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Maxtop Magic 20W Plastic Electric Body Massager with 8 Massage Heads
  • Designed for Fat Removal & Used to Massage on the

  • Used to Stimute & Tap Acupuncture Points on the Body,...

Dominion Care White Exercise Fitness Walking Machine with Infrared Light for Weight Loss
  • Simply Lie Down, Put Your Ankles in the Cradle &...

  • This Simple Rocking Motion Maintains a Proper Balance & to...

Dominion Care Green Blood Circulation Machine Vibration & Magnetic Therapy Machine
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Dominion Care
₹19,99963% OFF
  • Promotes the Circulation of Oxygen & Blood in the Body,...

  • Increase Muscle Strength & Performance, Helps Improve the Blood Flow...

Dominion Care 7-in-1 Magic Corded Electric Body Massager
By: Dominion Care
₹3,49964% OFF
  • Used to Stimute & Tap Acupuncture Points on the Body,...

Moglix Insights

Top 4 price range of Electric Massagers

21% of users prefer Electric Massagers in price range of ₹700-₹800

18% of users prefer Electric Massagers in price range of ₹200-₹300

11% of users prefer Electric Massagers in price range of ₹800-₹900

50% of users prefer Electric Massagers in other price range.

Moglix Insights

Top 4 brands of Electric Massagers

33% of users prefer Electric Massagers of AGARO brand

19% of users prefer Electric Massagers of Thermomate brand

17% of users prefer Electric Massagers of Generic brand

31% of users prefer Electric Massagers of other brands

Dominion Care Electric Pillow Full Body Massager with Heat for Pain Relieve
  • These Massage Nodes are Set Upto Automatically Reverse Directions During

  • Heating Function Adds an Extra Touch of Muscle-Soothing Intensity, Helping

Dominion Care Deluxe Oxygen Blood Circulation Machine Massager
4.3 (15 Reviews)
By: Dominion Care
₹11,90056% OFF
  • Acupressure releases tension increases circulation and reduces pain

  • Provides magnetic therapy and skin tightening

Dominion Care White Smart Knee Massager with Infrared Heated Vibration for Arthritis Pain & Cramps
  • Far Infrared Wavelength, USB Charging, Adjustable Strap, LED Touch Screen

  • Helps in Muscle Relaxation, Avoid Discomfort/Pain & Laser Irradiation

Dominion Care Portable Mini Head Triangle Massage Gun with 32 Speed & 8 Head
  • Made From Durable Materials, to Serve You for Many Years

  • Full Body Massager for an Utmost Blood Circulation &Massage to...

Dominion Care 5-in-1 BCM Pain Relief Foot Massager
By: Dominion Care
₹19,99972% OFF
  • Benefits 5-in-1 Technology Acupressure Therapy, Vibration Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, Metallic

  • In the form of High Vibrations Machine Produces Helix Circulations...

Atom Black & Brown Electric Biometric 3D Dual Foot Massager with Remote Control
  • The Computerized Micro Controller Ensures Optimal Performance During Use While

  • The 3D Roller & Pressure System Stimulate the Specific Pressure

Dominion Care Grey Electric Double Head Hammerpro Body Massager
  • A Portable Massager with Adjustable Speed, Which Comes with 3

  • Its Dual Head & Adjustable Speed Allows an Easy Customizable...

Atom Smart Wireless Knee Massager with Infrared Heated Vibration for Joint Pain Relief, HA201
  • Help in Effusion & Edema, Daily Relaxation & Healthcare

  • Relieve Knee Pain In Old Age & Injury Recovery

Atom Black Electric Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat & 20 Airbags for Calf, Thighs & Knee Pain Relief
  • Auto Programmed for 15 min & a Detachable & Washable...

  • This Foot Massager Machine for Pain Relief with Rubber Kneading...

Atom Waterproof Rechargeable Handheld Portable Head Massager with Face Brush Node Attachments for Hair Growth & Hair Fall, HA102
  • Additional Facial Massage Brush Attachment

  • Enhanced Vibration Mode Applied & Upgraded to Include LED Screen

Thermomate Black Electric Handheld Double Speed Floating Action Massager for Head & Body Pain Relief
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Thermomate
₹3,50078% OFF
  • Home Massage Just Like the Professional, An Absolute Must for

  • For Heavy Duty Massage Service, Thick Sponge Rubber Cushion Shock

AGARO Rejoice 80W Grey Electric Massager with Heat & Vibration for Foot, Calf & Leg, 33505
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹37,99965% OFF
  • The Combination of Powerful Kneading & Rolling Massage Along with...

  • Designed to Massage Your Feet, Ankles & Calves All at

AGARO Magma Air Compression Black Leg Massager with Handheld Controller, 33511
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹19,99568% OFF
  • Improves Blood Circulation, Relieves Pain, Helpful for Restless Leg Syndrome,...

  • Air Compression Technology

Wireless Portable Neck & Body Massager with 8 Modes & 19 Strength Levels
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Generic
₹99973% OFF
  • Pain Relief EMS Massage

  • Rechargeable & Long Battery Life, Skin Friendly & Advanced Technology

AGARO Relaxo Electric Handheld Black Full Body Massager with 8 Massage Heads, 33324
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹2,34534% OFF
  • Improves Blood Circulation

  • Compact Handheld Design

Swadesi By MCP Metal Black Electric Handheld Floating Action Full Body Massager
  • Vibrating Rubber Pad Transmits the Vibrations to the Fingers which

  • Its in-built Copper Motor is Shock Proof & Safe

AGARO 80W Impact Electric Handheld Gun Body Massager with 6 Massage Heads, 33659
  • Ideal for Relieving Shoulder, Neck, Waist & Back Pain, Gun...

Dominion Care Whole Body Massager for Reduces Weight & Fat
  • Strengthens the Spinal Column & Joints, Improves Digestion, Increases Immunity...

  • Tones Your Muscles Relax Your Body All In One 360...

AGARO Shiatsu 40W Electric Foot Massager with Kneading Function for Pain Relief & Improving Blood Circulation, 33158
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹11,49958% OFF
  • Soothing Kneading Massage, Stimulation of Sole & Customized Massage Options

AGARO Smart 12W Air Compression Black Leg Massager for Pain Relief & Blood Circulation, 33432
  • Helps to Reduce Muscle Pain, Improve Blood Circulation, Muscle Relaxation

  • Comes with Adjustable Leg Wraps with Velcro Belts

Omron HV-F013 White Electronic Pulse Massager
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Omron
₹3,99044% OFF
  • Washable & Durable Long-Life Pads, Reusable up to 150 times

  • Balance Adjustment for Emphasis of Therapy on Red or White

HealthSense Toner-Pro HM 210 ABS Electric Handheld Full Body Massager for Pain Relief with 1 Year Warranty
4.6 (10 Reviews)
By: Healthsense
₹2,20040% OFF
  • Body Massager Grip- 22.6 cm in Height

  • 4 Detachable Heads- 7.5 cm in Height

AGARO 80W White Corded Electric Massager with Rolling & Kneading Functions for Pain Relief & Improving Blood Circulation, 33159
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹33,99969% OFF
  • 3 Massage Functions: Kneading, Rolling & Arch Scraping to Help

  • Kneading Pads Along the Calves & Feet Deliver a Highly...

AGARO Regal Blue Electric Handheld Full Body Massager with 8 Heads & Variable Speed Settings for Pain Relief & Relaxation, 33323
  • Variable Speed Selection Via Control Knob, Compact Handheld Design, 8

  • Easy to Use with Non Slip Long Handle for Ease...

AGARO Marvel 28W Electric Handheld Full Body Massager with 8 Massage Heads, 33213
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹1,99528% OFF
  • Variable Massage Intensity, Multiple Attachments, Smooth Massage Feel, Extra Long

Mievida UltraFit Pro Black Battery Operated Body Massager Gun with 13 Heads
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Mievida
₹9,87564% OFF
  • Quiet and Efficient, Ergonomic & Comes with 13 Different Attachments

Dominion Care Body Slimmer Massager
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Dominion Care
₹1,09913% OFF
  • Allows for easy grip 3D massage improves lymph circulation to

  • Promote fat block decomposition, dredging lymph nodes

AGARO Galaxy 4000mAh Black Rechargeable Handheld Gun Massager with 4 Heads & 6 Speed for Full Body Pain Relief, 34024
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹3,49058% OFF
  • Deep Tissue Percussion Gun Massager Designed to Target Sore Muscles...

  • The Percussion Muscle Massager is Perfect for Pain Relief &

AGARO Royal White AC Power Automatic Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat, 6 Massage Rollers & Callus Remover, 33619
  • Adjustable Heating Function Provides a Soothing Feel While Taking the...

  • Comes with 6 Motorised Massager Rollers for Relieving Fatigue &

Medtech MPV1 White & Black Pain Relief Electric Manipol Massager with Vibration
  • 4 Detachable Heads for Customized Massage the Massager Comes with...

Royal Silicone Rechargeable EMS Foot Massager Mat
  • Foldable Design & Easy to Clean

  • The Control Panel of this Foot Massager Machine is Also

AGARO Atom 28W Electric Black Handheld Full Body Massager with 3 Massage Heads, 33225
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Agaro
₹1,49539% OFF
  • Variable Massage Intensity, Multiple Attachments, Smooth Massage Feel, Extra Long

Beurer MG21 8W Infrared Massager
By: Beurer
₹2,26035% OFF
  • 2 Function Levels

  • 3 Interchangeable Massage Attachment

AGARO Black Foldable Leg & Calf Massager with Air compressed Kneading, Vibration & Mild Heat Therapy, 33188
  • Side Handles to Easily Hold & Carry, Designed as Space...

  • Mild Heat Therapy to Improve Blood Circulation

Thrive 13 In 1 Magnetic Pain Relief & Face Massager
5.0 (2 Reviews)
By: Thrive
₹1,20055% OFF
  • When the heat makes you so tiring that you need

  • Best to use while summers when you get tired of

HealthSense Magic-Vibe HM 260 Silicone & ABS Cherry Cordless Handheld Body Massager for Pain Relief & Rechargeable Vibration Machine
  • Cordless & Rechargeable

  • Improvised 360 Deg Rotatable Head Vibrates Only the Head Portion

Electric Massagers - Compact Package For Relaxation and Soreness Relief 

Electric massagers are one of the most convenient accessories of modern times that help in relieving soreness, easing tight muscles, and provide relaxation to tense areas. These compact devices have changed the way stress relief works and improved the accessibility to physical comfort accessories. Using a body massager unlocks a long list of benefits and body part-specific massagers provide quick results and can be used consistently unlike medicine. At Moglix you can choose from a wide range of electric pulse massagers and electric massage machines for full body pain relief available from top brands like Lifelong, Deemark, Agaro, BeatXP, and Beurer.


Different Types of Electric Body Massagers For Different Purposes

Handheld Massagers

  • Handheld massagers use a simple vibrating head with options for multiple attachments and variable speed and strength.
  • These massagers work best for muscle soreness and pain relief caused by strains or overworking.


Electric Massage Machines

  • These are electric body massagers with multiple variants for entire-body massage or specific part relaxation.
  • These are the best body massagers for pain relief and full-body relaxation. These elaborate massagers require more power and feature powerful motors and vibrations.


Electric Pulse Massagers

  • Electric pulse massagers are preferred by athletes and gym enthusiasts for quick relief from soreness.
  • These pulse massagers come with multiple attachments for different levels of pain and body parts.


Choosing The Best Body Massager For Your Usage

Usage - Pain can be caused due to many reasons, if you have a sprain or swelling you must not use any kind of massagers or machines as it can elevate the issues. Electric massagers are best used for soreness, pain relief, and stress reduction.


Size and Strength - Electric massagers come in various shapes and sizes depending on the motor strength. Choosing the best body massagers for your purposes can vary from person to person. Some users might need a foot massager while some might need electric head massagers, both of which will have significant size differences.


Top Electric Massagers From Reputed Brands For Quick Relief

Lifelong Electric Massagers

  • Lifelong is popular for its premium range of lower body massagers, with water-heating massagers that help rejuvenate you.
  • Their range of kneading massagers is compact and lasts long without needing constant charging.


Deemark Electric Massagers

  • Deemark has a wide range of multi-accessory body massagers that help stimulate pressure points.
  • These electric massagers are available for eyes and head in compact forms with variable power settings.


Agaro Electric Massagers

  • Agaro is one of the most popular electric pulse massager brands with fully covered leg massagers and pressure point massagers. 
  • Their unique body massagers help with blood circulation and have safety features like auto-shutoff.


BeatXP Electric Massagers

  • BeatXP is the go-to brand for gym enthusiasts thanks to its huge lineup of pulse massagers.
  • These electric pulse massagers feature Type-C charging ports for quick charging and multiple tips that help in relieving soreness.


Beurer Electric Massagers

  • Beurer has a unique range of Infrared massagers that give a penetrating tapping massage for enhanced relaxation.
  • This brand also manufactures high-quality car seat massager attachments for relaxing back massages that can be easily installed or removed.

Discover electric body massagers from other reputed brands like Health Sense, Deo Dap, Pristyn Care, Dominion Care, and more, available at jaw-dropping prices.


Electric Massage Machines - Stress and Pain Relieving Electric Massagers From Top Brands Available At Moglix

Electric massagers have become a necessity in today's times with everyone following a busy schedule and long desk jobs with endless sitting. A compact electric massager or a full-fledged body massager serves them well by relieving stress and stimulating pressure points for recovery. For fitness enthusiasts, body massagers are essential to get instant relief from soreness and tense muscles. This quickly accessible tool makes lives easier and pain-free without breaking the bank. Brands have tried their best to bring innovation to the basic purpose of massagers and added many premium features like warm water massages and pressure point pads that add to the experience. At Moglix, you can choose from hundreds of electric massagers with decent battery lives and optimal results, available at amazing prices.


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