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Power Wheelchairs

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Now you can buy high-quality power wheelchairs online at Moglix. Explore prices, best sellers, specifications, brands, and more for power wheelchairs and get the best deal.

Vissco 100kg Black Rodeo Heroic Comfort Wheelchair with Removable Commode
  • This Self & Attendant Propelled Wheelchair is Designed to Go

  • Comes with Removable Bed Pan with Cover, Height Adjustable Footrest...

Vissco Zip Lite 100kg Alloy Steel Silver & Black Power Wheelchair with Single Battery
  • Easy to Use Controller, Fire Retardant Upholstery & Lightweight

Vissco 110kg Alloy Steel Grey & Black Foldable Imperio Wheelchair with Removable Large Wheel
  • Foldable, Light Weight, Portable & Heavy Duty Wheels

  • Comfortable Armrest & Footrest, Quality Seat

Aar Kay 93x51x16cm Wheelchair Stretcher
4.7 (10 Reviews)
By: Aar Kay
₹23,65221% OFF
  • Used in some areas with Difficult Traffic or entry such

  • Made of High Quality Alumiunium Alloy

Vissco Metal Invalid Wheelchair with High Back Rest & Mag Wheels
  • Special Sealed Bearings Used for Smooth Movement & All Chairs

  • Rugged & Strong Metal Frame to Suit Indian Road Conditions

Karma 17 inch Champion Orange 100 Manual Folding Wheelchair
  • Reliable with Low Upkeep Fees & Great Desire for your

  • Modern Day, Stylish & Particular Elliptical Layout with Streamline Shape

Peaar Ezee Champ 125kg Deep Blue Adjustable Footrest Self Propelled Manual Wheelchair, MM945
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: Peaar
₹14,99962% OFF
  • Attendant Controlled Hand Brake, Safety Belt & Adjustable Calf Guard

  • Nylon Fabric Screw Hidden Velcro Strip Seat & 2 Extra

Everactiv 120kg Mild Steel Economy Foldable Wheelchair with Safety Belt & Leg Support, EAP201
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Everactiv
₹10,00045% OFF
  • The 1.2 mm Tube Thickness & Single Cross Bars on

  • Equipped with White Zinc Plated Handbrakes on Both Sides for

Wellsure Healthcare Aluminium Wheelchair & Stair Stretcher, WSH-1456
By: Wellsure Healthcare
₹25,00020% OFF
Evox 1090x685x930mm Motorised Wheelchair, 101
4.4 (5 Reviews)
By: Evox
₹70,00023% OFF
  • Flip-Up Armrest, Adjustable & Detachable Footrest

  • Foldable Operation Modes Both Manual & Electric Mode

Karma 100kg Aluminum Champion Wheelchair
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Karma
₹12,50046% OFF
  • Lightweight Aluminium Body Suited for Travel

  • With Attendant Brakes on Handle & Manual Brakes, Foldable Footrest,

MPS Folding Wheelchair, MP-591
  • Sturdy Structures, High Loadbearing, Durable Wheels & Brake Handles Provided

Karma 100kg Plastic Foldable Wheelchair
By: Karma
₹30,89871% OFF
Karma Alloy Steel Foldable Commode Wheelchair
By: Karma
₹17,14028% OFF
  • Foldable Toilet Wheelchair No Need to Lift the Person to

  • Free Water Cushion, Provides Maximum Comfort & Stability

ABCO WH-0009 Mild Steel Wheelchair
By: Abco
₹9,50023% OFF
  • It has Detachable Leg Rests

  • Height Adjustable Footrest by Screw System

Wellton Healthcare WH-0009 Mild Steel Wheelchair
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Wellton Healthcare
₹6,50017% OFF
  • Height Adjustable Footrest by Screw System

  • Foldable in Width & Washable Fabric

Karma 100kg Metal Reclining Foldable Commode Wheelchair
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Karma
₹24,20033% OFF
  • Detachable Foot Rest & Hand Rest

ABCO SURGICOS 125kg Steel Manual Wheelchair, KY904B
By: Abco Surgicos
₹12,00019% OFF
  • Flip-Up Inclined Armrests for Users to Move Easily to Hospital

  • Built-In Durable Soft Nylon Mesh Cushions

Evox 120kg Steel Motorised Wheelchair, Evox-104R
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Evox
  • Parking Brake & Anti Tippers for Extra Safety

  • Dry Lead Acid Battery, Manual & Electric Mode

Karma 100kg Mild Steel Black Foldable Wheelchair
By: Karma
₹12,64925% OFF
  • Superior Quality Mag Wheels with Lockable Levers

  • Folding Wheelchair with Cushioned Fixed Arm & Foldable Footrest

Karma 110kg Mild Steel Manual Foldable Wheelchair
Karma 100kg Reclining Bed Type Commode Wheelchair
By: Karma
₹24,20042% OFF
11 Enterprises 24 inch Steel Invalid Wheelchair
By: 11 Enterprises
₹14,55059% OFF
  • Fixed Arm Rest & Aluminum Foot Rest

Tychemed 42 inch Foldable Wheelchair, TM-FWC
By: Tychemed
₹11,2932% OFF
  • Spoke Wheels Added Patients Safety Belt, Has a Locking Clip

  • Folding Spoke Wheelchair with Fixed Arm, Footrest, Side Brakes &

Karma Ryder 1 MWC 115kg Mild Steel Wheelchair
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Karma
₹13,00041% OFF
  • Hand Brakes & Rear Wheel Lock

Evox 100kg Aluminium Alloy Motorised Wheelchair, Evox-107
  • Leading Brand with Latest Technology

  • Anti Tippers for Extra Safety, Manual Parking Brakes & Wheelchair

Tychemed 42 inch Non-Foldable Wheelchair, TM-NWC
4.6 (14 Reviews)
By: Tychemed
₹10,3532% OFF
  • 1 Year Healthsense India Offsite Service Warranty on Manufacturing Defects

  • Built with High Precision Sensors to Quickly Deliver Accurate Results

Evox 100kg Aluminium Alloy Motorised Wheelchair, Evox-105
  • Removable Battery Box for Easy Recharging

  • Anti Tippers for Extra Safety, Manual Parking Brakes & Wheelchair

Ostrich Mobility Galaxy AWA Power Wheelchair, 98x65x130 cm
4.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Ostrich
₹415,79921% OFF
  • Five Speed Selector Length Adjustable Joystick Control Unit

  • Night Driving Capability

Entros Lightweight Foldable Chromed Steel Commode Wheelchair, SC8005A
4.1 (8 Reviews)
By: Entros
₹15,67752% OFF
  • A Premium Steel Commode Wheelchair

  • Comfortable, Durable Ride, Long-Lasting & Attractive Finish Durable Upholstery

Ostrich Mobility Tetra EXi Power Wheelchair, 110x63x130 cm
4.5 (8 Reviews)
By: Ostrich
₹249,47919% OFF
  • Premium Seating with Headrest

  • Urine Bag Holder

Ostrich Mobility Pristine Flex Power Wheelchair, 120x67x130 cm
  • Night Driving Capability

  • Wide Frame Design 9 Longer Wheelbase

Evox 100kg Aluminium Alloy Motorised Wheelchair, Evox-103
  • Flip up Armrest Adjustable & Detachable Footrest

  • Dry Lead Acid Battery, Manual & Electric Mode

Ostrich Mobility T130 SS Manual Wheelchair, 108x65x96 cm
  • Transit Wheelchair

  • Available in Foldable Frame(Default) and Rigid Frame(As Requested By Customer)

Ostrich Mobility A125 SS Manual Wheelchair, 96x45x94 cm
  • Lifting Handles

  • Available in Foldable Frame (Default)and Rigid Frame(As Requested By Customer)

Ostrich Mobility M125 MS Manual Wheelchair, 108x65x98 cm
  • Self Propelling Wheelchair

  • 24 inch Rear Wheel and 8 inch Castor Wheel

ABCO SURGICOS 125kg Aluminium Alloy Manual Wheelchair, KY721L
  • The Backrest is Designed Fully According to the Physiological Curvature...

  • The Height of Footplate Supports is Adjustable. Foldable Black Aluminum

Ostrich Mobility Verve RX Power Wheelchair, 100x64x96 cm
By: Ostrich
₹154,97913% OFF
  • Bucket Seat without Headrest

  • Alarm: Yes

Ostrich Mobility Verve FX Power Wheelchair, 100x64x95 cm
  • Alarm: Yes

  • Mobility Cut of While Charging

Ostrich Mobility Verve LX Power Wheelchair, 99x59x930 cm
  • Mobility Cut of While Charging

  • Alarm: Yes

Genuine Power Wheelchairs at Best Price Online at Moglix

With our assorted range of top-quality power wheelchairs, we provide our customers with an unmatched shopping experience. You can place bulk orders and get products directly from distributors and wholesalers.

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