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Electric Massagers Under Rs. 5000

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Now you can buy high-quality electric massagers under 5000 online at Moglix. Explore best sellers, specifications, brands, and features for electric massagers under 5000 and get the best deal.

AGARO Smart 12W Air Compression Black Leg Massager for Pain Relief & Blood Circulation, 33432
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹12,49569% OFF
  • Light Weight Makes It Portable & Convenient to Carry

  • Comes with Adjustable Leg Wraps with Velcro Belts

Dominion Care Deluxe Oxygen Blood Circulation Machine Massager
4.3 (15 Reviews)
By: Dominion Care
₹11,90058% OFF
  • Acupressure releases tension increases circulation and reduces pain

  • Provides magnetic therapy and skin tightening

Dominion Care White Smart Knee Massager with Infrared Heated Vibration for Arthritis Pain & Cramps
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Dominion Care
₹6,99935% OFF
  • Helps in Muscle Relaxation, Avoid Discomfort/Pain & Laser Irradiation

  • Far Infrared Wavelength, USB Charging, Adjustable Strap, LED Touch Screen

Dominion Care White Exercise Fitness Walking Machine with Infrared Light for Weight Loss
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Dominion Care
₹9,99967% OFF
  • Easy to Use Solution without Putting any Stress on the

  • Simply Lie Down, Put Your Ankles in the Cradle &...

AGARO M6542 Grey Vibrating Massage Mattress Pad with Lukewarm Heat & 10 Motors for Back & Full Body Massage, 33621
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹9,99558% OFF
  • Vibration Massage Mat Provides a Lukewarm Heat & Vibration Massage

  • This Help to Further Relieve Stress, Tension, And Fatigue, Heat...

Mievida UltraFit Pro Black Battery Operated Body Massager Gun with 13 Heads
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Mievida
₹9,87565% OFF
  • Quiet and Efficient, Ergonomic & Comes with 13 Different Attachments

AGARO Strike 24W 12V Handheld Percussion Body Massage Gun with 6 Interchangeable Massage Heads, 33549
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹5,49545% OFF
  • Powerful Percussion Massage

  • 6 Interchangeable Massage Heads

Dominion Care 5-in-1 BCM Pain Relief Foot Massager
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Dominion Care
₹19,99975% OFF
  • Benefits 5-in-1 Technology Acupressure Therapy, Vibration Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Metallic

  • Produces Vibrations from the Feet Distributing to the Whole Body,...

Beurer MG80 Infrared Massager
By: Beurer
₹7,81043% OFF
  • Double Head Massage, Continuously Adjustable Massage Intensity

  • 2 Interchangeable Massage Attachments

HealthSense HM 280 1500mAh Black & Grey Gun Massager Machine for Pain Relief with 5 Massage Heads
  • Cordless & Quiet

  • Multidimensional Massage

Dr Kukuz 30W 12 VDC Multicolour Back Massage Cushion with 12 Ball Massager for Home Car & Office, Dku10
  • Three Intensity Are Available with 15 Minutes Auto Off Function

  • 12 Butterfly Kneading Massage Nodes, Clockwise & Counter-clockwise Open Back...

NIVKART Electric Air Leg Massager for Blood Circulation & Pain Relief
  • This Leg Massager can be Used at Home for Daily...

  • Acupuncture, Heating Therapy & Vibration

Dominion Care Cream 3-in-1 Light Exercise Walking Workout Massager Machine with Infrared Light
  • Easy to Use Solution without Putting any Stress on the

Dr Kukuz 20W 5V 2000mAh Shoulder & Neck Massager, Dku12
Deemark Multifunction Foot Kneading Massager
5.0 (4 Reviews)
By: Deemark
Available on Request
  • Remote Controller

  • Jade Kneading & Far Infrared Heating Function to Make Massage

Lifelong 7W Brown Rechargeable Pain Relief Ankle Massager, LLM207
  • 2 Heating Levels, With 45-60 Temperature & 5 Vibration Intensity

  • Easy to Use Device, Relieve Fatigue & Heaviness in the

AGARO Icon 4800mAh Black Handheld Rechargeable Percussion Massage Gun with Brushless Motor & 6 Interchangeable Heads, 33716
  • 3 Speed Settings Allows to Adjust the Vibration as Per

  • Deep Tissue Percussion Gun Massager Targets Sore Muscles with High

AGARO Royal White AC Power Automatic Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, 6 Massage Rollers & Callus Remover, 33619
  • Comes with 6 Motorised Massager Rollers for Relieving Fatigue &

  • Adjustable Heating Function Provides a Soothing Feel While Taking the...

NIVKART Carbon Fibre Li-ion 5000mAh Rechargeable Heating Pad with Massage for Back, NIV14
  • Adjustable Heat Settings & Fast Heating

  • Made of High-Quality Diving Fabric, Which is Light, Soft &

NIVKART Expert White Rechargeable 6-in-1 Eye Massager with Heat, Bluetooth, Music, Voice & Sleep for Reduced Eye Strain, Dark Circles & 4 Modes for Total Comfort, NIV18
  • Uses the Latest Graphene Technology to Create the Most Comforting

  • Four Modes for Total Comfort, Bluetooth Customizable Music, Powerful Lithium...

AGARO Regal White Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, 16 Manual Massage Rollers & Adjustable Temperature Control
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
Available on Request
  • Digital Display with Touch Button, Vibration Massages Function for Relieving

  • Comes with Bubble Function for Providing a Soothing & Rejuvenating

BeatXP Bolt Elite Plastic Black Deep Tissue Massage Gun with Hard Carrying Case, 880009675726
  • Triangular Ergonomic Design, Feather Touch LED Display, Ultra Long Battery

Lifelong 3W Brown Rechargeable Pain Relief Wrist Massager, LLM198
  • Improves Blood Circulation, Hand Strength, Improves Grip, Flexibility & Passive

  • Massager Method: Vibration & Heat

Thrive 20W Plastic Handheld Electric Body Massager, 717W
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Thrive
Available on Request
  • Massager Combines a Vertical Motion with an Irregular Rotary Motion

  • Massage with a Heat on is More Effective for Treatment...

Lifelong Rechargeable Pain Relief Knee Massager for Arthritis & Muscle Pain, LLM189
  • Handheld & 5 Frequency Vibrations Level

  • Pain Relief & Relaxation

Atom Black & Brown Electric Biometric 3D Dual Foot Massager with Remote Control
  • The Computerized Micro Controller Ensures Optimal Performance During Use While

  • 4 Automatic Massage Modes, 3 Customizable Massage Modes, Removable Fabric

iBELL FTM350G 350W White & Green Foot Massager Machine with Vibration & Water Heating Technology
  • Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy a Powerful Massage that will

  • The Foot Spa Massager with Rollers is a Pedicure Machine...

Lifelong 3.5W Brown Rechargeable Cushion & Pillow Massager, LLM117
AGARO Astra Shiatsu Electric Foot Massager with Heat & Washable Cover, 33623
  • A Removable & Washable Cover Makes Foot Massager Avoid Dust...

  • Foot Massager Machine have Multi-Purpose Usage, Ergonomic Designed with Flexible...

Beurer MG155 Grey Back Massager
By: Beurer
Available on Request
  • For Use at Home & on the Move

  • Easy Operation with Manual Control Switch

Lifelong 25W Silver Handheld Body Massager, LLM162
By: Lifelong
Available on Request
  • Ergonomic Design, Vibration Techniques to Relax & Stimulate the Blood

NIVKART Brown Plastic Electric Foot Spa Bath Massager with 12 Massage Rollers, Heating Function & Adjustable Temperature Control for Arthritis Treatment, NIV11
  • Multifunction Massaging Foot Spa Comforts Achy Heels, Toes, Arches &

  • Activate Motorized Rollers to Target Tense & Tired Soles

Atom Smart Wireless Knee Massager with Infrared Heated Vibration for Joint Pain Relief, HA201
  • Help in Effusion & Edema, Daily Relaxation & Healthcare

  • Relieve Knee Pain In Old Age & Injury Recovery

BPL White Tens Relief Therapy Device with 15 Intensity Levels, 7 Massage Modes & Tens Massager
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Bpl
Available on Request
  • 1+1 User Access: It Features 2 Independent Channels that can

  • Extra Large Electrodes

Lifelong LLM279 Brown Water Heating Foot Spa & Massager Machine
4.5 (8 Reviews)
By: Lifelong
Available on Request
  • 4 Automatic Rollers & 4 Manual Rollers

  • Adjustable Time & Digital Panel

BeatXP Bolt Prime Rubber Black Deep Tissue Massage Gun with Case, GHVMEDMAS005
  • Ultra Long Battery Life, T-Shaped Double Handle, Fast Charging, Adjustable

Beurer MG70 22W Infrared Massager
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Beurer
Available on Request
  • Versatile Application Thanks to Removable Hand

  • Continuously Adjustable Massage Intensity, Infrared Heat, Can be Selected Separately

Dr Physio NECWZ_IGH00042 Neck & Shoulder Massager Machine, 1013
  • Shiatsu Kneading Deep Muscle Relaxer

  • Improved Recovery Times

BeatXP Bolt Pro Deep Tissue Next Gen Percussion Massager for Athletes & Gym Professional, 880009865196
  • Super Long Battery Life, 6 Unique Massage Modes, 5 Pro

BeatXP Bolt Elite Plastic Silver Deep Tissue Massage Gun with Hard Carrying Case, GHVMEDMAS004
  • Triangular Ergonomic Design, Feather Touch LED Display, Ultra Long Battery

Buy Best Quality Electric Massagers Under Rs. 5000 Online at Moglix

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