A quick guide on buying the right table lamp for your home

A table lamp can alter the aesthetics of a home by transforming an ordinary set-up into an elegant one, provided you purchase the correct lamp for your home's interior.

There are no hard and fast rules to obey in selecting a suitable table lamp for your home. Some are drawn to its atheistic designs, while others are only interested in its functionality.

If you want to buy the best table lamps for your home, you should spend a few minutes studying the design and shape before going to the store to see which one will fit your needs better. But before we look at the factors, let's take a look at the five basic forms of lighting:

Five basic types of lighting:

  • Natural lighting:

    This type of lighting comes from the sun in a room during the day. It can improve your mood and reduce tension, which can have a positive mental and emotional impact. Natural lighting also brings out the most vibrant colours to elevate the overall set up of your room.

  • Ambient lighting:

    Also known as "general lighting," this type of lighting is intended to provide consistent overall illumination in a space. It's usually what comes to mind when we turn on a light switch as we enter a room. Ambient lights are often ceiling fixtures, but portable lamps and wall lamps are also available in this category.

  • Task lighting:

    This type of lighting can be described as illumination tailored to a specific task. Reading in a living room, doing paperwork in a home office, or cooking food over a kitchen counter, for example, all benefit from additional light provided by task lighting.

  • Accent lighting (also referred to as focal lighting):

    This type of light is used to create an atmosphere or draw attention to a specific object or feature of your home's architecture or landscape. Perhaps you'd like to draw attention to a particular sculpture or work of art - for instance, a Zen garden bonsai tree or an antique china cabinet. Accent lighting explicitly focuses the light on whatever you want to highlight creatively, whether it's indoors or out. Other accent lights, depending on the ambiance you want to create, set the mood and tone with warm or cool colours.

  • Decorative lighting:

    It is intended solely for decorative purposes that catch the eye and reflect personal style or wealth. Decorative lightings usually don't produce a lot of light, but they add a little to the overall illumination.

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10 things to keeping in mind when buying a table lamp:

  • Lighting:

    The first thing to be kept in mind is the kind of light available in the room/place and the light needed. Generally, you either need a lamp for ambient lighting, i.e The light that illuminates the ambiance and sets the overall vibe of the room, or decorative lighting, meant for decorative purposes. Another reason to buy a table lamp is task lighting, which uses light only for a certain task like reading.

  • Material:

    Table lamps were traditionally made of ceramic, glass, or fabric. Metals, acrylic, wood, and other materials are now available in abundance. You must consider factors such as how easily the material can crack or how easily it will become dust-coated or whether the material is rust-proof, and whether it is a strong insulator, and so on. The appearance of table lamps is often determined by the material they are made up of.

  • Shades:

    If you want a lamp with a shade, you should also consider the shade's material. The good shade material is easy to clean and effectively scatters light. Silk and paper, for example, are both available in a variety of beautiful styles. However, the form of the shade must also be considered. Rectangle and drum are the most common shapes. You should also check the shade's inner material. The inner surface is usually metallic or painted, which influences the amount of light emitted. As a result, you must be very particular about the type of light you want and then look for a shade that matches it.

  • Size:

    It should go without saying that the lamp's size is very important. The size of the table lamps is determined by the size of the table on which they are to be set. So, if you need a lamp for your study table, you'll probably go for small table lamps that only illuminate the table.

  • Light (Bulb)Type:

    Another factor to consider is the type of light you require, which varies depending on the bulb used. Halogen bulbs produce light that is closer to natural light, making it easier to read and reducing eye strain. If you want a yellowish glow, incandescent bulbs are a good choice; they're especially nice in the evenings.

  • Power:

    You must consider where you can store your lamp and what the nearest power source is. This will help you decide whether you want a table lamp that runs on electricity or one that runs on batteries. If you want an electric table light, you should consider how long the cord will be and how much power it will use. If you don't want to use an electric lamp, look into LED table lamps and USB lamps. These are either rechargeable or require a battery to operate.

  • Light Adjustments:

    We now live in the modern age, and everything gadgets or appliances come with advanced features. Many table lights come with a variety of features, one of which is the ability to change the brightness. This function helps you to adjust the strength of the lamp's brightness. This allows you to set the mood according to your preferences. This way, a single lamp can provide the benefits of multiple luminary sources.

  • Design:

    If you're looking for a decorative lamp, the prices are pretty on the higher side. However, if you want a simple framework that does its job and does not draw attention to itself in the space, you have various options. What's best, though, is to merge the two and find the ideal balance between functionality and elegance.

  • Maintenance:

    If you are purchasing an expensive lamp or a lamp set, you must be aware of the necessary maintenance and the assistance provided by the company. Table lamps tend to go out of order quickly, so you must keep an eye on them. Consider the warranty duration and whether or not the lamp can be washed easily by you.

  • Cost:

    Last but not least, the table lamp price is usually the first thing people consider before purchasing something. The price of a table lamp should be fair and appropriate for the size, quality, and level of customer service provided. Determine all of the features you need in your lamp, then search for brands that offer that type of lamp, compare prices from different brands, and choose the one that best suits your budget!


So, now that you have all the information about five basic forms of lighting and ten essential things to consider before buying, hopefully you make an informed decision and choose the best one. At Moglix, of course, you can browse through a vast collection of table lamps from popular brands. Here you can find designer table lamps in various shapes, sizes, and materials. So, hurry up and buy your own table lamps now at the best deals!

Table Lamp: FAQs

Q. What is a table lamp?

A. A table lamp is a small and portable electric lamp that is generally used to provide light. It is usually placed on the bedside tables or any other piece of furniture in the house.

Q. What is the price of a table lamp in India?

A. The price eventually varies depending on various factors like the brand, design, size, and materials used to design the lamp. A simple table lamp is priced under INR 1000, whereas fancy and decorative lamps are expensive.

Q. Which study lamp is best for eyes?

A. Study lamps that emit a cool white light, similar to the natural daylight, are considered the best for your eyes. These lamps do not cause any harm to your eyes and can be used while reading or studying.

Q. Are table lamps important?

A. Besides brightening up the room, table lamps can give the perfect amount of charm to any space. They also help you focus on specific objects, especially while reading, studying, or working on any project.