Know More about the keyboards and their best uses

Know More about the keyboards and their best uses

Every day we are typing one thing or another be it a virtual keyboard on our phones or sitting in front of the computer. Sometimes there are a plethora of pages, where our hands get tired after a while, tapping on the keyboard.

But if the keyboard fits your requirement perfectly, writing for long hours doesn't seem that big of a task. But with a variety of different keyboards and different types, one may easily get stranded amidst the variety of choices they have. So before buying one, we need to have a clear picture.

Different types of keyboards:

  • Multimedia keyboard

    For users who are more into multimedia platform usage, this keyboard is the better option. It has several multimedia buttons which help with the whole experience of watching a movie for example quite simple. It has buttons like play, pause, previous, next, some special buttons for a hassle-free experience.

  • Mechanical keyboard

    This keyboard type has physical buttons for each key. Pressing these buttons, noise is generated and at the same time, an electrical signal is sent to the system which then displays the characters.

  • Wireless keyboard

    With numerous cables around the desktop, it gets messy at times. A keyboard type specific to this situation known as the wireless keyboard comes in handy. It connects with the system via Bluetooth. These types of keyboards have a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter sends the stroke actions from the device to the system, which converts them into characters.

  • Ergonomic keyboards

    This is the best keyboard for ambidextrous people, that is the type of people who can work with both of their hands with equal efficiency. This helps in increasing the work efficiency and puts less muscle strain while using it. The keyboard price for such a category is usually high.

  • Gaming keyboard

    This is the best keyboard for an avid gamer. This keyboard has very few keys which are in turn specific to gamers and their uses. It also has graphics in them. Keeping the gamers in mind, this keyboard has buttons like W, A, S, D, and the arrow keys more prominently. Other keys may vary according to the users choices. It increases the user experience for the gamers whole playing their favorite games.

  • Magic keyboard

    The magic keyboards are made by Mac. they are supported by a battery. The design and aesthetics feel good. And makes the user realize the feel of a high-quality keyboard.

  • Chorded keyboard

    This type of keyboard has a limited number of keys which helps the user to port the keyboard anywhere with ease. With the help of a combination of keyboards, which gives the user the required characters, it becomes a bit hard to work with at times.

Now we have some basic idea about the type of keyboards available in the market. But one needs to focus on different factors before deciding to buy one. These factors are listed below and explained in brief.

Things to look for while buying a keyboard:

  • Type of work

    There are fancy keyboards and even small keyboards to choose from. There is in fact a keyword for almost every type of work. So before buying , we need to figure out the purpose or usage of it. A user may have gaming needs for which they may buy a gaming keyboard. Or a wireless keyboard for office usage. So the first job is to identify the usage.

  • Switches

    While buying a keyboard, one needs to touch and feel the keyboard keys. The texture of the keyboard keys, amount of effort required to tap the key i.e wealth it has a feather touch, etc. will enhance the user experience in the long run. Buying a keyboard that types like a typewriter will be a reason for discomfort as time passes.

  • Compatibility of the system

    Almost every computer connects the keyboard via a USB port. But connecting the same via Bluetooth can be done these days. Bluetooth-compatible keyboards are also an option for buyers. Both of them have to be checked for compatibility with the computer that you are going to use it with.

  • Extra function keys

    Some keyboards may not have keypads , like gaming keyboards, they only have a limited number of keys. Also there are special function keys to control your system like, controlling the volume, music player, muting the audio, etc. these shortcuts keys come in handy while working hence increasing the work efficiency.

  • Design

    The basic design of the keyboard has to be kept in mind while selecting them. There are basically three classes: standard, gaming and ergonomic. Some of these may have keypads, some may not. Special function keys may be in abundance in one of them but others may lack it. The overall design, texture , feels etc everything has to be considered while selecting the keyboard.

  • Price

    Looking for a keyboard with lots of features will definitely increase the price of it. Depending on the price limit and the requirements in mind, one can easily narrow down the plethora of choices available.

  • Wired / wireless

    The wired and the wireless version of the keyboard has pros and cons. Where the wireless keyboard helps in reducing the desk space by eliminating the need to place the wire, at the same time it may interfere with other wireless devices.

    Whereas the wired ones are more preferred while gaming since they don't lag much like the wireless ones. Generally, wireless keyboards are more costly than wired ones. So before selecting the type, we may also need to focus on the budget.


Now that we have a general idea about the various types of keyboards out there, it becomes easier for the user to decide which one suits the requirements. Balancing the price, aesthetics, functionality of the keyboards may be a difficult task. But if it is done properly, working the same keyboard for our daily uses becomes a less cumbersome and more user-friendly experience.

The way a perfect keyboard feels while typing the long articles will enhance the user experience if the correct keyboard is chosen. So in the end, keeping all the tips in mind, we can easily decide the type of keyboard more suitable for us.

Keyboard: FAQs

Q. What are the 3 types of keyboards?

A. Basically there are 3 types of keyboards for computers. They are-

  • Full size keyboard (104 keys)
  • Keyboard with 10 less keys (10-keyless keyboard)
  • 60% keyboards

Q. Which brand keyboard is best?

A.The keyboards manufactured by Microsoft are right now the best keyboard available in the Indian market. These keyboards are sturdy built, light and slim along with giving a very smooth typing experience. They also come with some interesting function-keys and hotkeys. This keyboards is preferred by most of the professionals

Q. What is the best keyboard 2021?

A. Razer Huntsman v2 Analog Gaming Keyboard is at the top beating all the other brand keyboards in the market.

Q. What type of keyboard should I get?

A. Buying a keyboard completely depends on for what purpose will you be using it. So, if you need a keyboard for-

  • Gaming purpose: Razer Huntsman v2 Analog Gaming Keyboard
  • Office purpose: Logitech MX Keys
  • Wireless: Corsair K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard
  • Mobile Keyboard: Logitech K380
  • Programming purpose: Razer BlackWidow Elite