtual or be it real. Make sure you research well and make the best bet..!